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 Monistrol - Monasterio de Montserrat...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 24Km. - 800Pos/800Neg - Medium - Circular Route - Barcelona in April 2010
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Hoja  Monistrol - Monasterio de Montserrat...

At the heart of Monistrol Montserrat , out arcaded Plaza del Bo-Bo , dating from the seventeenth century. and was the former headquarters of the medieval market. Currently, every January 20 dancing Bono Bono celebrated in honor of San Sebastian , patron of the town.

Monistrol Montserrat is known for the variety of architectural styles that come together in the streets. Include houses, like:

  • Cal Caballer, which was built from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.
  • The bestorre medieval defense tower in Romanesque style.
  • The cloister of the Priory Palace, s. XIV and the home of the priors of Montserrat.

One of the highest levels of the short-distance path is Map of the Tarantulas , one of the most luxuriant forests of oak and well-preservedmassif. There are two typical Mediterranean plant species. During this trail we will see quite spectacular conglomerate formations.

Near the highest levels of the itinerary can see some samples of Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica), splendid bovid since its reintroduction, again present in Montserrat.

We note especially the Map of the Birds , named for the abundance of blackbirds (Turdus merula), Nightingales (Common nightingale), chickadees (Parus major) and blue tits (Parus caeruleus) inhabiting trees in the area.

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Barcelona 1 24 Km. 800 m. 800 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Monistrol - Monasterio de Montserrat | Entre Montañas

1. Monistrol - Monasterio de Montserrat


Distance: 24 Km.Up/Downhill 800 m. - Up/Downhill 800 m.Time: 06:00 h.
Monistrol - Monasterio de Montserrat

This trail, known as RP-C 19 , has a distance of 24 kil & oacute; m and a slope of m & aacute; s 800-meter, designed by Montañ Club; ero Monistrolenc and the City Monistrol Montserrat , has been supported by the Council of the Montañ; at Montserrat and approved by the Committee & eacute; Catal & aacute; n Trails FEEC


The route starts at the Plaza of the Font Gran Monistrol Montserrat , next to City Hall from the villa. Following Street School, we will left the streets Sister Pilar and San Sebastin & aacute; n and finally find the Way of ANGEL. Once we leave the town, find the Chapel of ANGEL a seventeenth-century chapel. If we follow the path, we came to the BP-1121 road and continue to the right briefly in direction & oacute; na Abad & iacute; a Montserrat . After150 meters, follow a shortcut on the left marked with steps to leave us & aacute; near the Die Luke. Continuing the journey, discover the crest of the Sierra de Can Franc, at the foot of Monastery of Sant Benet . About 300 meters m & aacute; s on, we will find a rope handrails installed to help hikers unaccustomed to the unevenness of the road


Following the same direction & oacute; n, can contemplate the Monastery of Sant Benet, Temple CONSTRUCTION current n a church and a steeple Inspiration & oacute; n Rom & aacute; nica that welcomes the community of Benedictine nuns. Traversing around the enclosure, follow the direction BP-1121 & oacute; na Abad & iacute; a Montserrat for about 100 meters. To the right of the road, at the height of Cologne Puig, take an upward path through the lush vegetation & oacute; n.

We will reach a junction where the trailconverges with the BP-1103 Can Massana in Abbot & iacute; a de Montserrat . Walk parallel to the road for about 800 meters to the right, & ntilde; aliasing, a stepped path that lead us & aacute; back into the forest.

Optionally, about 110 meters to the right, we can see the Degotalls Montserrat . The Path of Portal Montserrat continues to the left in direction & oacute; na Abad & iacute; a. In the vicinity of Montserrat finally find the Square Rev. & oacute; stoles if we continue the walk to the station & oacute; n del Funicular de Sant Joan, where the Camino de San Miguel begins and find a campsite. Continuing our journey, we arrive at Pla de Sant Miquel, situated close to the shrine of the same name. To the left of the road, and option & oacute; n recommended, we will arrive in two minutes viewpoint dand the Cross of St. Michael and, advancing two minutes m & aacute; s right, we see the Chapel of St. Michael, which dates from 1211, although it is believed to be quite m & aacute; s old. When we find a junction, take the road on the right towards Sant Joan, where we can see a well of ice in a magnetic & iacute; fico state of conservation & oacute; n.

Next to the station & oacute; n upper funicular Sant Joan, we recommend visiting the Nature of FGG. Continuing San Jer & oacute; nimo, let left the main road and follow a dev & iacute; o down to the right to head to an area of ??the MOUNTAINS to known as the region & oacute; n of Thebes. During the pr & oacute; ximos sections cross the Map of Tar & aacute; ntulas , one of the oak forests m & aacute;. S lush and well maintained massif

M & aacute; s later leave the main road leading to the plane of the P & aacute; jarI, and head for dev & iacute; or the right. Cross the Torrent de Santa Maria and

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