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 El Coll de Finestrelles...
Girona - 1 Stages - 13Km. - 1.050Pos/1.050Neg - Easy - Round trip - October 2009
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Hoja  El Coll de Finestrelles...

This is called Coll Coll de les Finestrelles because in catalan "Finestra "means" window "and the Coll Finestrelles is a patio on Nuria.

Access from Sallagosa, taking the D-33 to Lló. 300m to reach LLo, we will see the Church on our left, we take the road that follows the right to a shop that trades products Patiras Mas, and the thermal baths Lló, and from where you will access gorgues Segre The beginning of our journey. Do not be may thrust into the center of town, come not to church, because there is not accessed and is easy to get wrong.


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Girona 1 13 Km. 1050 m. 1050 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

El Coll de Finestrelles | Entre Montañas

1. Coll de Finestrelles


Distance: 13 Km.Up/Downhill 1.050 m. - Up/Downhill 1.050 m.Time: 06:00 h.
Coll de Finestrelles

Once past Lló baths, continue on the road that goes to the Segre river beside us, first right and then left, until you reach a fence to indicate that it is not passing car for cows. It is best to leave the car here, to avoid contaminating the way though is prepared for car access to the Refuge Culasa.

We opted to leave the car and walk, it's a nice flat road time, easy, by the river.

Once spotted Refuge Culasa to our left and crossing the river, opens a very clear right, that we will take the road. This is the way back, if we do circular route, which we did because the rise and fall in the same place it was shorter and more direct.

Once Refuge Culasa look forward and see a road that goes straight into the woods, when we reached the beginning of the road we see a blue mark a circulor who, together with many stone fitas not leave us all the way. But I must say that at times become difficult to find, especially when we first face a vast forest and meadows do not know if we take the Corriol right or the left. Well this loser point, if you look good and keep straight without hesitation, leads us to the left.

After this meadow where we saw the necklace and, although still far away, find another grove in the middle of the meadow, and in the midst of corrioles. We continue through the middle of the forest with the path indicated with large fitas and back out to another huge meadow, where the road is no longer lost. Continue straight ahead following the huge fitas, blue dots very well marked up to a crossroads.

A road goes straight to the right, continue along this road that seems to alienate us and bring us back, egro to 50m-100m., a path continues straight to the right, which in fact is the way to make a circular path, and the other goes to the left, quickly enfilándose by Corriol, which later becomes a pie with a very marked way.

We started this Corriol ascension, which is marked in blue, without loss, even when we lack 300m. to achieve a rise coll starts mercilessly by the pan. It becomes quite costeruda but easy, no problems.
When we got to the end, we saw a path to the right that we take insurance Puigmal d'Err. In fact we have next door.

Finally by a flatter road and we ascend to reach the last piece of hard, direct ascent.

We are already in Coll, beautiful window, which is perched on Nuria. Nuria We throw a stone, just 600m. negative slope. Since all currency Coll perfectly Nuria Sanctuary, the Lagor the ski slopes, the Refuge of Pic de l'Aliga, the Zipper, a full zip. And then on our right Puigmal, one of the highest peaks and iconic supposed Catalunya, and to our left was clearly the Pic Finestrelles with a hard climb, that we did not do, but it is perfectly feasible.

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