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 Lago de Siscaró...
Andorra - 1 Stages - 7Km. - 580Pos/580Neg - Easy - Round trip - Andorra July 2011
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Hoja  Lago de Siscaró...

Lake Siscaró

Andorra is characterized by peaks of Paleozoic rocks, which rise Above 2,600 meters to 2,942 meters above sea level and culminate near the Pla de l'Estany on the Spanish-French border. Human activity is centered in the northeast-southwest cross-valley, which from Envalira, with 2,407 meters above sea level down to 840 meters, when the River Valira comes into Spain.

Forests cover 2/5 of the territory, divided into three altitude levels; to 1,200 m, oaks, to 1,600-1,700 m predominantly Scots pine and even the 2200-2300 m abundant black pine summits replaced by alpine meadows. In the parish church of La Massana Arinsal is forest, one of the most important forests of Andorra. Its the typical flower Grandalla.

"Estanys of Siscaró" owe their name to "Siscall" which is a plant that resembles junkand growing in waters of these lakes area, giving it an exotic touch to the landscape.

Access to the starting point is by the CG2 road between i Soldeu el Tarter, Baladosa towards the bridge, following the narrow road that goes into the Valle d'Incles to the parking area.

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Andorra 1 7 Km. 580 m. 580 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Lago de Siscaró | Entre Montañas

1. Lago de Siscaró


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 580 m. - Up/Downhill 580 m.
Lago de Siscaró

We left the car in the parking plaza i we follow a stony track which extends to an area of ??Picnic Travenc, with a fountain and barbeques.

Before we turn these facilities to the right, following a will & ntilde; & oacute alizaci; n, to l & rsquo; Lake of Siscaro. We will follow the trail climbs slowly to the right we have the river.

Once you access up to a large open very h & uacute; meda and grassy. It is a large flat and marshy ground through which the river Siscaro. We continue on our right by a well marked path toward MOUNTAIN to have in front. To our left is the hut & ntilde; as of Siscaro on one side of the meadow. It's a free shelter to 2.145m. altitude which has two units 15 seats and fireplace. No need to reach the shelter because we do not have to step up to the lakes.

We continue through the meadow along the path withred and yellow markings that make Grand Tour of Pa & iacute; s (GRP). We head south, making a bow to the right to avoid the extensive h & uacute; Mede Meadow, and thus reach the upper address space will go back in & oacute; n. West

The slope is m & aacute; s pronounced until a bifurcation & oacute; n to the right signposted Soldeu. We will continue following the upslope is & ntilde; alizaciones GRP i reach the Bassers Bassa, which is & aacute; dry or with very little water.

The trail is & ntilde; aliasing and reach the Lake of Siscaro at a height of 2,324 m. It has an area of ??1 hectare. We can go around by the water to the point where the flow rushes into the valley.

i place the view over the valley and the circus are breathtakingly beautiful. If we want from here & iacute; do the & nbsp; Pic of Cabaneta to 2.818m. altitude.

         Stage profile: Lago de Siscaró
Stage profile: Lago de Siscaró

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