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 R2 - La vía Augusta Romana...
Girona - 1 Stages - 12Km. - 300Pos/300Neg - Easy - Round trip -
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Hoja  R2 - La vía Augusta Romana...

We walked down a path of high historical value & oacute; rico, old V & iacute; to Roman Augusta which was C & aacute; diz Rome and now it is & aacute; recovering. The section that we propose is part of the trail stage XXIV Catalonia & ntilde; a , the & uacute; last before entering France . It is a flat route that ultimately amounts to reach the hill of Panissars, place of inter & eacute; s of the section. Along the way you can see the remains of the ancient Roman road, with
brands of cars in another & eacute; & iacute walking the recorr; n


The Romans came to the pen & iacute; insula Ib & eacute; rica on port Emp & uacute; ries to the a & ntilde; or 218. C. The emperor Augustus was responsible for retrieving the ancient paths, to link and create the V & iacute; Augusta,the main axis of the arc mediterr & aacute; neo, which, with a length of 2,725 km, wearing C & aacute; diz Rome . Roman engineers were always looking for places of little difference: this is the case, for example, by the hill of Panissars that s & oacute; it has 568 m of altitude. Roads and highways built later secu & iacute; n plotting the v & iacute; as Roman, which explains why the route expires parallel to these great road infrastructure. There is an ambitious community project of the European INTERREG IIIB program to recover the v & iacute; a. In Catalonia & ntilde; a part in it the Department of Environment of the Generalitat, has plans to make a total of 24 stages across the country from south to north and passing through places of both inter & eacute; s like the old Tarraco ( Tarragona ).

The Panissars hill is a place of great interest & eacute; s hist & oacute; rico. En a radius of 500 m are the remains of monuments honor & iacute; tists, as trophies of Pompey and the altar of C & eacute; sar. The remains archaeol & oacute; logical that you can see are very likely to mansio Summum Pyrenaeum . Tambi & eacute; n & iacute are here; the remains of the medieval Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Panissars, the strong Bellegarde , a French fortress of the seventeenth century, a French military cemetery & eacute; s. Worth close to the castle, where you can see a magn & iacute; fica panoramic & aacute; mica Canig & oacute; , the plain of Rosell & oacute; n. and the Llobregat valley

Jonquera worth visiting oil mill located in the center of information & oacute; n saw Albera (. Can Laporta, tel 972 555 258), at the beginning route, which also & eacute; n we can inform others itineraries within this protected area. Nearby Castle Requesens a large work with many defensive elements is.

To reach the start of the crossing & iacute; a, on the A-2 or the AP-7 motorway to the Jonquera . Once in the town center, you can leave your car in the parking lot & ntilde; i aliasing and free which is adjacent to r & iacute; o, behind & aacute; s Hall in the Plaza Nova.Desde parking must be addressed to the Major street, on the side of the garden & iacute; n childhood. We as & iacute; directly to n & uacute; a mere 2 of that street, which is Can Laporta, the point of information & oacute; n saw Albera. From Can Laporta, we follow the will & ntilde; alizaci & oacute; yellow n and blue along Major Street until the street Miquel Mateu i Pla, where you turn left to go cruising for a t & uacute; nel, highway and road A-2. From dand here & iacute ;, right starts a dirt track (passable for cars) that moves between olive groves and a highway.


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Girona 1 12 Km. 300 m. 300 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

R2 - La vía Augusta Romana | Entre Montañas

1. R2 - La vía Augusta Romana


Distance: 12 Km.Up/Downhill 300 m. - Up/Downhill 300 m.Time: 03:00 h.
R2 - La vía Augusta Romana

After seven minutes of walking we came across a big intersection. We take the right and walk about 25 meters until you find another crossing left with is & ntilde; alizaci & oacute; n & laquo; View & iuml; nat Sant Juli & aggravation; & raquo; and blue and yellow markings.

The route follows the highway to the right, until you reach another intersection where the big track turns sharply right and begins another track that continues straight. We should follow in the middle, on a path leading down to the R & iacute; o that passes under the freeway. We are in the kil & oacute; 3.3 meter from the outlet. Crossing the r & iacute; or we will give under a road to the highway, where we found a painted yellow indicating & laquo; V & iacute; Augusta & raquo;.

We followed the road to the highway to the right, until you reach another crossing part cement track that we take. Finally, it & ntilde; & alizacioacute; n vertically with brands that tells us we & laquo; Panissars & raquo;.

From here & iacute; The road climbs. Along the same we find a plaque commemorating the War of Independence and, m & aacute; s later, with the ruins of Summum Pyrenaeum . Shortly after & eacute; s Panissars reached the hill, from where one currency is magnetic & iacute; fica panoramic & aacute; mica Valley, the French side and the highway. The return by the same way we do.

We've come a stretch of STILL Catalan last stage of the path of the V & iacute; Augusta . This step comes m & aacute; s south in Pont de Molins, from where 23.8 km up the hill Panissars. From this hill also & eacute; n can be followed on the French side, where v & iacute; a change of name to be called V & iacute; a. Domitia

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