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 Estanys de Malniu...
Girona - 1 Stages - 6Km. - 160Pos/160Neg - Easy - Circular Route - January 2012
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Hoja  Estanys de Malniu...

Estanys Malniu

This tour has all the requirements to be considered an ideal outing for a family outing, because its slope is low, of only about 160 meters. Our point of departure is at 2130 meters. The first lake is 2250 meters and the Prat Fondal , the highest point of the route at 2290 meters.

The distance is about 6 miles long and about an hour.

In winter it is easy to find snow on the road and see the ice, being on the lake 2,000 meters. But with a little caution is a walk that can be done without much difficulty.


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Girona 1 6 Km. 160 m. 160 m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Estanys de Malniu | Entre Montañas

1. Estanys de Malniu


Distance: 6 Km.Up/Downhill 160 m. - Up/Downhill 160 m.Time: 01:00 h.
Estanys de Malniu

To get there, take the road towards Puigcerdà to La Seu d'Urgell, and right out of Ger, take the road on the right that goes up Meranges. Worth leave the car and walk the streets of this town manger, with stone houses, a cheese shop and a restaurant, and hotel.

To continue to the lake village have to cross on the trail that leads to the shelter Malniu. They are about 10 kms. The asphalt half and half ground. Close all of it, and soaring. Some sections are bad, watch the cars as rain and track conditions. If all goes well you will come to the shelter Malniu having hosting service, food and bar. There have to leave the vehicles. Find a source with picnic tables and a couple of campsites. Good place to spend the day with kids.

Here out from the trail marked with a sign indicating where shelter Malniu approximately 1h. recorrido.

The markings are yellow and white with no loss, and other marked in yellow with a black number.

Gotta watch brands because in some cases they are far and others are some losers, but the path is well marked. But if you go when there is snow, snowshoe much as without them, we must be aware of the brand.

We will go up through the pine forest, Nerets, stones and boulders to reach the lake without much fatigue Malniu.

If you go in the winter time when you still need to bring snowshoes but snow and ice we can find in the frozen lake, incredibly beautiful picture, and also we can paste the pleasure of touring the lake in medium without any problem, provided with all necessary caution and fear. On this tour we did and it was a real pleasure experience yourself walking on the frozen lake.

Good views over Cerdanyaand above all, the peaks that surround it. Especially the ubiquitous Puigpedrós.

It is a very short trip, maybe about 6 km. i way back, at an altitude of 2130m. And virtually slightly sloping.

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