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 Cruïlles a Sant Joan de Salelles...
Girona - 1 Stages - 5Km. - 50Pos/50Neg - Easy - Round trip - May 2009
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Hoja  Cruïlles a Sant Joan de Salelles...

Sant Miquel de Cruilles was a Benedictine monastery, built at middle of the eleventh century. It is located in the region of Baix Empordà in Catalonia .

The church is one of the few remaining elements of the Benedictine monastic community of Sant Miquel de cruïlles I was building in the middle of the eleventh century in a place already occupied in Roman times. In the early sixteenth century, the collapse of part of the deck caused the nave quedase cut and had to build a new facade and buttresses just to reinforce the building.

It is a temple basilica with three naves, closed by three semicircular apses and a transept. The naves are covered with barrel vaults, cruciform piers supporting arches and semicircular. The transept also has a barrel vault, and stresses at the point of intersección with the ship, a dome on tubes than outside resulting in a dome.

Outside of the transept, the whole building is decorated with Lombard decoration: in the apses with arcades and pilasters, and side walls, followed by a frieze. In the central three splayed elábside windows open, while on the sides there is only one apse.

The current bell tower is the sixteenth century, as is also the century of the western facade where the door is opened, it is in the first section of the original ship, leaving this space open, outside the church .

The rest of the monastery complex are only a few walls in the small square, corresponding to the front of the chapter house, the most interesting element is the mullioned windows with two very flat arches and capitals, which flank the door.

The main apse retains fragments of painting in the second half of the sigthe XII that are of the most original known in Romanesque murals in Catalonia. Beneath the apse windows registry is a decorated like an Oriental fabric that mimics some curtains. Stand on a red background, a double row of white lions facing and between the windows, columns painted very poorly preserved. The enclosing wall of the left transept there are traces of paint representing the betrayal of Judas.


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Girona 1 5 Km. 50 m. 50 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Cruïlles a Sant Joan de Salelles | Entre Montañas

1. Cruïlles a Sant Joan de Salelles


Distance: 5 Km.Up/Downhill 50 m. - Up/Downhill 50 m.Time: 01:15 h.
Cruïlles a Sant Joan de Salelles

of the Bisbal de l & rsquo; Emporda , take the GI-644 road to the village of Cru & iuml; lles , starting point of the path

This path will discover the n & uacute; medieval core of Cru & iuml; lles and Benedictine monastery of Sant Miquel de Cru & iuml; lles , XI century, i the SMALL to Church rom & aacute; nica de Sant Joan de Salelles


It runs through flat terrain, f & aacute; easy to follow and inter & eacute; s hist & oacute; rico. It is a discovery of the Emporda.

Since the square of the cross of the people of Cru & iuml; lles , outside of the historic district & oacute; rico, find a vertical sign at the street from Raval. Then reach the junction where est & aacute; n the village schools, and continue to the right down a side track that passes under a bridge on the road from the Bisbal de l & rsquo; Emporda

This road facing a small & ntildand, to climb to the n & uacute; core of Sant Miquel de Cru & iuml; lles . To our right we find the Benedictine monastery. Turn left and begin a descent down a dirt track soon leaves a path on each side.

It leads to a newly paved track where it found a & ntilde; the loaded indicator. Continue straight on direction & oacute; n to Moli Frigola until after 100 meters, break right, leaving the road to Bilbao, which continues straight. This paved trail passes near the farmhouse of Can Pont until the next junction we join an RP path is & ntilde; white and red signal, which we take to the right direction & oacute; na Sant Sadurni de l & rsquo; Heure. Eye on this point, because you usually go straight to the next tagline, where we realize that we were wrong.

Back in the dirt road, we passed through La Masia de Can Pujol i snaking conreus and alzinares got to LITTLE oh well preserved shrine of Sant Joan de Selelles


We return by the same way.

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