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 Canal de Las Damas...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 1Km. - 250Pos/250Neg - Medium - Circular Route - November 2010
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Hoja  Canal de Las Damas...

via ferrata is in the Mountain Montserrat and is more accessible than the famous via ferrata Teresina which amounts to St. Jerome . This ferrata offers an entertaining tour where he found a small collapsed chimney and a difficult end.

It's a fun ferrata, with some pieces in which we walk through mountain trails. All sections are well equipped and meet safety expectations. Good views and a simple return ferrata make this a fun adventure for climbers.

To reach the trailhead, take exit Collbato the A-2 and headed to the restaurant La Vinya Nova by a dirt track accessible to any vehicle. We arrived at the dirt road to the restaurant, we passed the parking lot and follow the road approximately 500meters. A few meters further on the right hand closed with a stone wall and left an entrance of a road where there is a small space to allow vehicles portal.

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Barcelona 1 1 Km. 250 m. 250 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Canal de Las Damas | Entre Montañas

1. Canal de Las Damas


Distance: 1 Km.Up/Downhill 250 m. - Up/Downhill 250 m.Time: 03:00 h.
Canal de Las Damas

Once the car stopped, still walked a mountain trail. First we take a very sharp curve to the left. Follow the path without leaving the bed of the canal. A few meters reach the fork, turn right, and arrived at the start of the ferrata, marked with a metal plate: Via Ferrata Channel Ladies


The first clips are high and the vertigo is pronounced. After this first hurdle, the route goes up easily and quickly to the top, where the staples are in very poor condition; warped and it is difficult to place the feet comfortably. After the first wall to the left flanqueamos steps and came to a small landing which left us with the help of chains.

We walked along the canal and quickly find the next wall. This second wall is fitted with chains only halfway and artificial projections in the second half. Thechains of force requires sufficient arms to brace oneself, in the second half ascend equipped with small stones where their feet on the climb wall.

After this stretch, we reached the largest and best equipped wall. The steps are in perfect condition. The ascent is not difficult but has a small crash, followed by a side-scrolling where vertigo is more pronounced.

Finally we come to the hardest part of this ferrata, a kind of chimney, called "l'Olla." This fireplace has no staples, or small rocks to facilitate our progress with feet, but only a cable which cling and climb down the chimney. At the foot of the chimney can be signed in the book that is in a plastic container.

At the top, move along the bed of the canal to a small step equipped with staples.

After the latest and peTINY grinpada, continue straight until you reach a road off to the right, just in the opposite direction and marked with yellow markings. We started a small rise to a point with magnificent views; see the Bruc Residencial, at the bottom of the Clot Monica, chaired by the wide channel characteristic of Baix Frare, which closes on our right Serrat d'en Muntaner. At this point we began to descend by a well marked path to the Road Restaurant of the Vinya Nova. We take the trail to the right and continue to the parking. The return will take us 30 to 45 minutes.

         Stage profile: Canal de Las Damas
Stage profile: Canal de Las Damas

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