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 Riera de Marganell...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 2Km. - Easy - Circular Route - Barcelona in April 2010
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Hoja  Riera de Marganell...

Riera Marganell

The MOUNTAIN at Montserrat With a height m & aacute; XIMA of 1236 meters above sea level, est & aacute; . 20Km from Barcelona between the regions of Anoia, Bages and Baix Llobregat is the MOUNTAIN to m & aacute; s important and m & aacute; s tradition & oacute; n of Catalonia & ntilde; a: S & iacute; symbol of religious worship, place of Hajj & oacute; n
for believers.
This mounts & ntilde; a is the sanctuary and monastery dedicated to the Our Lady of Montserrat of the twelfth century, this monastery is composed of two parts: the bas & iacute; lica and monastic and the other buildings service (apartments for pilgrims, shops, restaurants and services in general).

Legend has it that the statue of the Virgin found in the ninth century, shepherds inside a cave. The bishop wanted the move to Manresa, but it was impossible because the size was too heavy. This was interpreted as a sign of the desire for self-virgin and stay in place and then mand & oacute; build a chapel that was the origin of the present monastery.

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Barcelona 1 2 Km. m. m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Riera de Marganell | Entre Montañas

1. Riera de Marganell


Distance: 2 Km.Time: 0:25 h.
Riera de Marganell

This trail is flat and short, ideal for walking and stopping to admire the beauty of the stream, the vegetation & oacute; n, birds and amphibians environment under the watchful eye of the Montañ; to Montserrat .

We will leave from the wooden hut, website information & oacute; n Natural Park in the town of Marganell , where we can stop for information & oacute; n. Wide territory

The Wood Shed houses within its walls today & quot; farm shop & quot; Marganell , a display of products made in the composed portals of entry to Montserrat ( El Bruc, Collbat & oacute ;, Marganell and Monistrol Montserrat ) territory. We will find from esteemed mat & oacute; Montserrat, prepared by matoners Marganell Vilamarics until chickpeas, oil, honey, sausages, tomatoes, pink or wine.

Once we left the casWooden ita road take direction & oacute; n Castellbell i Vilar to the & quot; Pont whip & quot; to cross to get to the other side of the stream and discover the & nbsp; beginning of this SMALL or itinerary. It is possible to take the path that is right AFTER & eacute; s of the bridge and climb the MOUNTAIN to arriving to the hill where the flag est & aacute; located a viewpoint of MOUNTAIN at Montserrat. The gap is important but the scenery is worth the effort (if you choose this option & oacute; n, Unmark & ??eacute; is the way and sit & uacute; that the wooden bridge back to the people)


The Wooden Bridge, known anta & ntilde; or as the Bridge Cal Janet, was built r & iacute; z of a & ntilde floods, or 2000 the old bridge was taken, convirti & eacute; ndose to date, at the nexus of Uni & oacute; n between MOUNTAIN ay the people


Fromthis point, we begin to see the variety of animals that live in the stream, s & uacute; n & eacute; a & ntilde little, or we visited. Fish & nbsp; all to see & ntilde; o, especially in puddles m & aacute; s cleared of vegetation & oacute; n, but include catfish


In & eacute; little m & aacute; s c & aacute; lida will note the prominent presence of the swallow com STILL (hirundo r & uacute; acoustic), p BIRDS looking insects around. Tambi & eacute; n find the stream and the streams that flow into the summer, the bee-eater (Merops Merops), a p & aacute; I very colorful bird. Other species also & eacute; n find much presence frog (perezi frog). Less com STILL is the amphibian southern frog (Hyla meridionalis) also own & eacute; n of these environments. Hopefully also & eacute; n & aacute see a simp; tico mam & iacute; fero h & aacute; nocturnal habits, the hedgehog (Erinaceus algirus) in orchards m & aacute; s nearthe stream.

Turn left passing under the bridge and follow the path alongside the stream. Little m & aacute; s forward'll cross the stream along the walkways located in the place to do we pack & aacute; n to Font de Ferro where we can stop for a drink. Climb the stairs and take the left path.

Along the route we will observe the community of cattail, species Typha angustifolia forming dense grasslands rooting in water from the edge of the stream, rushes like junk com STILL (Bulrush), common in areas fre Water & aacute;. tica surface force

Companion & ntilde; & aacute; ndolos, we see a LITTLE kills; a thin, elongated stem, with large populations form a l & aacute; dense mine on water, is Ceratophillum demersum. In & eacute; c & aacute little; lida and & aacute; shallow areas and unusual found the Commugrow aboard d (Apium nodiflorum) t & iacute; peak soil slurries h & uacute; Medes and water

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