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 Collbató - Vinya Nova...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 5Km. - Easy - Circular Route - Barcelona in April 2010
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Hoja  Collbató - Vinya Nova...

The & agr landscape iacute; tail influenced by the proximity of a MOUNTAIN to mediterr & aacute; nea craggy as you The Montserrat show us & aacute ;, if we're lucky, a large wildlife boar & iacute; it's, foxes and hares, supplemented with other species such as goats mont & eacute; s and the falcon & oacute; n. Pilgrim

The fields of olive and almond trees planted directly by humans are surrounded by spots accompanied oak & ntilde; ed pine, thyme and lavender in thres & iacute; as and hole species m & aacute; s h & uacute; Medes as hackberry and ash.

Vinya Nova is a more & iacute; a pr & oacute; prosperous and productive 1600 that during the nineteenth century proved & iacute; a good wine the Mon & aacute barrels; sticas and m & aacute; s late Sirvi & oacute; resting place for the elderly monks. Currently combines agr & iacute activity tail with the restoration & oacute;n.

The Clot of Alfonsa (between point 1 and 3) can see traces of the agricultural world: dep & oacute; sites Vi & ntilde; a, cisterns Receptive & oacute; n water, ruins of a hut and m & aacute; margins drystone . On the left STILL with no trace of the calls screens with terraces and old vi & ntilde;. Edos

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Barcelona 1 5 Km. m. m. Fácil Recorrido Circular

Collbató - Vinya Nova | Entre Montañas

1. Collbató - Vinya Nova


Distance: 5 Km.Time: 02:00 h.
Collbató - Vinya Nova

Plain itinerary that shows the transformation of rural life collbatonina along the a & ntilde; os. This road is the link of uni & oacute; n. Of traditional trails rise to Montserrat

We started the walk at the square of the church of Collbat & oacute; , following Bertran Carrer Pau to leave the village by Pujolet. Once out of town we started to find different elements t & iacute; peaks of the agricultural world as dep & oacute; sites Vi & ntilde; a, a cistern Receptive & oacute; n water and good m & aacute; margins of dry stone. Once through the forest, we saw a panoramic & aacute; mica pit M & oacute;. Nica and the torrent of Artigues, and on both sides as Pastereta rise and Friar Baix

A hundred yards m & aacute; s later we are & ntilde; i aliasing Bridge Road, which lead us & iacute; a straight to the top m & aacute; s high massif, St. Jer & oacute;. Nimo

At Vinya Nova , resumed the march along the path of the olive Marrell, marking the edge of t & eacute; rmino. We crossed urbanization & oacute; n & eacute n'Oll Ca; and take the old road to the cemetery, in the final section of which we find the Encina Grande & aacute; monumental tree and centennial. AFTER & eacute; s got the people again


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