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 Vuelta de Esponellà - Girona...
Girona - 1 Stages - 6Km. - 200Pos/200Neg - Easy - Circular Route - Girona
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Hoja  Vuelta de Esponellà - Girona...

simple and pleasant itinerary which runs along the r & iacute; o Fluvi & aggravation; where you can see a small & ntilde; a dam, and the village of Esponell & aggravation; , which retains its car & aacute; rural character. From the ruins of the Castle Esponell & aggravation; fica view of the region

;. & iacute is a magnetic currency

The first part of the route is known as Cam & iacute; of them Rescloses ( Road dams) , for taking advantage of the ongoing R & iacute; or three LITTLE were built, as dams to produce energy & iacute; to the & eacute; ctrica. Castle Esponell & aggravation; (XI-XVII centuries) is of medieval origin. It was built as a watchtower, but in a & ntilde; o 1250 King James I gave license to raise here & iacute; a fortress. The remains of the building overlooking the plains of Esponell & aggravation; and Banyoles. In 1495 exist & iacute; at this point a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Hope, highly revered in the area, but in 1647, after the assassination of p & aacute; escalate parish priest of Esponell & oacute ;, & gets h; to say Mass there. AFTER & eacute; s & oacute various historical vicissitudes; rich, the castle was completely abandoned in the eighteenth century


SMALL or aggravate people Esponell & oacute ;, & very pr; maximum at Banyoles , was an important center of Baron & iacute; a created in the late fourteenth century. His church of Sant Cebri & aggravation; Rom & aacute conserved elements, mechanics and g & oacute; ticos, and it highlights the doorway with ironwork rom & aacute; nica. Tambi & eacute; n interesting medieval bridge over the r & iacute; o & aggravation Fluvi ;, 156 meters wide. The town retains its full car & aacute; rural character, with fields in the same urban center


From Girona North-take the AUTOV & iacute; a de Banyoles, C-66. Once past Encon Banyolestranches dev & iacute; or right (IPM-5121 road) in direction & oacute; n fontcoberta, Esponell & aggravation; and Figueres. A long straight leads by Plain Mart & iacute; s. To the left, a dev & iacute; o indicates & laquo; Centre MTB, 1.5km & raquo ;; take it and soon arrived at the residence for the elderly Pla Mart & iacute; s, where we can leave the car. Just ahead we have the entrance to the old BTT (Casa Enginyers) Center.

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Girona 1 6 Km. 200 m. 200 m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Vuelta de Esponellà - Girona | Entre Montañas

1. Vuelta de Esponellà


Distance: 6 Km.Up/Downhill 200 m. - Up/Downhill 200 m.Time: 02:00 h.
Vuelta de Esponellà

We started walking down the same road by which we came, leaving the left and right residence BTT Centre and the entrance to the restaurant Les Heures. At 100 meters the asphalt ends and leg begins wide dirt road, it & ntilde; i aliasing with blue and white markings


Then there is a curve of 90 degrees clockwise; atr & aacute let; s crossroads that enter m & aacute; s into the woods, with indicators of different farmhouses. The route proceeds among oaks and pines on one side, and between vegetation & oacute; n riverbank on the other, as the R & iacute; o Fluvi & aggravation; on our left. We went through a dam. A little m & aacute; s below the central source is. Follow the path until you find the aggravating Esponell & Camping ;. The track dies on the road, just before the entrance of Esponell & aggravation ;, where we arrive after 30-45 minutes walk from the starting point.

Here & iacute; resumed our routesde the large roundabout at the new part of town, where an important road junction (B & aggravation, mask, Crespi & aggravation ;, Figueres, Banyoles). We take Banyoles, which rises slightly, and in the first big curve, left to follow the posts are & ntilde; & oacute alizaci; n we find on the left, just where there is a panel with multiple mailboxes. For here & iacute; we went to the castle Esponell ;, & aggravation than s & oacute; it ruins remain. There are information boards & ntilde; alan places of inter & eacute;. S

When leaving the castle we took the road to the left. AFTER & eacute; s walking thousand meters we reached the plain of Mart & iacute; s, where we find the same dev & iacute; o (& laquo; Centre BTT & raquo;) at the beginning of the route, but now the other side, ie, to the right. We follow this paved road and arrived at the starting point.

enlargement & oacute; n Route: The option & oacute; n & aacute m; s easy to keep walkingis it for Plain Mart & iacute; s or go around the lake Banyoles. Tambi & eacute; n may follow different marked cycle routes from the old Mountain Bike Centre


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