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 Canal de Cristal...
Girona - 1 Stages - 12Km. - 900Pos/900Neg - Easy - Round trip - October 2013
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Hoja  Canal de Cristal...


Mountain Nature Park Moixeró was created in July 1983 because of the need to protect the area of ??the Sierra del Cadi. It comprises an area of ??41,342 hectares, is one of the largest parks in Catalonia with the newly created Parque Natural de l'Alt Pyrenees. It consists of three regions. Alt Urgell and Cerdanya Berguedà

The two big saws Moixeró joined by Tancalaporta harbor, form an impressive mountain barrier in the Pyrenean foothills running from west to east in an area of ??about 30 km, on the dividing line of the waters of the rivers Segre (Alt Urgell and Cerdanya) and Llobregat (Berguedà).

This route has as final destination Prat del Cadi. This place is one of the most wonderful places in the highlands and mountains of Catalan. From the simple village Estana to nice road that ascends through the forest and the extensivemeadow, which stretches like a haven of peace under the impressive walls and channels of the northern slope of the Cadi, make this an outstanding tour itinerary.


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Girona 1 12 Km. 900 m. 900 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Canal de Cristal | Entre Montañas

1. Canal de Cristal


Distance: 12 Km.Up/Downhill 900 m. - Up/Downhill 900 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Canal de Cristal

The starting point of this tour will perform in Els Prats del Cadi, crossing the meadow diagonally from the road from which we have come to Els Prats del Cadi.

If we cross the meadow diagonally find a wide path that does not have any marks or fitas, is a continuation of the way we have left to get to the meadow. This road, like a track, wide, starts down and left to the Canal de Cristal is not to take us to the Canal de Cristal direction. This is not the way.

The road up to the Canal de Cristal is a path that opens a little above this is a path that goes up quickly and decidedly straight. Before leaving the meadow Fita find a stone that tells us where we should go. After Fita, passed a stream, usually dry, we started to walk down the path to find a metal drinkers animals, cross and our acecensión not cease until the glass channel.

The trail well marked with white and yellow markings and very straight fitas, is constantly zig-defense. To our right a large baking pan with medium stones. I could also go up the pie, but has more difficulty.

We continue and we continue to climb, mercilessly by a pine forest nice but not least costerudo.

Once you have stopped the rise among pine trees, left a trail took us to the Crystal Canal. The forest is left and a pie is crossed and passed through a rockery with 4 pine give a curve of 360 degrees and then spotted a trail that goes resiguiendo the slope and spotted the Canal, which stands proud and merciless, a giant rocks rise before our eyes. The proximity of Cadi overwhelmed with those vertical stone walls. At the bottom we saw the Gosolans spas, other access, too fantastic, Cadi towers, withUnlike the Pas Gosolans is much better access to the Canal de Cristal.

Finally grimpamos over some rocks, where a small pine that will serve to protect the slope upward a few feet away and we can start the climb up the Canal, which we did not do. Our ascent just there, we returned by the same way.

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