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 Rassos de Peguera a Peguera...
Girona - 1 Stages - 8Km. - 200Pos/200Neg - Easy - Round trip - February 2010
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Hoja  Rassos de Peguera a Peguera...

Peguera Rassos is an alpine ski, currently out service, located in the region of Berguedà , near Berga , so the only ski resort in the province of Barcelona. The Rassos Peguera was the first place in Catalonia where he skied, 2008, the centenary of the famous trip to Sanctuary Corbera low initiative Hiking Centre of Catalonia and the Catalan Federation of Winter Sports held .

The Catalan government pledged to help the station to begin the modernization and operation of the complex. The project includes the creation of a wildlife park near Raset a skiing area, and modernization of the existing part of alpine skiing.

This tour takes you from the Cross Rassos Peguera at the abandoned village of Peguera .


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Girona 1 8 Km. 200 m. 200 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Rassos de Peguera  a Peguera | Entre Montañas

1. Rassos de Peguera a Peguera


Distance: 8 Km.Up/Downhill 200 m. - Up/Downhill 200 m.Time: 03:00 h.
Rassos de Peguera a Peguera

very simple and accessible to all tour. The times shown are snowshoeing. It is ideal for a first contact with them snowshoeing excursion.

We have to lead the Bar Restaurant de la Creu , above the Shelter dels Satins Peguera , the county road PR C-73-2, which is Berga.

Once on the cross if you wear snowshoes, and if not you can rent in the restaurant, the calzáis you, and straight down from a signpost that marks the different routes. One is up to Pedró, 2051m peak. altitude, which is 2 hours up and down without difficulty.

The other option is to take the PR C-73 short-distance path, in a total of 9 mile round i turn, would lead to the left of Peguera people.

The road goes to the right of the Bar, and follows a path marcado.El road is straight and easily, in fact sales dand 1895m. altitude and are going down because Peguera this to 1705m. altitude. The only bad thing about this tour is that you make the first down and then when you're already tired is the worst, the climb. In any case the beauty of the scenery is amazing. First you follow a path through a forest of magnificent pines. After we got a big round and high ground from where the abandoned town of Peguera currency.

We find a sign pointing us to where we need to go straight, but the difficulty is overcome fences to farm animals, which sometimes can overcome and not others. Anyway you have to find the most suitable place where to save these enclosures to finally get to Peguera.

Another option that we tried was the first shifted to the right of way over short distances, climb to the top of Salavardar, 2077 m., But given that the forest was very dense, and the day before había snowed enough, the road markings were gone, thus, before we risk going under those conditions, we chose the option of returning to the PR C-73 and go to Peguera .

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