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 El Bruc - Monistrol...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - Km. - 532Pos/871Neg - Medium - One-way Route - Barcelona
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Pretty hard Itinerary that can capture at once many of the rocks and channels that shape Sierra de Montserrat. The, rough and lonely, in contrast to the area's busiest Catalonia noisy and busy environment surrounding the monastery of Montserrat. The saw, declared a Natural Park in 1987 and managed by the Generalitat de Catalunya, ten miles long and odd-looking, is located halfway between the regions of Anoia, Baix Llobregat and Bages.

The serralada Montserrat is a uniquely shaped limestone massif that rises west of the Llobregat river 1,236 meters. The highest point is the peak of St. Jerome. In 1987 it was declared a natural park.

For millennia, tectonic movements, climatic changes and erosion have shaped sharp relief, with large walls and rounded blocks of conglomerate rock and clay. Inside physical agents have opened streams and caves.

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Barcelona 1 Km. 532 m. 871 m. Media Recorrido Solo de Ida

El Bruc - Monistrol | Entre Montañas

1. El Bruc - Monistrol


Up/Downhill 532 m. - Up/Downhill 871 m.Time: 04:00 h.
El Bruc - Monistrol

The route starts at the most & iacute; a de Can Jorba located in the population & oacute; n El Bruc 500 meters altitude at which you access trav & eacute; s of a track from this same population & oacute; n.

From this more parking & iacute; to take the path towards the right direction for a track & oacute; na the population & oacute; n & oacute Collbat;.

The track addresses Collbat & oacute is abandoned; to the left and take the road known as the French who soon becomes a trail. The climb is steep and relatively lag between t & iacute; & oacute pica vegetation; n & aacute mediterr;. Nea

At 1:10 pm, the torrent of Bassal dels Gats and shortly after traversing & eacute; s of the Coll dels Gats Bassal reaches 820 m. To the left is the Agulla Ajaguda.

We started to descend gently to the left in direction & oacute; n the torrent Migdia. At 1:30 pm. Torrente Migdia arrived at 800 m. A partir this point we return to climb the dry bed of the stream.

A & nbsp; 1: 50 h. we left the trail is heading to the top of Montgr & ograve; s. Five minutes m & aacute; s later we on the right path and access to St. Jerome Monastery and continue on the rise in direction & oacute; n. North to the hill of Migdia

At 2:00 pm. we got to walk around Coll Migdia 1,032 m. On the left are right Echoes and St. Jerome. North canal Llum extremely steep opens, we began to descend this STILL.
Finally trail & Nbsp;
At 2:20 pm. we left a trail that leads to the source of Llum located five minutes from this point.

The road is now f & aacute; cil to continue up the road from St. Cec & iacute; lia. You have to follow it & ntilde; ales GR 172 from Can Ma & ccedil; ana in direction & oacute; n the monastery of Montserrat. To theDirections on the restaurant Santa Cec & iacute; lia to 675 m, the GR is allowed to go down a couple of loops to the road


At 2:45 pm we left the shelter Bartomeu Puiggr & ograve; s and the monastery of St. Cec & iacute; lia and follow the path in direction & oacute; n the monastery of Montserrat. We passed the old station & oacute; n & ruined the telef eacute; rico of St. Jerome and the t & uacute; nel of the same name


At 3:00 pm. leave the road next to a tower the & eacute; ctrica left and descend down a path to meet these continuing. The road becomes paved and quickly reach the old colonial hotel Puig carrtera really going Monistrol the monastery. You cross this road and headed to the nearby Puig Cologne, where the Monastery of Sant Benet is.

Before coming to Cologne Puig take a path on the right that descends suddenly the shortcut ANGEL marked with algone is & ntilde; as of yellow paint


M & aacute; s evening comes to a track that lead us & aacute; within a few yards up the road to the nomasterio tomameros in that direction & oacute; na Monistrol


We continue a few hundred meters down the road to find a path marked out on the left. We pass a small & ntilde; o t & uacute;. Nel Zipper

At 3:55 pm we arrived at the Hermitage & aacute;. Angel is left to the left a bit high and entered Monistrol Calle de Sant Pere

After 4 hours of walking we reached Monistrol to 161 meters above sea level.

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