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 Tavertet a Rupit...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 9Km. - 320Pos/320Neg - Easy - One-way Route - Barcelona June 2009
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Tavertet Rupit

This tour is raised one way, walking tour of Tavertet Rupit , and return the starting point to taxis hired Vic advance or Manlleu.

Tavertet is a friendly and welcoming town, worthy of being looked at and admired for the beauty of it, and the appeal of their sites. It is said that the purest air is breathed in Catalonia but certainly the most spectacular are the cliffs bordering the Valley Ter .

The whole town is declared of cultural interest, with an urban core that retains 48 house in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

It Romanesque monuments: the Church of Sant Cristofol (. Ss XII-XVII), located within the village; Sant Corneli , hermitage located on a peak in the suburbs, probably above a prehistoric settlement; Sant Bartomeu Sesgorgues (s. XII-XVII-XVIII), above Gorgues laugh at them, and SantCilia (XI), in ruins.

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Barcelona 1 9 Km. 320 m. 320 m. Fácil Recorrido Solo de Ida

Tavertet a Rupit | Entre Montañas

1. Tavertet a Rupit


Distance: 9 Km.Up/Downhill 320 m. - Up/Downhill 320 m.Time: 03:00 h.
Tavertet a Rupit

This is one of the most classic hiking area Collsacabra, yet one of the most spectacular. Originally the tour reseguía Tavertet the cliffs, impressive stone walls over 100 tall, hung in the valley of Sau. We say why originally when starting to walk the paved trail that goes to the right of Can Jufre (rural tourism), once found, to our left, the first red and white markings, the GR2, but unfortunately for many lovers nature and walking track that goes Tavertet Rupit has become a paved trail. And not only paved but has also changed the original route, and passes no longer resiguiendo the cliffs, but the track follows a path more to the left, away from the cliffs.

Finally the walk is still interesting, but certainly has lost the appeal that characterized him.

Also great surprise when we arrived at Ml'ace Avenc, Gothic farmhouse, restored and converted in a house, he rather looks like a fortress, absolutely fenced on all four sides, with stone walls, making it inaccessible.

When you see him think about how much manipulation exists all around us, and all of what we are told, when the TV3 program "The Millor paisatje of Catlunya" I teach the farmhouse, as the great achievement of some Germans, I think, who have restored a part of the Catalan heritage, when in fact what they have done is to convert the farmhouse into a bunker, away from the landscape, the environment, and all the walkers passing by.

It still has its appeal, it's worth seeing, but not so bucolic farmhouse restored Gothic, but what man is capable of destroying. It makes you think and makes you wonder what that man can wreck a large scale, in order to their ideas.

After this disheartening discovery, secuIMOS the paved runway, and after a huge reddish rock, passing through the highest part of the route where-stopping views, and where undoubtedly we make our photo rigor. Enfilaremos the descent to reach a place as close to Rupit, where we found a signpost with a tanca for cows on our left. The sign indicates that there are two paths to Rupit, we choose the right one, which indicates Rupit the Camino de Faro Cabrera because it is so beautiful, nice, and cool that will compensate us all the suffering we have spent in become the paved road track.

The trail does not stop until you get down to Rupit, through forests of beech and oak. While we approached our destination, are becoming more common fields of grass, and we have to overcome a few tancas animal until the road forks. We left the GR2 and turn left towards the Mas Solerto the viewpoint. From there after enjoy a postcard view Rupit, take a path to take us five minutes Rupit end of our tour.

Rupit is located in the geographic center of Collsacabra, set in a landscape as to be represented on a postcard. The streets and houses Rupit, between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, give it an ancient and rustic atmosphere that make it especially attractive. One house is reproduced in the Spanish Village of Barcelona. Highlight two examples of Romanesque, first Sant Joan de Fàbregues, located just outside Rupit i surrounded by an extraordinary view of the limits of Collsacabra with Guilleries i second Domunts San Llorenç, more secluded than the last.

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