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 Valles del Perafita y del Madriu...
Andorra - 2 Stages - 23Km. - 1.850Pos/1.850Neg - Medium - Circular Route - Andorra June 2008
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Hoja  Valles del Perafita y del Madriu...

PerafitaValley valleys and Madriu- are some of the most beautiful landscapes of the small principality Andorra. Clear evidence of this is that one of them, Madriu- Valley, was named World Heritage in the year 2004.

These valleys with steep mountains and spectacular forests and landscapes are an example of how man has taken advantage of the resources of high mountain areas. On this journey we will find some of the most representative farmhouses or barns principality of Andorra are the Mas Ramie or Entremesaigües.

This natural area occupies 9% of the Andorran territory, a total area of ??4247 hectares and is the only one of all principality does not already own roads

The route presented here covers of these two valleys in a beautiful circular route that begins in Escaldas crosses the border of Spain sleeping in Refugi Perafita and the next day undoing a section of trail we move into the river Madriu to return to our starting point

Andorra is always a discovery for lovers of nature and the beautiful Pyrenean landscape. You enjoy this route "the country of the Pyrenees."

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Andorra 2 23 Km. 1850 m. 1850 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Valles del Perafita y del Madriu | Entre Montañas

1. Escaldas - Refugi dels Estanys de Pera


Distance: 9 Km.Up/Downhill 1.350 m. - Up/Downhill 200 m.Time: 04:45 h.
Escaldas - Refugi dels Estanys de Pera

The tour begins in the population & oacute; n Andorran of Escaldas. In Andorra we headed Escaldes and once in this population & oacute; n take the road that goes to Engolasters. Soon reach a junction where we took Highway Comella exiting to the right, a few meters before the building of the municipal slaughterhouse, we can leave parked veh & iacute; ass in the same arc & eacute; n the road. The road goes right lower directed by Cam & iacute; Entremesaig & uuml; is and Cam & iacute; 7. GR muntanya are located at 1,230 m. altitude
& Nbsp;
We began to ascend the left bank of the r & iacute; o PerafitaValley and about 15 minutes we crossed by a stone bridge. The road continues to gain height along a paved path that goes r & aacute; quickly down the left margin. This trail, in its initial stage, est & aacute; fully paved with granite rocks, very common in the area. This fact gives usexample of what was used in the antique & uuml; age by locals to access farmland on both sides of r & iacute;. o

At 35 minutes through & iacute; a & uuml Entremesaig arrived at, that is, cross r & iacute; o PerafitaValley Madriu- and we find a set of 6 huts, situated 1,470 meters. At this more & iacute; a, in the second of the houses turn 90 degrees to the right and take the GR 11.10. We crossed the r & iacute; o continue ascending along the right margin of r & iacute;. Or PerafitaValley
& Nbsp;
We follow this path, with steep sections, and arrived at Refugi PerafitaValley to 2185 meters altitude, after walking 4,200 miles and about 3 hours from the starting point. This refuge is not saved property Govern d'Andorra and was opened in 1981. Est & aacute; Built in stone, has a fireplace and is open all year & ntilde; or
. & Nbsp;
We address & oacute; n PerafitaValley followingGR markings 11.10 A. At 45 minutes left on our right Pond PerafitaValley to 2395 meters above sea level and about 5.58 kil & oacute; m walk. In this part m & aacute; s High Valley R & iacute; o PerafitaValley found some lakes formed at the base of the glacial cirques


About 30 minutes m & aacute; s got to the Collado de Sant Vicen & ccedil ;, border between Andorra and Espa & ntilde; a from which has stunning views over the peaks of PerafitaValley and Monturull located on your right in direction & oacute; n the underway. We are located approximately 2580 meters and 6.88 km walk.
& Nbsp;
From this point we descend to the refuge of Els Estanys Pear located 2,370 m. Bastara a mere 30 minutes to reach our destination today.

Profile Stage : Matadero Municipal (0 km; 1,230 m) - Refugi PerafitaValley (4.2 km; 2,185 m) - the PerafitaValley Estany (5.5 km; 2,395 m) - Coll de Sant Vicen & ccedil; (6.8 km; 2,580 m) - Refugi slip Estanys Pear (8.5 km; 2,370 m)


         Stage profile: Escaldas - Refugi dels Estanys de Pera
Stage profile: Escaldas - Refugi dels Estanys de Pera

2. Refugi dels Estanys de Pera - Escaldas


Distance: 14 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Up/Downhill 1.620 m.Time: 05:30 h.
Refugi dels Estanys de Pera - Escaldas

Leaving the Refugi Estanys Pear located 2,370 meters and took the same path of d & iacute; a previous. We must return to the shelter of PerafitaValley through the Coll de Saint Vicen & ccedil; (2,589 m).
& Nbsp;
We will reach this hill after 45 minutes of ascension & oacute; n & oacute 1.56 kil; m. From this point begins a gentle descent after 45 minutes we carry & aacute; until Refugi PerafitaValley (2185 meters altitude). From here & iacute; take the dev & iacute; or GRP & ntilde; winged with red and yellow markings to the Collado de la Maiana located 2,445 m. and after 45 minutes we reach m & aacute; s about 5.50 km walk
. & Nbsp;
From the Collado de la Maina is a sharp drop to the Prat de L'Estall Serrer (2,035 m). We will follow the red and yellow markings that lead us & aacute; n by a path after 45 minutes of steep we would place in the valley in an id Constructicyou; lico landscape. This reduction is done in about 45 minutes after 7.40 km. Walking.

Now the trail descends the valley of r & iacute; o Madriu-. Within 15 minutes we crossed the r & iacute; o three & nbsp; wooden bridges and continue down along the right bank of the r & iacute; o now following the red and white markings of the GR 11 and GR 7


We arrived at the shelter Fontverd & nbsp; to 1,875 m. (1 hr. To about 9 km trek). Shelter built in stone, unsaved and open all A & ntilde;. Or possesses 6-10 seats, electricity and water

30 minutes m & aacute; s got to the farmhouse of Ramie, located at 1,620 m and 11.50 km from the starting point. Shortly before reaching the farmhouse of Ramie left on our right the GR 11 which addresses L'Estany dels Engolasters.

We will descend by the GR 7 and 15 min we reached Entremesaig & uuml; is 1,470 meters (12.70 km trek)


From this point, continue down thesame path paved by which we began the crossing & iacute; a d & iacute; a previous to the road where we started the tour (around 20 minutes m & aacute; s).

Profile Stage : Refugi Estanys Pear (0 km; 2,370 m) - Coll de Sant Vicen & ccedil; (1.6 km; 2,580 m) - Refugi PerafitaValley (4.5 km; 2,185 m) - Coll of Miana (5.5 km; 2,445 m) - Prat l'Estell Server (7.4 km; 2,305 m ) - Refugi Fontverd (9 km; 1,875 m) - Mas & iacute; a Ramie (11.5 km; 1,620 m) - Entremesaig & uuml; is (12.7 km; 1,470 m) - Slaughterhouse Muncipal (14 km; 1,230 m).

         Stage profile: Refugi dels Estanys de Pera - Escaldas
Stage profile: Refugi dels Estanys de Pera - Escaldas

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