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 Vuelta al Pedraforca...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 16Km. - 570Pos/570Neg - Easy - Circular Route - Agosto 2008
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Itinerary travel on Pedraforca iconic mountain, in the Natural Park Moixeró, which allows us to contemplate spectacular views from all aspects.

It runs around the massif Pedraforca forests and historic roads like Route of the Cathars, Cami dels Minaires or path of Reapers. Landscapes as the valley of the Torrent de les Mulleres Gresolet and Baga.

The remains of old mines lignite opencast near Jou neck and the presence of medieval Cathar castle home Gósol speak of more recent and distant past of this land of high mountains.

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August 2008

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lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
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Barcelona 1 16 Km. 570 m. 570 m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Vuelta al Pedraforca | Entre Montañas

1. Vuelta al macizo del Pedraforca


Distance: 16 Km.Up/Downhill 570 m. - Up/Downhill 570 m.Time: 04:30 h.
Vuelta al macizo del Pedraforca

To access the starting point Berga need to leave the C-16 (Axis of Llobregat) north to the Cadi tunnel and the tunnel just after Guardiola Castle, turn left on Highway B-400 to Gósol where we can leave the car.

The route is signposted as a whole PR C-127. It is part of the Plaza Mayor (1,428 m altiud) by Picasso Street, accessed from the left to the square of Dr. Pere Pons and down the street Cerdanya, leaves the village towards Baga. Continue along a dirt track and then, turn right (0.40 km; 1,461 m) along a path that enters the Serrat Muga parallel to the C-563 carrying Josa Cadi.

The path to the Torrent de la Coma of Caners still white and yellow markings PR PR C-127 and C-123, and the red and white GR 150 and GR 107 or path Cathars (1, 58 km, 1625 m;. 0:35 pm)

This leads to a trail that takesfrom the right to the rest area Terrers Font (1.68 km, 1631 m) where you take a path to the right that goes up the side of a fence and the source and enters the forest (2.09 km ; 1632 m; 41 min)


Eat the torrent of Caners dels right hand leaving the PR C-123, that goes to coll the Verdet is crossed and back hard by a thick forest of red pine to the Collell (2.59 km ; 1746 m, 1 h)


Font de la Roca is passed and followed by the PR C-127 until Collell stretches follow the old route of the Reapers to Bellver de Cerdanya over the Gosolans (4.19 km and 1818 m ; 1:27 h)


Change of address: climb to Collell (4.33 km, 1843 m), from where it is contemplated -for first vezl- Pedraforca massif, with a splendid view of the north face (Pollegó Superior). The Collell is the dividing point, firstly, the Cadi and Pedraforca and, secondly, of the basins of the rivers Segre and Llobregat. It is also high inracy of the entire route.

a track right now -sharing PR signals to the C-124- Lluís Estasen definitely leaving the Camino Cathars (107 GR) and GR 150.

It takes

It is left to the right a escalomado path up to 200 m Lluís Estasen following the orange signs on the route of the Horses, the Vent (8.08 km, 1632 m; 2:18 pm). Track, which follows the signals C-124 PR Saldes, and take a path to the right that goes back into the forest by the PR C-127 through Lluís Estasen (8.26 km, 1673 m) is abandoned, busy as the traditional starting point of ascent to Pedraforca.

proceeds to the pan along now marks PR C-123 (8.46 km, 1689 m; 2:25 pm). A path from the left to the right-leaving the PR-123-C lowering Gósol inside the forest with aerial views Saldes Valley, eastward You take, and Pedraforca to west (8.66 km; 1675m; 2:28 pm).

Saldes pie plate intersects and continues down hard (2:48 h 9.95 km;; 1516 m).

It leaves a path on the left and continue in the same direction of travel (10.07 km, 1509 m; 2:50 pm). It leaves a path which later gives a clue (10.46 km, 1521 m.) Which takes the left

This leads to a new track from Saldes, which gets to the right and toward the Espà Gósol (flag post). Right terraces of ancient mining (lignite) opencast term was until 1982, when he pleaded Pedraforca Natural Site of National Interest observed.

Further north has a stunning panoramic Roget and the south face of Pedraforca (Pollegó Bottom). Shortly before the Coll de Jou track is left and a path leading down to a pond, which is left to the left is taken. It is what remains of the old road Saldes to Gósol, ancient way of Minaires

Once on the trail on the right, a few meters away is a stone with markings Yellow

         Stage profile: Vuelta al macizo del Pedraforca
Stage profile: Vuelta al macizo del Pedraforca

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