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 Santuario de Àngels...
Girona - 1 Stages - 10Km. - 485Pos/485Neg - Easy - Round trip -
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Hoja  Santuario de Àngels...

Angels Sanctuary

From Sant Mart & iacute; Vell climb to the shrine along a track that runs through forests of oaks and pines.

Els & Agrave; ngels is the sanctuary City Girona par excellence, and his or & iacute; genes are lost in time. Some legend speaks of v & iacute; Nculo of four m & aacute; martyrs of Girona (Germ & aacute; n, Paulino, Fair and Sicio) with this place. In 1424, the bishop conceded & oacute; the first indulgences to the faithful who made donations to the sanctuary. In 1710, during the War of succession & oacute; n, disappeared & oacute; medieval image, and in 1936, during the Civil War espa & ntilde; wave, the temple lost & oacute; the old altarpiece of the Virgin and the Holy Shroud.

Destroyed several times, the present building, with little inter & eacute; s architectural & oacute; nico, est & aacute; attached to the hoster & iacute; a. Spotstrong devotion & oacute; n and popular entertainment for Girona, which here rise & iacute; is often also & eacute; n of the excursions t & iacute; pikes colleges nearby towns and culmination of popular marches on foot or by bicycle. It was the place chosen by Salvador Dal & iacute; to marry his beloved Gala. The beauty of Els & Agrave; ngels lies in panoramic & aacute; mica 360o visible from your situation & oacute; n prime, north of Gavarres and 485 meters of altitude. In d & iacute; clear as can be seen from here & iacute; all areas surrounding region: the Costa Brava, the plain of Empord ;, & aggravation Albera saw the Pyrenees in the background, Garrotxa, Guilleries massif, Montseny, etc


Given your situation & oacute; n and the proximity of the city of Girona, many v & iacute; as access the sanctuary. Just Girona, starting with Sant Pere de Galligants and passingthrough the valley of Sant Daniel, one of the routes out & nbsp; m & aacute; s t & iacute; spades. Tambi & eacute; n can be reached from Quart LLAMBILLES, Madremanya, Jui & aggravation; or aggravate ERLC & ;. A little m & aacute; s down the sanctuary there is a & aacute; recreation area with games or & ntilde; os. Sant Mart & iacute; Vell is one of the towns with m & aacute; s charm of the region. Peque & ntilde; o and quiet, has stone houses and places of great beauty. The present church dates from 1433. In Bordils worth visiting the church, style G & oacute; tico tard & iacute;. O (. S XVI)

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Girona 1 10 Km. 485 m. 485 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Santuario de Àngels | Entre Montañas

1. Santuario de Àngels


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 485 m. - Up/Downhill 485 m.Time: 02:30 h.
Santuario de Àngels

From Girona-North Take the highway A-2 address & oacute; n ERLC & aggravation; and La Bisbal . We follow the C-66 to Bordils (11 km from Girona). Once past this population & oacute; n, we find the right a dev & iacute; o to Sant Mart & iacute; Vell , which is 2 km. Before reaching the village, and when we saw the spire of the church, we have a parking lot on the left.

We now walk the road where we have come and turn right towards the small & ntilde; a slope that leads to n & uacute; urban center. We passed by the laughed at Boscals , AFTER & eacute; s quite a large curve, we arrive at the village entrance. But instead of entering the population & oacute; n, turn almost 180 ° to the right from the two poles tel & eacute; phone it is and leaving behind us the houses of the village, we enter the route, which starts here & iac;, ute with a path is & aacute; Asphalt & uacute; solely in its first 15 meters


The road starts parallel to the laughed at Boscals , which is right and progresses between farmhouses. We cross the stream twice (no step cement), and when we come to it for the third time (around 1500 m path) find the first bifurcation & oacute; n. You take the left path, because the right leads directly to a more & iacute; a close. The road goes uphill and wide (even allowing passage of a car). The route runs between t & iacute; & oacute pica vegetation; n & aacute mediterr; Neo Gavarres: oaks, cork oaks and pines. The bare trunks of some TREES attest to the importance of the cork industry has in this area


To the kil & oacute; 4.3 meter found a sign that tells us & laquo; Els & Agrave; ngels & raquo ;. Then left the track principal and climbed down a path m & aacute; s dif & iacute; cil, which leads a few yards off the road up to Sant Mart & iacute; Vell and Madremanya (GIV-6703). We crossed a parking area to finish up the Puig Alt , where the shrine is located.

enlargement & oacute; n Route: If you do not want to return the same way, you can return the Cl & aacute; sica route Girona, passing through the valley of Sant Daniel and ends in Sant Pere de Galligants, and in Girona capital. Since this complicates around the car, if you decide on this option & oacute; n is best to leave Girona transport p & uacute; public. The l & iacute; lines 57, 62 and 66 of the company's buses leave us Sarfa Bordils


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