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 Col de Puymorens - Lago de Lanós...
Francia - 1 Stages - Km. - 1.100Pos/500Neg - Easy - Round trip -
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Hoja  Col de Puymorens - Lago de Lanós...

This tour starts at the Col de Puymorens located on the road leading to Puigcerdà Pas de la Casa in Andorra from France.

The small town of Porté-Puymorens is a town in the Pyrenees-Orientales department of the Languedoc-Roussillon, in the region Alta Cerdanya. Located in the Pyrenees, along the Carol River and close to the Andorran town of Pas de la Casa, for it passes the RN-20, and communicates with the department of Ariege by Puymorens tunnel and port puymorens.

It also has one of the resorts with more snow in the Pyrenees and some cross-country skiing tracks about 40 kilometers from the pine forest.

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Francia 1 Km. 1100 m. 500 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Col de Puymorens -  Lago de Lanós | Entre Montañas

1. Col de Puymorens - Lago de Lanós


Up/Downhill 1.100 m. - Up/Downhill 500 m.
Col de Puymorens -  Lago de Lanós

We left the car in the parking lot of the Harbor (1,915 m) just before the hotel restaurant and take the track off to the left (if we stand in front of the hotel) with GR marks 107th coinciding with a stretch Cam & iacute; Cathars.

A few minutes before crossing the river, take the trail that goes to the right gaining gently height while rounded the southern slope of Serrat de les Lloses where you have great views over the valley and the village of Port & egrave; . To our left we see fences Containment & oacute; n of avalanches: the absence of TREES, the inclination & oacute; n and the orientation & oacute; n of the slope, make snow detach with ease & eacute; few heavy snowfall.

At 2,000 meters the road changes orientation & oacute; n and is directed to the NE. Half an hour m & aacute; s afternoon we arrive at LITTLE or shelter Cortal Rossa. Within 15 minutes m & aacute; s got to llanura grassy Pla Eat Rossa 2,145 meters where the torrent Rec Cortal Rossa describes some meandering.

The trail runs along the left around the plain reaching a booth Receptive & oacute; n water that feeds on small & ntilde; or stream that comes down from Lake of Coma d & acute; Or to the north, three hundred meters m & aacute; s up.

From this point the trail continues STILL to the conduction & oacute; n water, to meet again with the stream and follow its course ending Portella Lan & oacute; s. In the final section, one l & iacute; nea milestone makes us rise sharply to the SE in a hillside. Already Portella Lan & oacute; s to 2,468 m. altitude, right a rocky slope rises sharply to a peak of 2,673 m Pico Fontviva. altitude and left the road heads Picothe Coma d & acute; Or to 2,826 m. altitude.

On the other side of the hill the path drops steeply to Lan Dam & oacute; s to about 250 m. drop from the point where we are now. From this point we can see the Carlit.

Now the trail turns right and after losing about 100 m. height is directed towards the NE, on a grassy terraces. Follow the path to the lock in the dam.

The return along the same path and also & eacute; n can be returned by the lakes of Font Live


The Lake Lan & oacute; s has its own legend: the natives of the place say at the bottom of Lake Lan & oacute; s numerous palaces inhabited by fairies hide (; the good women of the Pyrenees & quot; & quot) & nbsp; who watch over the inhabitants of the land and get rid of the malos esp & iacute; ritus. Legend has it that the queen of the fairies, which are home to one of the palaces m & aacute; s beautiful lake, I left & oacute; an afternoon stroll through the Canig & oacute ;. Sitting in the forest, he saw a handsome young pastor. Queen Qued & oacute; enraptured with boy and tom & oacute; the appearance of a young pastor and as & iacute; I fell in love & oacute ;. They married and soon the fairy queen will revel & oacute; his secret and led him & oacute; her to his palace from the lake bottom. For some a & ntilde; os all lived happily & iacute ;. But one d & iacute; on & oacute Pastor Sinti; longing for sunshine and forest. The Queen, feelings of understanding shepherd, what colm & oacute; wealth and dej & oacute; return to Earth. The handsome boy pas & oacute; the rest of your d & iacute; as in Canig & oacute; and was always faithful to his loved one.

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