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 Santuari del Tallat...
Lleida - 1 Stages - 14Km. - 200Pos/200Neg - Easy - Circular Route - Lleida May 2012
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Hoja  Santuari del Tallat...


Tallat Sanctuary is located on the top of a hill 788 meters of the mountain of the same name, on the border of the counties of Urgell and Conca de Barbera . It is accessed via a track of 3.2 km, asphalted, which links to the local road LP-2335, a departure from the C-14 Tarrega-Montblanc between populations and Solivella Belltall in full Cistercian Route. Administratively to Montblanquet.

The silhouette of white stone shrine is visible from many places in the surrounding counties, and the place is an impressive viewing area.

Documented since 1081, tower defense and Tallat , was then a hermitage. In 1354, a group of devotees Rocallaura Parish, which the sanctuary has always been linked, founded the church of Santa Maria del Puig Tallat . The 1509 monks from Poblet took over and continued until 1822. It was priory Marian shrine. In 1835, with the confiscation of Mendizabal, land and sanctuary were auctioned. The image of the Virgin Tallat , alabaster black, was taken to a chapel of the Church of St .. Lawrence in Rocallaura. Other parts of the building are currently in various places like Castillo de Santa Florentina Canet de Mar, Cau Ferrat Museum and Sitges farmhouse of Mercy of Reus.

Since the seventies has been rebuilt and the work ordained a priest, Monsignor Benedict, who began to pave your driveway. Reconstruction may not have been adjusted architecturally is based primarily on the recovery of blocks and details that the previous owners neglect to cover. Currently looks after the place a partnership, and you occupy regularly hermits.

Rocallaura is locality of the county of Urgell, in the province of Lleida. It is a smaller local organization in the municipality of Vallbona Nuns being the second biggest city in population within the municipality.

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Lleida 1 14 Km. 200 m. 200 m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Santuari del Tallat | Entre Montañas

1. Santuari del Tallat


Distance: 14 Km.Up/Downhill 200 m. - Up/Downhill 200 m.Time: 04:00 h.
Santuari del Tallat

The excursion & oacute; n leaves the New Rocallaura spa in the region of l & rsquo; Urgell & nbsp; L & eacute; rida, near the village of Rocallaura


The excursion & oacute; n is a walk f & aacute; cil and very relaxing because its landscape resembles those fields of Castile when does the road to Santiago, vast meadows planted with wheat or barley, and on its borders olive or almond. Tambi & eacute; n out in the landscape, by its color, the color of the virgin land where many are born vi & ntilde; as. On the walk we see that is a land of oil, grain, wine and olives. Fant & aacute; stico, scenery and comforts you as the road is very smooth're enjoying the beauty itself of nature n


From the spa Rocallaura , we go down the road where we found a roundabout. From the four directions of the roundabout, we take the marker only & oacute; n & ldquo says; Pathof Montblanquet & rdquo ;, which is 3k.25m. It seems that the road is paved, but r & aacute; quickly see how becomes earth, is a GR, perfectly & ntilde; i aliasing, also & eacute; n h & aacute; bil for horses and bikes


When this road ends we find the road, we arrived to the village of Montblanquet not take the dirt road that goes to the right of the road, which leads to mistakes.

The road is very smooth and relaxing with green fields, olive trees and vi & ntilde; as. We arrived Montblanquet, very nice people and t & iacute; peak SMALL or stone, vain & oacute; ny singular. It leaves us speechless by the beauty of the site.

Once in the village, reaching & eacute; l, to the left is a path that reads & ldquo; Tallat Sanctuary & rdquo ;, to 3,200Km


The path starts with a cross and a very particular and nice house with a stone arch.

We continue on this path sin p & eacute; a loss until a placard that tells us we can climb MOUNTAINS aa trav & eacute; s, without following the road to the Shrine of Tallat. It is better to do this tour, because if we follow the path AFTER & eacute; s we will find a piece of 500m. paved road. Anyway here & iacute; find the Font de la Mare de Deu , very hidden and pr & aacute; cticamente without ning STILL value & ntilde;. adido

We climb one way or another to the Tallat Sanctuary . Once all & iacute; enjoyed the views, and the sanctuary, although totally ruined, retains many walls, cornices, columns, etc. And est & aacute; well maintained, clean, and use.

Once we left the shrine go down the road, not the road. When we take the path just to the right until you reach a crossroad, which we will take to the left.

In fact the area has, aparttwo main roads, a few m & aacute;. s minor, but are covering less traveled trails and walking the forest

We chose that road map that pod & eacute; is ordered at the spa, est & aacute; n marked in blue


Once at the crossroads we Bisbe towards Pla, Pla de Benet to the prehistoric settlement & oacute; rico, which certainly did not find it, and ah & iacute; & nbsp; let's stop for a track that will take us to the village of Rocallaura with the misfortune to end the piece is asphalted, but in the end are only about 500m.

Once at the road junction with the road going towards the spa below the village, we decided to go up, say up, because people STILL will sit, to overhead, to see the people of Rocallaura. Well worth the visit as it has come down to all & iacute ;. AFTER & eacute; s down the road again to take us to our rightto the point of departure.

         Stage profile: Santuari del Tallat
Stage profile: Santuari del Tallat

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