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 El Cable, Espinama y Fuente Dé...
Cantabria - 1 Stages - 15Km. - 430Pos/1.200Neg - Easy - Circular Route - . July 2012
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Hoja  El Cable, Espinama y Fuente Dé...

This circular route out of the Fuente Dé cable station The and runs on good roads generally marked (up Espinama: PR- PNPE Áliva 24 Ports , white-yellow). The route is mostly downhill, only at the end, just before Fuente a steep climb awaits us unmarked to power Fonfría . Nice view from the wheelhouse of antennas above the Cable . About 300 m behind station Cable got right on the steep road.

The Picos de Europa is a limestone formation extends Asturias, Cantabria and Leon, and it highlights their heights, often above 2,500 meters, so they are near the Bay of Biscay, as in point northernmost barely 15 kilometers distance from the sea.

Geographically the Picos de Europa are in lto line the Cantabrian Mountains, although they are considered as a separate unit thereof for his recent training. They occupy a total area of ??64,660 hectares in the three provinces.

The Picos de Europa are divided into three massifs: the western mountains or Cornión, Massif Central or Urrieles, and the Eastern Massif or Andara. The highest peaks are found in the mountains of Urrieles, which happens to be the most rugged of the three, for fourteen of its peaks exceed 2,600 m altitude, with Cerredo Tower, 2,650 m, and roof of the mountains and third highest in the Iberian Peninsula after Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees. Another mountain is part of this massif is the Naranjo de Bulnes or Picu Urriellu of great historical importance in the Spanish mountaineering. It was first conquered in 1905 by Pedro Pidal, Marquis of Villaviciosa.

In the western mountains or Cornión, named for the shape of hornfeaturing his silhouette being sighted from the west, stands the Holy Rock, which at 2596 meters above sea level exceeds 110 to the next summit of the mountain, the Santa Maria Tower or Torre Santa Enol. For these two mountains, the Holy and the Holy Rock Tower, this mountain is also known as the Holy Rocks.

The Eastern Massif, also called Andara to be in it the circus of the same name, is the most modest of the three, both in height (the roof, Lechugales Morra, reaching 2,444 m above sea level) and verticalities


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Cantabria 1 15 Km. 430 m. 1200 m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

El Cable, Espinama y Fuente Dé | Entre Montañas

1. El Cable, Espinama y Fuente Dé


Distance: 15 Km.Up/Downhill 430 m. - Up/Downhill 1.200 m.Time: 04:00 h.
El Cable, Espinama y Fuente Dé

starting point of this tour is Fuente 1,094 m, with the cable car to the Cable Station, 1,850 m. It comes from Potes by the CA-185.

Behind The Cable Station, take the unpaved trail that goes right oblique. He goes to the fascinating panorama of Forgotten Peña (2430 m), the Peña Vieja (2,613 m) and Reds Torres (2506 m) Horcados. After a few minutes in a curve to the right. Shortly after the left is deflected to the Cabaña Verónica Route 44. Just behind we reach the top of the route point 1,925 m altitude. From here until Espinama down easy, with always new and exciting views. So Villa Real (1738 m) breasts seems that we were in a lunar landscape of stone. Then mark the landscape green fields, gray rock, white snow and blue sky. Until the beginning of s. XX Chalet Royal was the hunting lodge of King Alfonso XIII (Madrid 1886-Rome 1941). Hotel Refugio de Aliva (1,660 m), which is below, was once housing the miners Manforas Mine (turning left at Sotres Route 29). We crossed the Esplanade Hotel on the right and take the unpaved trail to the right. In a wide curve to the left descending to pastures Ports (or meadows) Aliva. Green meadows are among the gently rolling hills. At 20 mins. limited to the right of the track, there is a precarious refuge for pastors.

Below left a fence with trough recognized. 5 min. Later we came to a junction (1,496 m). Left out the GR-203 (Route 50). Facing see another precarious shelter. Right walked down the wide valley, only decorated by flat meadows until you reach another junction (20 mins .; 1,399 m). To the left is bypasses the PR-22 PNPE Mogroviejo , but we proceeded ahead. To the right of the track we followed two very sources. Soon we will see a radical change of scenery, after crossing the hatches Boquejón (1,356 m), which are made in a gap of the rock: the scenario virtually no vegetation, except the mountain meadows, behind us, we meet head amenísimo wooded valley of the River Deva . Shortly after we take a break in the beautiful Winter sheds of Igüedri (1,294 m). From here we walked 40 mins. long downhill, crossing a barbed mixed forest of beech, oak, hazel and hawthorn to Espinama (877 m). Facing enter the village and at the junction with fountain turn right oblique to the AC-185. Cross it and take the tarmac going down to the right. After Cantiján River Bridge (860 m) we went right to the road and within minutes reach ask (918 m).

There, in the little square we go to the right past the barn, and then turn left. The sign of PNPE PR-26 / GR-203 (left to Cosgaya , Route 42), take the right and a little later in the track lined by an iron railing, we proceed from the front and slightly to the left, up. In the last houses of the village a white and yellow sign on a utility pole guide us to the right upward along the wall. A right hand soon have a beautiful view of cirque de Fuente Dé, shaped like a giant amphitheater. The tarmac above a small hill (20 mins .; 1,006 m) and back down. After a relatively large bridge about 5 mins. (975 m) did not make the front track, but we ascend to the left along the farm road.

Now follow the last section of ascent. Forests and meadows decorated with countless flowers and grasses bordering the farm road.After a half hour. fresh water Fonfría (1,177 m) quenches our thirst. The path f

         Stage profile: El Cable, Espinama y Fuente Dé
Stage profile: El Cable, Espinama y Fuente Dé

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