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 Ermitas Románicas de Montserrat...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 6Km. - Easy - Circular Route - Barcelona in April 2010
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Hoja  Ermitas Románicas de Montserrat...

Ermita de Sant Jaume of the twelfth century, and is mentioned in 1104, in a document that the owners give it to Santa Cecília de Montserrat . Est & aacute; fairly well preserved both internally and externally.

La Ermita de Sant Esteve de Marganell is a clear example of art rom & aacute; rural nico. The early construction & oacute; n is the thirteenth century, with a single nave, which highlights a & aacute; semicircular, smooth and apse window. Ten & iacute; a high altar, side chapels and a SMALL or HEART. N

San Crist & oacute; bal is a chapel of S. XI, the front was lengthened during the seventeenth century. Every Sunday Masses are held and you can see the good conservation & oacute; n. Interior

& nbsp; During the tour we will see a great diversity of landscapes. We passed through areas rich in Pine blank, oaks and shrubs variants such as mastic or asparagus. See also & eacute; n, some streams with vegetation & oacute; n & aacute m;. S smug

It is remarkable landscape shaped by human hands with buc & oacute; licos grain fields of barley and oats in very colorful & eacute; m & aacute little; s c & aacute;. Lida

In reference to the wildlife, walking the route, we will see some t & oacute; rtola, the ever curious blackbird and many pigeons in wooded areas. The squirrel always present but hidden, leaves its trail with pi & ntilde;. As in the way

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Barcelona 1 6 Km. m. m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Ermitas Románicas de Montserrat | Entre Montañas

1. Ermitas Románicas


Distance: 6 Km.Time: 01:00 h.
Ermitas Románicas

The route is fairly flat and short, ideal for a stroll through the history of Rom & aacute; catal & aacute acid; n immersed in ESPL & eacute; ndido landscape, admiring its charm and immerse yourself fully with the permanent image of Montserrat mountains in the background. We leave the Fassina , one more & iacute; a very old. At step torrent find a water source, we see a road up to a certain altitude and a path where the direction indicated & oacute; n to the Ermita de Sant Jaume . Follow the path that is a long distance footpath, marked with two stripes, one white and one red. Then we found a water well, a few meters m & aacute; s later we find a dev & iacute; or left hand to take us & aacute; to the rom Ermita & aacute; nica de Sant Jaume of the twelfth century, we can observe externally


Returning to the road a few meters m & aacute; s later leave left two houses and cross thestream. M & aacute; s return to front the cross, we find a small & ntilde; o dep & oacute; site and go back the way. We will AHEAD & oacute; n, vast fields of grain with the sheer bulk of Montserrat line, leave a small stone house and follow the path marked much less, take a std & iacute; or left to take us & aacute; after about 300 meters to Ermita de San Crist & oacute; bal . We again find the path that had & iacute; masters left, picking up the GR-4 address & oacute; n Montserrat and following however, the directional signs to the Ermita de Sant Esteve . Follow the path until a stretch turn right leaving as & iacute; marking the path as shown in the pictures in a cross marked on a TREE quite large. Follow the path, a stretch to find the torrent Carner , and take the first dev & iacute; o quand you can go left.

Follow the path and soon we will see the rom Ermita & aacute; nica Sant Esteve de Marganell . Definitely worth a while and contemplate the beauty of the surroundings. We walk down the paved road until you reach the road. We cross the stream over the bridge and take the road to the right until you reach the Fassina , our point of origin.

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