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Lleida - 1 Stages - 3Km. - 450Pos/450Neg - Medium - Circular Route - Lleida. September 2014
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Coming from Vielha on the N-230 before entering the population & oacute; n of them and in a roundabout we turned right onto the campsite Cauarca-Deportur. We can park on the same site or some m & aacute; s up in a SMALL parking or just at the beginning of the v & iacute; a ferrata .

After some 100 meters from the campsite entrance Cauarca find the sign indicating the v & iacute; a ferrata right. If we make the ferrata from the beginning we see a path up step to the left of a cement installations, the left also & eacute; n splat & oacute; n the v & iacute; a. Ferrata, which must not exceed

v & iacute; a Les ferrata has equipped the reverse of what is usual, the first installment is complicated and the second is the est & aacute; designed to iniciaci & oacute; n. If we want to access directly the tranche f & aacute; cil can do it for uNo trail but the charm of the V & iacute; a ferrata drops significantly and the approximation & oacute; n becomes very long. We recommend to make it complete if we do not go with nor & ntilde; os and people start, because the first part is not recommended for them

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Lleida 1 3 Km. 450 m. 450 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Les | Entre Montañas

1. Les


Distance: 3 Km.Up/Downhill 450 m. - Up/Downhill 450 m.Time: 03:00 h.

The first tranche of difficult level is quite sharp and air end. A wide plastic clips allow us to overcome several stretches some slightly collapsed. This long wall, with good views of the valley, leads to an airlift Tibetan 10m. A leak to prevent but also bypasses the remainder of the first part of the track.

At the exit of the Tibetan bridge, a little lying and vertical wall take us out to the middle of the ferrata, exhaust and link for those coming on foot in search of the second easiest part.

The second zone equipped is very easy and also very aesthetic it starts inside a dense forest full of ferns. Find three easy bosses, with plenty of gear and barely upright. We end the Ferrata with an outlet on a wall lying.

In short ferrata that impresses with its first sports and vertical wall and aesthetic gains as per willdiendo difficulty. A good way to release the Val d'Aran in such activities.

On the road or on the road Soberpèra Dera Carraspa. Indicated with yellow markings climb to the top few meters to starting down inside a lush forest. The trail can be quite slippery as the time of year.

The return is an incentive to the same output, forest and small creek Soberpèra worth a visit.

More info: Via Ferrata Les -Vall d'Aran

         Stage profile: Les
Stage profile: Les

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