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 Vereda de la Estrella - Cortijo Hornillos...
Granada - 1 Stages - 16Km. - 750Pos/750Neg - Easy - Circular Route - Granada March 2013
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Hoja  Vereda de la Estrella - Cortijo Hornillos...

Sierra Nevada was declared ' Booking Biosphere "by UNESCO in 1999 and much of its territory was declared for its botanical, scenic and natural values ??of the National Park. It is the highest altitude mountain range in Western Europe after the Alps. Its maximum altitude is reached at the peak Mulhacen 3,482 meters.

The north side of the massif is the birthplace of many almost all rivers located in the basin of Guadalquivir : rivers are born here as Birth (tributary of Andarax), the Pardes, and river Genil, the most important of all; in the west and south faces born rivers belonging to the Mediterranean area, as Ízbor Durcal or river, Trevélez the Poqueira Guadalfeo tax, also bornin the mountains, and Adra and Andarax rivers and their respective tributaries. In this same vein most of the nearly 50 existing high mountain lakes are in the Sierra Nevada , many of which give rise to rivers and streams.

Most of its length is within the Sierra Nevada National Park , occupying a total of 86,210 hectares; other 86,000 ha correspond to the surrounding natural park for a total of 169,239 hectares protected. Within this park is the Sierra Nevada Observatory, and the ski southernmost of Europe, known for its mild temperatures and abundant number of hours of sunshine.

This route will offer a nice drive cirular by Path of the Star until Guarnon Barranco, returning by the Andalusian Plates . The Path of the Star was built in 1890to serve as a channel of communication with the mines of galena and pyrite in the high valley of the Genil header. Today is an easy path that allows hikers venture into the northern slope of the Sierra Nevada.

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Granada 1 16 Km. 750 m. 750 m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Vereda de la Estrella - Cortijo Hornillos | Entre Montañas

1. Vereda de la Estrella - Cortijo Hornillos


Distance: 16 Km.Up/Downhill 750 m. - Up/Downhill 750 m.Time: 04:00 h.
Vereda de la Estrella - Cortijo Hornillos

The starting point of this tour takes place at the confluence of the r & iacute; o Genil with san stream Juan , which goes by the name Barranco de San Juan . In this confluence is the Restaurant San Juan. To access this point we reach the population & oacute; n grenadine G & uuml; & eacute; jar Sierra , and once all & iacute; through the village following the posted dirijen you to R & iacute; o Maitena or R & iacute; o Genil . Once past G & uuml; & aacute Sierra ect going; n alternating directions above with new ones & ntilde; ales indicating towards Vereda de la Estrella or San Juan Restaurant. About 3 kil & oacute; meters before we pass the Maitena Restaurant, from here & iacute; the road narrows to the point of staying in a single lane, adem & aacute; s to traverse three t & uacute; not very high tunnels where ran a streetcar & iacute; a former


The route starts through the r & iacute; o Genil on the wooden bridge we found opposite the car park. During the first kil & oacute; meter run win 100 vertical meters. AHEAD & oacute; n the slope levels, always walking with r & iacute; o Genil to our left. M & aacute; s the path forward pass & aacute; alongside a caste & ntilde; o centenary huge twisted trunk, known as Grandpa , known to all rides & ntilde; eros and lugare & ntilde; os
Continue walking and cross several streams flowing down from the side of our right but we cross without difficulty. After walking a little less than an hour we see down in the R & iacute; and the Puente del Burro next to the refuge of Vadillo (crumbling), and within minutes, giving a curved path, appear to us the two great North walls Alcazaba and Mulhacén & eacute; n, closing the valley meanwhile Superior.

The next point of inter & eacute; s are the Star Mine, and abandoned. R & aacute; quickly arrived at R & iacute; & oacute or Guarn; n that runs from the Corral del Veleta. Aqu & iacute; have a nice view of the pit and the & quot; ice & quot; Veleta. So here & iacute; take just under two hours of walking.

From the bridge over the R & iacute; o Guarn & oacute; n and after a short break at this lovely surroundings, we took our way back along the same path by which we have arrived. After a few hundred meters after passing the ruins of Corral Veleta got to the dev & iacute;. Or to The Farmhouse Plates that will take our left

From this point the ascension & oacute; n is large. After passing this gap will reach a place & uacute; nico for their views accompany & ntilde; ed by the character & iacute; Pyrenean oak appliances thatit is now & aacute; n recover and grow at their own pace, slow but steady, providing a different approach to other areas of the Sierra look
At one point, open the branches of the oaks towering views of the north face of the peak m & aacute; s high alpine massif. Mica being able to see the Hill Moj & oacute;; n High to Alcazaba and Mulhacén & eacute; n , adem & aacute; s in the valleys of the r & iacute; right in the farmhouse Stove A panoramic & aacute displayed will Valdeinfierno and Valdecasillas.

The path planning elapses from the slope of the MOUNTAIN back to our starting point. Following the trail, we reach a forest trail that will take our right. This way we give back & aacute; the Vereda de la Estrella again, where we reach in just over 4 hours to our starting point.

         Stage profile: Vereda de la Estrella - Cortijo Hornillos
Stage profile: Vereda de la Estrella - Cortijo Hornillos

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