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 Cases de Neu - Mallorca...
Islas Baleares - 1 Stages - 16Km. - 700Pos/700Neg - Medium - Round trip - Abril 2010
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Hoja  Cases de Neu - Mallorca...


This path lead us & aacute; from the Lluc Monastery to Holiday Snow (Cases Neu) in Massif Massanella in Sierra de Tramuntana Majorca .

The snow houses and additional buildings are mostly infrastructure Stone dry intended for the collection, conservation & oacute; ny transporting snow, est & aacute; n located in places of Landscap & iacute value; stico natural & iacute; stico the Serra Tramuntana in Majorca . The utilization & oacute; n, ice made from snow, or for medicinal uses gastronomic & oacute; monkeys had a major econom mica and culture over the centuries


Solid Massanella are eleven snow houses, m & aacute; s construction elements that accompany & ntilde; an: terraces for collecting snow walls to accumulate or that limit the exploitation & oacute; n, porches to the snowfields, springs and wells .

Seven of these buildings are in farms p & uacute; Republics (five of the Consell de Mallorca and two of the Balearic Government), while the other four are on private property


Most of the dep & oacute; sites are concentrated in excess of thousand meters heights, and so s & oacute; at two o'clock ET & aacute; n located at 810 and 825 meters. To get there we have five ways of snowfields, specs & iacute; cally built for this function & oacute; n.

If you want m & aacute; s information & oacute; n on Les cases de Neu, usability, performance, history, etc, desc & aacute; rgate the following PDF: Ses Voltes d'en Galileu - Cases de Neu de Mallorca - Itinerary Snow


larger map Cases Neu - Serra Tramuntana - Mallorca


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lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
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Islas Baleares 1 16 Km. 700 m. 700 m. Media Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Cases de Neu - Mallorca | Entre Montañas

1. Coll de ses Cases de Neu


Distance: 16 Km.Up/Downhill 700 m. - Up/Downhill 700 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Coll de ses Cases de Neu

The journey has its beginning in the Lluc Monastery , just Source Coberta . From here & iacute; begins the old S & oacute way; ller . We followed and shortly after & eacute; s path leads to a cart track that & nbsp; & nbsp; abandoned for ad & eacute; ntranos Forest Ca s'Amitger


We walked up a paved trail until we crossed the road C-710 shortly before the Alzina des September Cimals .

Now walk through the woods, and AFTER & eacute; s to spend a port & oacute; n, we entered the estate of Are Macip - Sa Mola property of the Consell de Mallorca. Reseguimos the forest trail until we reached the start of Ses Voltes & nbsp; d'en Galileu , where on the right we find the first of five snow houses there on the farm. & nbsp;

Est & aacute ;, along with the other existing around the Puig Massanella are one of the sets for the exploitation & oacute; n & aacute snow m;. s important in the Serra de Tramuntana
Ses Voltes d'en Galileu describes a set of orders to exceed 250 meters to reach the snow house Galileu. The house est & aacute; currently under reconstruction & oacute; na trav & eacute; s Medstone European project


Once in the plane where the House Neu d'en Galileu , the road & iacute is std; aa left to go get a SMALL or hill near the Puig d'en Galileu . AFTER Baja & eacute; s in direction & oacute; n the stream, crosses and go after the Coll de sa Mola, where two other homes snow on either side of the hill. From this point you can finally get to the Casa d'rodona Rub & iacute ;, in which is located at m & aacute;. S height of the property

in PerilStatus: Lluc Monastery (500 m) - Son House Macip Neu (6 km, 900 m, 2 h) - Puig d'en Gallielu (7 km, 1125 m 2:15 pm) - Coll Ses Cases de Neu (9 km, 1200 m, 3 hours) - Puig d'en Gallielu (11 km, 1125 m 3:45 pm) - Son House Macip Neu (12 km, 900 m, 4 h) - Lluc Monastery (18 km, 500 m, 6 h)


         Stage profile: Coll de ses Cases de Neu
Stage profile: Coll de ses Cases de Neu

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