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 Iglesia Sant Martí de Sau a Tavertet...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 13Km. - 400Pos/400Neg - Easy - Circular Route - May 2009
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Hoja  Iglesia Sant Martí de Sau a Tavertet...


It is one of the classic trips Guillerias and Collsacabara , but in the opposite direction from the Yacht Club de Vic-Sau, around the end of the swamp, up to Tavertet and from Tavertet down by the cliffs, with sharp drop of 400 m. in a few meters, GR2, to the Hostal de la Riba, and finally trace back the highway, good tread the arcen, and only for 1500 km. to the landing of Vic-Sau, where we can enjoy the Church of Sant Marti de Sau, at this point was flooded up to the final height of its steeple, having spent last summer with a drought that caused you speak to get the water through desalination to build or bring water from desalination plants in Murcia, Catalonia.


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Barcelona 1 13 Km. 400 m. 400 m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Iglesia Sant Martí de Sau a Tavertet | Entre Montañas

1. Iglesia Sant Martí de Sau a Tavertet


Distance: 12 Km.Up/Downhill 400 m. - Up/Downhill 400 m.Time: 04:30 h.
Iglesia Sant Martí de Sau a Tavertet

S to pass the dam Sau , on Highway 141, Vic Vilanova de Sau, access to the Hostal de la Riba, 1km AFTER & eacute> or the paved path that runs from the Parador de Vic to the dam. This & uacute; last tour in some gu & iacute; as is indicated to walk. Not recommended, because the surprise is finding asphalted, and truth without ning STILL attractive


From the Hostal de la Riba accede on the road to Vic Sau Pier, where there is a picnic area, and the view of the Church of Sant Marti de Sau . From here & iacute; we take the dirt track before us right and left. We must always be taking the path that comes closest to the swamp, despite all the ways they come out to our left. When we spent two tancas pastor, find a path that opens and goes to the left, with a red mark to be repitiendor all the way, either in stripes or in points to reach a crossroads where it is clearly divided into two road, one to the right, with two indications the left, towards the Puig de Bruma, and from right to Tavertet.

We continue this marker only & oacute; n up to 20 minutes at Tavertet . Along the way were a magnificent viewpoint of the pe & ntilde; asci, and clock & ntilde;
aderos Collsacabra. Once we got to the track that lead us & iacute; a to Tavertet before reaching the town, we found a signpost that does not mark the way to the GR2, to the Hostal de la Riba, with a distance of 4km. 750m.

The low road with a pronounced slope, tracing the despe & ntilde; aderos. In our heads are lifting the pe & ntilde; asci, and the views of those on all sides are awesome. We passed through forests Hatter & iacute; os, intense, passing through places m & aacute; cal and h & uacute;. Medes

In about an hour we planted at the end of GR2, from here & iacute; If we left the car at the docks, we make the road by arcen, 1,500 miles with no problems to the pier.

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