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 P.N. de Ordesa - Cola de Caballo...
Huesca - 1 Stages - 14Km. - 300Pos/300Neg - Easy - Round trip -
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Hoja  P.N. de Ordesa - Cola de Caballo...

The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido was declared in 1918. Its area also Ordesa Valley comprises Añisclo The canyon, Gorges Escuain, Circo de Pineta and Monte Perdido massif.

In addition, limits on the north by the Parc National des Pyrénées. For this reason we have a large expanse of protected land with numerous well marked trails and diverse interest to go.

The highest peak is 3348 meters Monte Perdido. Along with the surrounding mountains form one of the most representative limestone peaks of the Pyrenees. Bands are representative also vertical horizontal ridges separated by narrow balconies.

Also interesting glacial cirques that we can visit: Pineta, SOAS, Cotatuero, etc. In some cases the vertical walls have pins that help us overcome the disparities.

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Huesca 1 14 Km. 300 m. 300 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

P.N. de Ordesa - Cola de Caballo | Entre Montañas

1. Cola de Caballo


Distance: 14 Km.Up/Downhill 300 m. - Up/Downhill 300 m.Time: 04:00 h.
Cola de Caballo

Since the end of the parking lot of La Pradera (1,360 m) took a wide path to SOAS. The road enters a beech-fir and goes through several SMALL. Grasslands as

We went through the viewpoint of the waterfall Arripas and follow the track leaving aside a dev & iacute; o we carry & iacute; a back to the Prairie. We continue up and went through the waterfalls of the Cave and the Straits.

We left atr & aacute; s beech and proceed to an area of ??grassland and black pine. We arrived at the steps of SOAS, where the river drops Araza several stone steps forming the famous waterfalls.

THE way now comes to an m & aacute zone; s flat and grassy: the glacial cirque of SOAS. From here & iacute; have a good view of the massif of Monte Perdido.

Our journey ends at the head of the valley where the waterfall ponytail (1,650 m, 7 km, 2 h) is found.

The Returning by the same path that lead us& Aacute; back to La Pradera de Ordesa (1,360 m, 14 km, 4 hours).

Profile Status: La Pradera de Ordesa (1,360 m; 0 km) - Horsetail (1,650 m, 7 km; 2 hours) - La Pradera de Ordesa (1,360 m; 14 km, 4 hours)


         Stage profile: Cola de Caballo
Stage profile: Cola de Caballo

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