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 Can Massana - Roca Foradada...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 4Km. - 170Pos/170Neg - Easy - Round trip - Barcelona in April 2010
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Hoja  Can Massana - Roca Foradada...

The MOUNTAIN at Montserrat With a height m & aacute; XIMA of 1,236 meters above sea level, est & aacute; . 20Km from Barcelona between the regions of Anoia, Bages and Baix Llobregat is the MOUNTAIN to m & aacute; s important and m & aacute; s tradition & oacute; n of Catalonia & ntilde; a: S & iacute; symbol of religious worship, place of Hajj & oacute; n
for believers.
This mounts & ntilde; a is the sanctuary and monastery dedicated to the Our Lady of Montserrat of the twelfth century, this monastery is composed of two parts: the bas & iacute; lica and monastic and the other buildings service (apartments for pilgrims, shops, restaurants and services in general).

Legend has it that the statue of the Virgin found in the ninth century, shepherds inside a cave. The bishop wanted the moveraran to Manresa, but it was impossible because the size was too heavy. This was interpreted as a sign of the desire for self-virgin and stay in place, and then mand & oacute; build a chapel that was the origin of the present monastery.

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Barcelona 1 4 Km. 170 m. 170 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Can Massana - Roca Foradada | Entre Montañas

1. Can Massana - Roca Foradada


Distance: 4 Km.Up/Downhill 170 m. - Up/Downhill 170 m.Time: 01:00 h.
Can Massana - Roca Foradada

Start & iacute; e the itinerary Can Ma & ccedil; ana , located at the junction of roads B-11 00 / B-11 01/11 03, leading to Manresa and the Monastery of Montserrat respectively. Can Ma & ccedil; ana est & aacute; at level 730, where the path to Rock Foradada starts with a steep slope which is stabilized when the elevation reaches 810, this rise is invested between 15-20 minutes. Then the route, which continues through pines and oaks, leveled for a good distance. AFTER & eacute; s other 10/15 minutes, right and between two promontories, opening a narrow path that leads along gentle ramps to the ruins of Sant Pau Vell

Following the main road we arrived at the Collet Guirl & oacute; And after & eacute; s about 200 meters, we find the bifurcation & oacute; n leading to the Portella de les Agulles (left) and Torrent of diablera (down right). From this point, the forest opens and allows magnetic & iacute; fica panoramic & aacute; mica north. First t & eacute; I rmino distinguish Marganell , m & aacute; s all & aacute; populations of Manresa and Guardiola and much of the Bages and Bergued & aggravation; , while in the background (in d & iacute; clear as, guess summits of this Pyrenees ).

From that point we have at sight the hull of the Pujades , which rises from the bottom known as Malniu , as & iacute; as Chair and Rock Foradada , this is a curious formation & oacute; rock n sculpted by wind and rain in the clusters Montserrat .

The return will be made & aacute; following the same path. Bran slope is 170 metersand the travel time is about 2 hours.

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