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 De Camprodon a Sant Antoni...
Girona - 1 Stages - 7Km. - 400Pos/400Neg - Easy - Circular Route -
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Hoja  De Camprodon a Sant Antoni...

Camprodon is one of the classic places in Catalonia for hiking by Pyrenees and pre-Pyrenees . The route goes up to one of the most famous shrines in the region. Located at 1,345 meters high from it a spectacular view of the valley 360th Camprodon currency. To get a local path that goes through the woods leading into an extensive plain continues. It is then down a single track to return to Camprodon .

The current hermitage of Sant Antoni , dates from 1702 and is annexed, a house for hermit. It was restored a few years ago by the Friends organization of Sant Antoni. The house has grills for barbecues, tables and sinks which are normally closed, like the chapel. We also find panels explaining the magnificent view that spans the valley. Under the massif Canigou posee demos Segúries Sant Pau, La Ral, Cavallera
Camprodon, Llanars, The Rock, Abella, Villalonga, Tregurà and Mollo

The oak grove Can Pascal has great ecological, forestry and landscape value. The oaks that grow there, some of which are 200 years, are large leaf variety scanty in Catalonia. Here live many animal species, such as climbing, woodpeckers, squirrels and wild boar, among others.

If you are going with very young children or want to avoid the climb through the woods, you can get right to the plain of Bonaire up the road we took down in the proposed itinerary. Camprodon is a large population, classic summer resort of the Barcelona bourgeoisie and great shopping. It has many attractions including the famous Bridge on the New Ter, dating from the twelfth century, and the Isaac Albéniz Museum, exhibiting documents and objects of this songwriter fromthe locality. Worth close to Saint Christopher Beget (for the C-38, address Mollo), one of the most beautiful and best preserved in the province of Girona Romanesque churches.

From Ripoll take the C-26 going towards Olot to divert Camprodon, where we joined the C-38. Reaching Camprodon find a roundabout in the center there is a tourist information office. We follow the right direction Mollo and then give a car park which is accessed by entering the recreation area of ??the Mare de Deu de la Font.


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Girona 1 7 Km. 400 m. 400 m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

De Camprodon a Sant Antoni | Entre Montañas

1. De Camprodon a Sant Antoni


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 400 m. - Up/Downhill 400 m.Time: 02:30 h.
De Camprodon a Sant Antoni

A few meters m & aacute; s up the road you see & iacute; Masters, rising to the right, you will see a prompt & laquo; & raquo ;. Sant Antoni This is the local path that we must take and est & aacute; is labeled & ntilde; ales red


This path starts through fields to end adentr & aacute; ndose in the forest. It is a path that climbs steadily, even with alg STILL stretch of very steep, but not too dif & iacute; cyl. The vegetation & oacute; n is large, with nice places thres & iacute; os and h & uacute; Medes. Behind us we magn & iacute; GRAPHICS overlooking Camprodon. AFTER & eacute; s to travel 1.7 km we reached the plain of Bonaire. Aqu & iacute; we ran into a fence that we can cross, but without forgetting to lock up our pace, to prevent the escape of cattle usually graze here & iacute ;. We are poles & ntilde; & oacute alizaci; ny must continue to the right. We went to San Antonio for the RIGHT wayhas either by stairs 50 Pelda & ntilde; os


The place has become a & aacute; recreation area that can circumvent 360th and offers ESPL & eacute; ndidas views. We return AFTER & eacute; s the plain of Bonaire and take the road of cement to Camprodon, right in the place where there is post & ntilde; & oacute alizaci; n. The path descends through meadows and a farmhouse to monument to C & egrave; sar A. Torras, a pioneer of hiking in Catalonia & ntilde; a. At this point we enter the beautiful oak grove Can Pascal, which brings us to the source of Boix, located in a nice square with a stone wall and large beeches. We are now in front of the Golf Camprodon. We continue down the road until the road becomes an urbanization & oacute; n townhomes. Just at the roundabout by passing the C-38, close to where we left the car.

enlargement & oacute; n Route: From Plain Bonaire tenewe several options. For example, Oix is ??19.8 km on a route for 4 hours. Tambi & eacute; n may be of interest to the shrine of Remei, one of the historical references & oacute;. Rich in the region, which is just a couple of hours, which is accessed by roads more difficult

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