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 La Ruta de los segadores...
Girona - 1 Stages - 13Km. - Easy - One-way Route -
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We walked the depressed region of the Jungle , among bananas, poplar plantations, ornamental nurseries and farmland. We spent two natural sites included in the Pein ( Plan for Areas of Natural Interest ) Santa Coloma de Farners and Lake Sils.

This area of ??the forest was the home of peasant revolt in 1640 led to Corpus Sangre de Barcelona and the War of the Reapers . After the war with France in 1635, the Spanish troops remained in the area, forcing people to maintain and accommodate them. This was generating various skirmishes, accentuated by the tax demand until the farmers clashed with troops in Santa Coloma de Farners, forcing them to retreat to Blanes. In their flight, the soldiers burned the church Riudarenes, which dio in a widespread peasant revolt, a month later, led to the Corpus Blood Barcelona and subsequent War of the Reapers.

Lake Sils is a protected natural area recovered. In the past, the wetland had risen to over 7 km2, but from the thirteenth century was draining cropland to win and fight mosquitoes and disease. The recovery of the space began in 1998 and still exists. Today we find species of flora and fauna of the wetlands, we can see along the route "Walk along the lake."

Park Sant Salvador is a public natural area with more than a thousand trees, built around the source of Sant Salvador and Picant source and has various leisure areas.

From Girona take the N-II road or the AP-7 motorway south to find the deviation of the C-25 towards Santa Coloma of Farners.

You can also go in Girona take the GI-533 road, which passes through Aiguaviva and an area of ??natural interest included in the Pein, the volcano Crosa de Sant Dalmai. From the coast, the C-63 links Lloret de Mar to Santa Coloma de Farners (27 km).

The route begins at the park Sant Salvador . When we got to Santa Coloma , people crossed from south to north and then turn left and follow the signs to the park. To the left is an esplanade that makes parking. We entered the park and then we found a signal panel. The route starts right here, following a road on the left.


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Girona 1 13 Km. m. m. Fácil Recorrido Solo de Ida

La Ruta de los segadores | Entre Montañas

1. La Ruta de los segadores


Distance: 13 Km.Time: 03:30 h.
La Ruta de los segadores

We walked between bananas, parallel to the stream of Santa Coloma . Quickly we came to power Sant Salvador , which gives the park its name. We follow the route, which has no loss, along a stretch of 1,800 meters which has several areas with benches to rest. Thus we come to the entrance of the Spa Termes Orion . We, on the left, the paved driveway to the resort, cross the bridge the stream and let's find, about 100 meters, the road leading to the Playful-Thermal Magma and Agricultural Training School and Forest House Xifra, we passed. The road becomes a wide forest track that leads to Riudarenes, a small
municipality located 6 miles Santa Coloma de Farners .

We went through the town center to go to the Tramuntana Avenue. From here we can divert the route to go towardsCamparra the pond, another of the many aquatic natural areas available to the region of the Forest. The route continues on a paved road with little traffic until you reach the road to Les Mallorquines Hostalric. The cross and had a fairly wide forest track that moves between fields and farmhouses. We crossed the railway by a high bridge and arrived at the Lake of Sils, where we can reach the center of this city.

Extending the route: In the region of La Selva multiple route options. In the same park of Sant Salvador we can find some interesting, such as the Romanesque hermitages Road, which offers a tour of Sant Pere Petit (1.5 km), the Castle Farners (5 km), the Hermitage Farners (4.5 km), Sant Iscle and Santa Victoria Sauleda (10 km) and Sant Pere Fenced (10 km).

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