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 Piedra Seca - Montserrat...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 3Km. - Easy - Circular Route - Barcelona in April 2010
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Hoja  Piedra Seca - Montserrat...


MOUNTAIN at Montserrat With a height m & aacute; XIMA 1,236 meters above sea level, & nbsp; is & aacute; 20 km from Barcelona between the regions of Anoia, Bages. & nbsp; and Baix Llobregat is MOUNTAIN to m & aacute; important s and m & aacute; s tradition & oacute; n of Catalonia & ntilde; a: S & iacute; symbol of religious worship, place of Hajj & oacute; n for believers


This Riding & ntilde; a is the sanctuary and monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat in the twelfth century, this monastery is composed of two parts: the bas & iacute; lica and monastic and the other The service buildings (apartments for pilgrims, shops, restaurants and services in general).

According to legend, the statue of the Virgin is found in the ninth century, shepherds inside a cave. & Nbsp; The bishop wanted the move to Manresa, pber was impossible because the size was too heavy. This was interpreted as a sign of the desire for self-virgin and stay in place and then mand & oacute; build a chapel that was the origin of the present monastery.

The size rom & aacute; nica twelfth century est & aacute; made from wood & aacute; lick. It is an image of the Virgin with the child & ntilde; o Jes & uacute; s on his lap in his right hand holding a sphere symbolizing the universe. Currently, it is tradition & oacute; n among believers closer to the image of the Virgin, behind & aacute; s altar, & nbsp; and kiss this field.

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Barcelona 1 3 Km. m. m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Piedra Seca - Montserrat | Entre Montañas

1. Piedra Seca - Montserrat


Distance: 4 Km.Time: 01:15 h.
Piedra Seca - Montserrat

The output of this tour is in the town of Collbat & oacute; . We will take a small & ntilde; or trail leaves the right margin of the old Lime Kiln and climb stairs by peculiar & nbsp; to be & aacute us; na right. Advance along the track in gentle climb leads to a new gravel pit of considerable dimensions. At this point where the slope Accent & uacute; a, we leave the main trail and take the right path you go down some walls


We moved in gentle climb, when you reach a hairpin bend forming a LITTLE to esplanade we turn again to the right from where a marked trail that leads along the way & nbsp; saw the Gatell . The road looks the best steps and makes us jump from one side to another he offered & eacute; ndonos one espect & aacute; ass dry stone terracing, shepherd huts and unbeatable views of the southern Montserrat . Arrive at a fairly wide saddle, marked a milestone, we turn 90 degrees following a fairly obvious path along which plans a raft and the remains of an inn. In gentle descent we approached the remains of the barracks of the Varela . We arrive immediately to the main track to cross to go to the right, to the Champ de kick.

Big & aacute; trees and exceptional views welcome us. We take a path that leads to another natural swings first, the continued and descend a steep descent to stay right a few SMALL steps you overhangs, the down


We are in the jumpers Cal Rogent . A magnetic & iacute work; fica dry stone wall consisting of m & aacute; s 3 feet high and well on the inside and with a fully cantilevered stairs sim & eacute; tric. An image of these cEFERENCE G & iacute; sticas evokes a not so distant past where it & ntilde; ores of Cal Rogent summer evenings spent outdoors in & nbsp; their domains. We return again bounded by the path, passing long headed Shooting Ground & eacute; ndonos back to the barracks Varela


We will pick the & nbsp; track which leads to Collbat & oacute; , ie, to the right. Arrive at a plane and left we see a collection based rainwater, known as the & quot; raft of boar & iacute; it is & quot; because if you open your eyes wide, finding & aacute; m & aacute;. s an evidence of the presence of these outdoor raft (prints and silhouettes in the mud)

We will follow the trail going long, the stairs and the top of the Lime Kiln at a sharp bend to the left take a limited way, we get to the east (right) and we conduce to Source closed.

The path planning about 70 meters and then turn left where the slope is m & aacute; s pronounced. Stone steps help us in STILL last stretch before reaching this dry mine water abastec & iacute; & oacute aa population;. Local n from the Middle Ages until well into the twentieth century

Now We follow beaten path leading from the source, we omit a path that leaves us right and continue towards Wonderland & aacute west; ndonos with m & aacute; margins of large stone and fresh thres & iacute; a pine, oak and oaks. We arrive back to the B-112 where our tour ends. S & oacute; so there will be & aacute; Follow the road a small & ntilde; or leg to return to starting point


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