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 Monistrol - Can Maçana...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 18Km. - 975Pos/500Neg - Medium - One-way Route - April 2010
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Hoja  Monistrol - Can Maçana...

The mountain of Montserrat, with a maximum height of 1,236 meters above sea level, is 20 km from Barcelona between the regions of Anoia, Bages and Baix Llobregat and is the largest and most traditional Catalan mountain.. symbol of religious worship, place of pilgrimage for believers

On this hill is the shrine and monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat in the twelfth century, this monastery is composed of two parts: the basilica and the monastic and the other service buildings (apartments for pilgrims shops, restaurants and services in general).

According to legend, the statue of the Virgin is found in the ninth century, shepherds inside a cave. The bishop wanted the move to Manresa, but it was impossible because the size was too heavy. This was interpreted as a sign of the desire to own and stay virginne place and then built a chapel that was the origin of the present monastery.

XII century Romanesque carving is made of poplar. It is an image of the Virgin with the infant Jesus on her lap holding in his right hand a sphere symbolizing the universe. Currently, it is tradition among believers closer to the image of the Virgin, behind the altar, and kiss this field.


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Barcelona 1 18 Km. 975 m. 500 m. Media Recorrido Solo de Ida

Monistrol - Can Maçana | Entre Montañas

1. Monistrol - Can Maçana


Distance: 18 Km.Up/Downhill 975 m. - Up/Downhill 500 m.Time: 07:00 h.
Monistrol - Can Maçana

This is an expanded version of the crossing of the mountain of Montserrat , including its two most emblematic version, the viewpoint of San Jerónimo and Montgròs , which allows the best version of all of their geography. It does not start, as usual, in the monastery, but at its lowest point, Monistrol .

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