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 GR 92: Portbou - Roses...
Girona - 2 Stages - 49Km. - Medium - One-way Route - September 2005
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Hoja  GR 92: Portbou - Roses...

The GR 92 is a path across Catalonia from north to south along the coast. Born in Portbou in the Alt Empordà and reaches Pont l'Olivar Ulldecona, Montsià.

The GR 92 path has long stretches of the coastline by taking advantage of all sorts of coastal paths, among which are the sections of the ancient Cami de Ronda road carefully reseguía the coast and was used to monitor the costs.

This two-day journey travels through the early stages of the GR 92 from the start of Portbou to Roses, spending the night in Cadaques. The highlight of this tour is the section that runs through the Natural Park of Cap de Creus and magnificent views of the coast and coastal bays.

Source: http://www.feec.org/


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Girona 2 49 Km. m. m. Media Recorrido Solo de Ida

GR 92: Portbou - Roses | Entre Montañas

1. Portbou - Cadaqués


Distance: 28 Km.Time: 07:30 h.
Portbou - Cadaqués

The section of Portbou Llan & ccedil; & aggravation; It is the first & nbsp; GR catal & aacute 92; n, with a special appeal, since no s & oacute; it is the beginning of that GR, but somehow is a perfect introduction & oacute; n. Everyone who wants to try their qu & eacute; means, or if it makes sense, that the & quot; Path & aacute Mediterráneo, neo & quot ;, is here & iacute; but with a good chance of finding the grave danger taste, not being able to & quot; release & quot; and become a new loving this RR.

After the smooth introduction & oacute; n represents the previous section, the GR 92 enters one of its best stretches. The stretch of Llan & ccedil; & aggravation; to Cadaques & eacute; s, without a doubt is one of those who do want the pa & iacute; s hiking and therefore is a recommended without being able to lay a stage s & oacute; the inconvenience. The route is varied as can be divided into four sections with character & iacute; differentiated sticas


The first, between the Port of Llan & ccedil; & aggravation; and Port de la Selva is almost always on the Camino de Ronda, at first l & iacute; nea coast in general is steep; also, the beauty of Port de la Selva cries & nbsp; not to pass


The second installment, directed inwards, is the climb to the upper reaches of the Cap de Creus massif on an interesting path regained a & ntilde;. O 1997 by the City of Port de la Selva

The third installment from the Cortijo de torch has an incomparable view of Cap de Creus.

The fourth installment is lowered to Cadaques & eacute; s, AHEAD & oacute; n the previous section, but with character & iacute; own sticas and holds the honor of being one of the best stretches around the GR 92

2. Cadaqués - Roses


Distance: 21 Km.Time: 05:00 h.
Cadaqués - Roses

This is a stage that could & iacute; masters say & quot; sim & eacute; tric & quot; to the previous one, since it starts with an inner section and continues STILL to Coll after Norfeu always in the l & iacute; nea coast


The inter & eacute; s itinerary is always kept in an m & aacute; maximum, enjoying a variety of details of the landscape at all times, both inside section with its incomparable distant views over the sea, and the coastal section, which is an outdoor contin & uacute; to coves, cliffs and places reserved for those undertaking this & quot; friendly & quot adventure.

It is necessary to note that the stage is m & aacute; s harder than the previous one, since the accumulated difference is much greater, both uphill and downhill, due to the significant slopes needs to be done and undone between the many cliffs and coves to be passed.

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