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 P.N. de Ordesa - Faja de Racún...
Huesca - 1 Stages - 15Km. - 550Pos/400Neg - Medium - Circular Route -
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Hoja  P.N. de Ordesa - Faja de Racún...

The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido was declared in 1918. Its area also Ordesa Valley comprises Añisclo The canyon, Gorges Escuain, Circo de Pineta and Monte Perdido massif.

In addition, limits on the north by the Parc National des Pyrénées. For this reason we have a large expanse of protected land with numerous well marked trails and diverse interest to go.

The highest peak is 3348 meters Monte Perdido. Along with the surrounding mountains form one of the most representative limestone peaks of the Pyrenees. Bands are representative also vertical horizontal ridges separated by narrow balconies.

Also interesting glacial cirques that we can visit: Pineta, SOAS, Cotatuero, etc. In some cases the vertical walls have pins that help us overcome the disparities.

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Huesca 1 15 Km. 550 m. 400 m. Media Recorrido Circular

P.N. de Ordesa - Faja de Racún | Entre Montañas

1. Faja de Racún - Cascada de Cotatuero


Distance: 15 Km.Up/Downhill 550 m. - Up/Downhill 400 m.Time: 5 h.
Faja de Racún - Cascada de Cotatuero

From the Pradera de Ordesa (1,360 m) go back on the road for a kil & oacute; metro to reach the Olivan House (1,280 m, 1 km, 15 min), old shed information & oacute; n the park. Aqu & iacute; begins the path that goes to the Circus Carriata.

The road saves a steep slope while traversing a lush forest. We passed a small & ntilde; o shelter made of logs and continue our ascent while vegetation & oacute; n. Fades

We got a dev & iacute; o (1,685 m; 4 km; 1:30 am) indicating Circus Carriata and Gaza Rac STILL. We follow this & uacute; & oacute last marker only; n to the right to reach the base of the wall of the Roost by lag our way


As soon lose altitude and are crossing the great Rams Roost until we reach a bifurcation & oacute; n. We take the road down to the right and goes to the Meadow.

Shortly after we got together with a wooden hut at the base of the waterfall Cotatuero (1,800 m & ndash; 7.50 km, 2:30 h). Aqu & iacute; take the road to the left after crossing the r & iacute; a bridge or gain altitude to reach the Gaza Canarellos


This way will llaneando for the belt that crosses the Fraucata to finally go down the beech forest to the road that lead us & aacute; back to Pradera de Ordesa (1,360 m, 15 km, 5 hours).

Profile Status: Pradera de Ordesa (1,360 m; 0 Km) & ndash; House Olivan (1,280 m, 1 km, 15 min) - Circus Carriata (1,685 m; 4 km; 1:30 am) & ndash; Circus Cotatuero (1,800 m & ndash; 7.50 km, 2:30 h) - Pradera de Ordesa (1,360 m, 15 km, 5 hours)


         Stage profile: Faja de Racún - Cascada de Cotatuero
Stage profile: Faja de Racún - Cascada de Cotatuero

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