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 Santa Cecilia a Montserrat...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 10Km. - 270Pos/270Neg - - Round trip -
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Santa Cecília de Montserrat is an old Benedictine Abbey that is in the Catalan town of Marganell, in the region of Bages . Until 1954 he resided in a community of Benedictine nuns. It is the first monastery documented in the mountain of Montserrat.

The former Benedictine abbey of Santa Cecília de Montserrat appears to have originated in Visigothic community, the fact that no concrete news. To complicate matters, it appears that the first documents that refer to this community are false, everything seems to be prepared to use them as evidence in litigation.

There are records of donations for a community of Santa Cecilia from the 900, these donations were subsequently happen. It is also interesting to another document which contains the Cesari priest, who is considered the first abbot, this time Cesari bought this about his family which contains properties Santa Cecilia.

The 945 Abbot Cesari asks the Countess Riquilda intercession with her husband, Count Sunyer, to rebuild the church, which achieved with the collaboration of Jordi bishop of Vic.

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Barcelona 1 10 Km. 270 m. 270 m. Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Santa Cecilia a Montserrat | Entre Montañas

1. Santa Cecilia a Montserrat


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 270 m. - Up/Downhill 270 m.Time: 03:30 h.
Santa Cecilia a Montserrat

To do this tour have access to the Monastery of Santa Cecilia, which is accessible from Monistrol or from the Bruc . If you arrive from Monistrol before reaching the Monastery of Montserrat is a right turn towards the Monastery of St. Cecilia.

Just before reaching the monastery of Santa Cecilia to our right we see an entry from the road itself, where you try to leave the car. To the right of the road before reaching the monastery of Santa Cecilia, we see a signpost with a sign that tells us that the left off the road to take us by the GR4 i GR172 to the Monastery of Montserrat .

We parked the car i take the path that goes to St. Cecilia, called Camino de l'Arrel.

The road does not get lost, followed by fine milling path, but small, just right for a person, full of trees and bushes that h iacen very nice upgrade. To our right we have the great massif of Montserrat, soon we will see how much of the route is chaired by the Cavall Bernat so on to the Pla de la Trinidad, where and we will have reached the highest point of the tour, on a 946m. altitude.

All the time reseguimos red and white GR markings. We will find the way to Sant Benet, and will continue to spend our GR. Once we have reached the crossroads at St. Jerome tells us begin stairs, about 800, to take us to the Monastery of Montserrat. The problem is not lower them, which more or less are becoming, but then return by the same stairs.

Once in the monastery, visit, and back the same way to the monastery of Santa Cecilia.

         Stage profile: Santa Cecilia a Montserrat
Stage profile: Santa Cecilia a Montserrat

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