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 Chimiachas - Alquézar - Sierra de Guara...
Huesca - 1 Stages - Km. - 620Pos/620Neg - Easy - One-way Route -
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Hoja  Chimiachas - Alquézar - Sierra de Guara...

Guara is located between the Valley Ebro and the Pyrenees. It is the area prepirinaica Huesca, the most northerly of the three Aragonese provinces. This land of transition, called the Somontano , this is an area of ??Mediterranean climate dominated by vines, olive, almond and oak trees, and spectacular gorges carved into the limestone by Flúmen rivers , Guatizalema Calcón, Alcanadre, Isuela, Mascún and Vero.

The Natural Park of the Sierra de Guara and canyons extends north of the regional capital, Barbastro. It was declared a National Park in 1990 and has 47,450 hectares, not counting the peripheral zone.

The elevation above sea level ranges between 430 meters and 2,077 of Pico Guara , the highest in the park.

The vegetation of the south is drier and plenty of oakres. In more northern hardwoods such as beech. In terms of fauna, the vulture, the osprey and golden eagle.

With its geology, is a perfect place to practice canyoning and climbing.


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Huesca 1 Km. 620 m. 620 m. Fácil Recorrido Solo de Ida

Chimiachas - Alquézar - Sierra de Guara | Entre Montañas

1. Chimiachas - Alquézar


Up/Downhill 620 m. - Up/Downhill 620 m.Time: 06:00 h.
Chimiachas - Alquézar

This route has its puntio lines starting in Alquézar (Casetón by the Baseta) .

The beginning of the road is adjacent to the municipal pools Alquézar, where there is an information panel on the route . For he will reach the first of the buildings troncopiramidal aspect, recreation of old houses typical pastor of Guara.

Following the trail moves north along a canal cement, you can see a beautiful Panoramic Alquézar. Signage marks us the way to go to reach the rafts Basacol; be overcome before walkways and cross a small stone bridge located in the Canyon Payuela.

Basacol rafts are a good place to cool off before continuing the climb on the way that coats for addresses Quizans. In the next section, you can enjoy splendid views of the Vero Clusas. Among a dense thicket formed by junipers, boxwood, rosemary, issheets, kermes and holm oaks, the trail runs approaching Quizans; cave paintings schematic can be visited during the ascent or the back, as it takes the same paths.

Following the directions arrive at Tozal ros Pots, where you can even see the peaks of the Pyrenees National Park of Ordesa and Monte I missed. Then we reach the head of the ravine Chimiachas where there is another shed false vault. Here we take the path that is introduced into the bed of the ravine and take us to the small cave that is painted Levantine solitary and majestic deer. Chimiachas is full of magic and mystery in the heart of the Sierra de Guara, where it is also possible to observe the flight of vultures and choughs place.

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