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 Éller - Cortàs - Ordèn...
Girona - 1 Stages - 108Km. - 210Pos/210Neg - - Circular Route - Girona January 2012
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Hoja  Éller - Cortàs - Ordèn...

During this tour we will visit the small towns of Éller, Cortàs and Order . And churches of Santa Eulalia and San d'Éller Policarp of Cortàs

church of Santa Eulalia d'Éller is located in the hamlet of Éller the municipality of Bellver de Cerdanya in the region of Lower Cerdanya. Built during the twelfth century, has strong similarities to the nearby church of Sant Policarp of Cortàs. It consists of rather small rectangular nave with apse slightly off to the left, it was torn down and replaced by another rectangular to put a larger semicircular apse that early Baroque altarpiece dimension. It presents the gateway to a job in itself wrought iron of the Romanesque period. Subsequent reforms have added a bell square tower.

En the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya in Barcelona from this church preserves a Christ majesty attributed to the workshop of Ripoll.

Church of Sant Policarp Cortàs is located on top of a small entity Cortàs population of the municipality of Bellver de Cerdanya region of Lower Cerdanya. Built around the middle of the twelfth century, is an austere Romanesque without any ornamentation. It consists of nave with apse offset to the left semicircular vault and the vault of the nave is constructed subsequently targeted. In the center of the apse has a small window, the one that has the temple. On both sides of the ship two side chapels and sacristy were added in subsequent reforms. It has a small font with carved ornamentation.

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Girona 1 108 Km. 210 m. 210 m. Recorrido Circular

Éller - Cortàs - Ordèn | Entre Montañas

1. Éller - Cortàs - Orden


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 210 m. - Up/Downhill 210 m.Time: 03:30 h.
Éller - Cortàs - Orden

Excursion in & oacute; n circular begins in the town of & Eacute; ller, from where it is accessed from Bellver de la Cerda & ntilde; a.

& Eacute; ller is noteworthy rom & aacute church; nica & nbsp; Santa Eulalia. The trail begins along the paved road, a few meters one OFFSET & oacute; to our left is a poster & ntilde; alizador we Cort indicate the path & aggravation; s, without it being on the road


Est & aacute; I can & ntilde; aliasing with green signs and yellow markings, with n & uacute; number inside the mark, indicating own tours Gilt & ntilde; a, marked by Diputaci & oacute; n and the municipalities. Specifically in this case up to Cort & aggravation; s have not ning STILL type is & ntilde; alizaci & oacute; n, and AFTER & eacute; s de Cort & aggravation; s to Ord & egrave; n is still & nbsp; se & ntilde; the yellow marked with the number 125, and AFTER & eacute; s, in order to & Eacute; ller, se & ntilde; the yellow with the number 130


Once at Cort & aggravation; s, we walk around the village by the road that crosses and just when we are out of town, on the right in a sharp bend there that had & iacute signpost; Ord & egrave;. n

This point is a bit loose, to get out of the wagon and down the road there are 3 possible ways, we'll take on our left.

Since ah & iacute; we move from a lonely and slightly marked paths, but where the yellow marks are giving us the clue. No, it does get a little long, but we ended up in Ord & egrave. Once in Ord & egrave; n find us opposite the Church and rest a moment Count bank


We take the road that goes into town, and found 50 meters before a deviation to the right, with a signpost that tells us that this is the direction & oacute; n & Egrave towards; ller. Since there are only 3 Km.

From here & iacute; the way andst & aacute; well marked and & ntilde; i aliasing. When we got to the track we go to our right until you find the first poster which had & iacute;. Masters game

& iacute character; stica this route, which runs the three villages, all very aut & eacute; nticos and lonely, and few new homes. Tambi & eacute; n is noteworthy that the route is not very busy because a local walking trail


The cumulative gap of 210m. And the distance 10 km., About 3h30.

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