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 Vega de Liordes...
Cantabria - 1 Stages - 10Km. - 1.100Pos/1.100Neg - Medium - Circular Route - . July 2012
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Hoja  Vega de Liordes...


Circuit around the Remoña Peña , up Berrugas to flock of Pedabejo and then going to col Liordes , from which it descends, the Channel Funnel again to Fuente .

Picos de Europa is a limestone formation extends Asturias, Cantabria and Leon, and it highlights their heights, often above 2,500 meters, how close are the Cantabrian Sea, as its northernmost point in barely 15 kilometers from the sea distance themselves.

Geographically the Picos de Europa are in the line of the Cantabrian Mountains, although they are considered a separate unit of the latter for his recent training. They occupy a total area of ??64,660 hectares in the three provinces.

Picos de Europa are divided into three massifs: the western mountains or Cornión, andl or Urrieles Central Massif and the Eastern Massif or Andara. The highest peaks are found in the mountains of Urrieles, which happens to be the most rugged of the three, for fourteen of its peaks exceed 2,600 m altitude, with Cerredo Tower, 2,650 m, and roof of the mountains and third highest in the Iberian Peninsula after Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees. Another mountain is part of this massif is the Naranjo de Bulnes or Picu Urriellu of great historical importance in the Spanish mountaineering. It was first conquered in 1905 by Pedro Pidal, Marquis of Villaviciosa.

In the western mountains or Cornión, named for the shape of horn featuring his silhouette being sighted from the west, stands the Holy Rock, which at 2596 meters above sea level exceeds 110 to the next summit of the mountain The Tower of Santa Maria or Santa Enol Tower. For these two mountains, the Holy and the Holy Rock Tower, this mountain is also known as theHoly s Clubs.

The Eastern Massif, also called Andara to be in it the circus of the same name, is the most modest of the three, both in height (the roof, Lechugales Morra, reaching 2,444 m above sea level) and verticalities


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Cantabria 1 10 Km. 1100 m. 1100 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Vega de Liordes | Entre Montañas

1. Vega de Liordes


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 1.100 m. - Up/Downhill 1.100 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Vega de Liordes

To get to the starting point of the trail will access the parking area Fuente . At the east end of the parking lot (1080 meters of altitd) found a gate with a brand of white and yellow. We went through the gate and cross the meadow to the left. Thus we reach a path with the sign "Vega Liordes, PR-PNPE-25" and a check mark next to a source (4 minuots and 1110 meters of altitude).

We continue up the side of the Monte Querre zigzags, we should pay attention to the path that branches off to the left (20 minnutos and 1215 meters). Just take this path we will see a sign to "Vices Liordes" .

Gradually zigzags become more frequent as you enter the Channel Funnel . Bordered by the Cascajal Peña , the valley opens Fuente below. On both sides of the Channel rock formations rise. On the right side up the interminablathes were escorted by the rocky strip that goes to the Peak Padierna .

Upon arriving at the Hill of Liordes (2: 05h and 1960 meters) the trail passes between rock formations through a small gap (2: 08h and 1940 meters) and stressing the Vega of Liordes . We markings white and yellow slightly down, and turn off to the left next to the mark with the sign of "FIT" written on a rock (2: 11h and 1925 meters). At the next fork (2: 14h and 1910 meters) we headed to the right. Walking first through the left side of the Vega. Later we crossed the meadow to the cabin before us.

From the corner of the cabin (2: 35h and 1880 meters) leaves a path with markings of white and yellow. The climb up the side of the Upper Canal provides excellent views of the Liquorice and Torres Alcavero flanking the canal on your left. On the hill (2:57 and 2035meters) can climb to the summit on the left to enjoy a wonderful view of the Picos de Europa .

From the pass, the low road to Channel Pedavejo the vertical walls. When the path forks (3h and 2015 meters), we follow the marks left. Soon the stony path begins to descend very abruptly zigzag.

After the steep part come to a fork (3: 30h and Metrics 1800). Not follow the marker to the right, but diversion tamamos left descending through the pasture, following the piles of stones to reach another path below the fold (3: 42h and 1690 meters), where the white markings and yellow will guide us to the left. We source and continue along the path spanning a distance (3: 47h and 1630 meters), so we'll see new white and yellow marks on our right, a few meters down from the road (3: 50h and 1610 meters). At this point, seguimos brands through a grassy field down heading towards the runway. Find a milestone (4h and 1575 meters) and continue straight to the runway (4: 03h and 1550 meters). And turn left

After spending one source, people will see Espinama and ask . The track, slightly downward, leads aa an oak forest (4: 23h and 1410 meters). When the track forks (4: 33h and 1330 meters), we left, leaving on our right the signal to "flock of Bustantivo"


Along with the winter Berrugas (4: 46h and 1,210 m), the road forks again. We keep to the left, ignoring the sign for "I ask."

We Fonfria source (4: 5h) and reached the CA-185 (5: 02h and 1110 meters). Turn left into the parking area (5: 07h).

         Stage profile: Vega de Liordes
Stage profile: Vega de Liordes

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