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 La Vall d´Incles...
Andorra - 1 Stages - 17Km. - 623Pos/623Neg - Easy - Round trip - Andorra August 2009
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Hoja  La Vall d´Incles...

d'Incles Vall

Andorra , the great unknown, always surprising us when we hike . It seems that only known for the ski slopes, snuff and alcohol, but the truth is that it is wonderful as landscape, roads, and mountains to explore.

This time we started the tour of the Valle d'Incles . A route that ascends to the Shelter Juclar , running l'Estany First, l'Estany Segon to l'Estany Juggler .

We just got to the first lake, but it really was a great find. First to discover that Andorra has far to go, and second because we discover new shelter kept in Andorra .

In fact, throughout Andorra there was only one shelter saved, Shelter Pedrosa , and now, we have recently opened Shelter Juclar . They canbook seats via the Shelter Coma Pedrosa , telephone (00376) 327 955. El Refugio is new, and is run by a very nice and friendly people, and is in a prime location, adjacent to the Lake first.

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Andorra 1 17 Km. 623 m. 623 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

La Vall d´Incles | Entre Montañas

1. La Vall d´Incles i l´Estany Primer


Distance: 17 Km.Up/Downhill 623 m. - Up/Downhill 623 m.Time: 04:00 h.
La Vall d´Incles i l´Estany Primer

To access the path, go down the road of Pas de la Casa Soldeu . After Soldeu , a turn of 180 degrees to our left, we mark the entrance to the right towards the Pont de Baladosa . We take this little road, very close, to take us to a parking lot next to a playground, where we leave the car, and began our walk.

After leaving the car have to go for a piece of road, short, still paved, and follow the same path until we found indicators: on the right, the Siscaro Bassa , and left the Shelter Juggler .

Once en route, we have to abandon this path, there is a GRP, at any time and will resiguiendo the Juggler River.

It is well marked with orange paint points, no problem.

We pass the first stone bridge, where there is room for hacer picnic with stone tables, trash container, and barbecues for grilled meat.

We will be tracing the River Juclar to Pleta Juclar, then find the first lake dam, where descry on high, hidden behind huge rocks, Shelter Juclar (2463 m).

From there, we went back down the same road, with heavy rain, but there are more options, go to the hill and the Lake Juggler , or make the Pic Les Escobes (2772 m).

Finally, Andorra , the great unknown.

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