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 Cañon de Añisclo - Parque de Ordesa...
Huesca - 1 Stages - 26Km. - 1.500Pos/1.500Neg - Hig - Round trip - Huesca
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Hoja  Cañon de Añisclo - Parque de Ordesa...

Añisclo Canyon is located in the Pyrenees of Huesca (South of Monte Perdido ), running southward. It has a length of about 10 kilometers (from Circus Añisclo to the confluence with the river Aso). It is due to the erosive action of water on limestone, which for centuries has carved beautiful forms in the rock, waterfalls, pools, etc.

Situated in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park in the province of Huesca. This park is formed by the Pineta Valley, Gorges Escuaín, Valle de Ordesa, Monte Perdido and the aforementioned Añisclo Canyon.

Bounded on the north by Collado anisco at the foot of Monte Perdido. This hill has an altitude of 2,500 m. and communicates with the Pineta Valley Canyon Anisclo. At this delimits Gorges Escuaín and west by the Sierra Custody and The Mondicieto.

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Huesca 1 26 Km. 1500 m. 1500 m. Alta Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Cañon de Añisclo - Parque de Ordesa | Entre Montañas

1. Cañon de Añisclo


Distance: 26 Km.Up/Downhill 1.500 m. - Up/Downhill 1.500 m.Time: 6 h.
Cañon de Añisclo

To get to the starting point of our journey, take the A-138 from Ainsa towards Bielsa. When we reach the town of Escalona we need to take towards the barrel Añisclo. This road will reach the bridge Úrbez, going through a narrow gorge.

From the parking area to the NW., Interested approach the old mill Aso, a meeting of the people of the valley. And very close to Aso Cave or the Moors.

From the bridge, San Urbez cave to the north, the trail goes up SANGON bridge. He crosses to the right bank and found a crossing, we left the path up to the village of Sercué. The road runs parallel to the river for a long stretch. It spreads over a wide bend to the left to, in two long diagonals, earn up to a big highlight.

At 2:30 pm. of walking we reached the Ripareta, right at the intersection with the Barranco Pardinao. Ofsde this point we can reach Neck Arenas taking the path on the left.

The road then takes a path through dense vegetation of a young beech forest on the right bank of the river to the intersection of Ravine Capradiza. To the left is a trail that climbs to the top of the canyon Añisclo. We came to a bridge by which we cross the river.

We followed the trail to the Fon Blanca. Passing close to finally begin abrise with meadows and sparse vegetation. We found a cabin in disrepair that it can serve as a refuge in case of need.

A small footbridge leads to the right bank, where the road climbs up the canyon takes Fon White (4 hrs. From San Urbez). It clearly distinguishes the Fon Blanca. The road continues through meadows winning various projections which separate him from Collado Añisclo (2,440 mts.). Great landscape with glacial imprint bite throughoutthe valley head.

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