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 Can Massana - Refugi Vicenç Barbé...
Barcelona - 1 Stages - 6Km. - 200Pos/200Neg - Easy - Round trip - Barcelona in April 2010
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Hoja  Can Massana - Refugi Vicenç Barbé...

The MOUNTAIN at Montserrat With a height m & aacute ; XIMA of 1,236 meters above sea level, est & aacute; . 20Km from Barcelona between the regions of Anoia, Bages and Baix Llobregat is the MOUNTAIN to m & aacute; s important and m & aacute; s tradition & oacute; n of Catalonia & ntilde; a: S & iacute; symbol of religious worship, place of Hajj & oacute; n
for believers.
This mounts & ntilde; a is the sanctuary and monastery dedicated to the Our Lady of Montserrat of the twelfth century, this monastery is composed of two parts: the bas & iacute; lica and monastic and the other buildings service (apartments for pilgrims, shops, restaurants and services in general).

Legend has it that the statue of the Virgin found in the ninth century, shepherds inside a cave. The bishop wanted the trasladaran to Manresa, but it was impossible because the size was too heavy. This was interpreted as a sign of the desire for self-virgin and stay in place, and then mand & oacute; build a chapel that was the origin of the present monastery.

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Barcelona 1 6 Km. 200 m. 200 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Can Massana - Refugi Vicenç Barbé | Entre Montañas

1. Can Massana - Refugi Vicenç Barbé


Distance: 6 Km.Up/Downhill 200 m. - Up/Downhill 200 m.Time: 01:30 h.
Can Massana - Refugi Vicenç Barbé

The tour starts at Can Massana , located at elevation 730, just at the junction of the roads B-1100, B-1101 and B-1103 , leading to Manresa and Monastery of Montserrat respectively.

AFTER & eacute; s to contemplate Magnolia & iacute; fica view presented north take the narrow road that turns right and proceeds smoothly first, but then gradually becomes m & aacute; s costs. Finally, we arrive at the Portella , a passage between boulders that opens up the inside of the Needles area.

This route runs along the base of the Serrat de les Agulles and Serrat Portella and passes between oaks and scrub. From halfway up an excellent perspective is obtained when the forest permits, the Torrent of diablera and San Pablo Viejo , as & iacute; area as Can Massana .

Of all the rides & ntilde; a Montserrat , the region & oacute; n Agulles is one of the places m & aacute; spectacular s territory. Pin & aacute; asses of hundreds of meters high dominate the landscape forming an almost inaccessible wall where climbers often find groups. Just behind & aacute; s, a huge valley full of vertical rocks and opens riqu & iacute;. Gulf wildlife

At the end of the tour, we will meet at the foot of Magnolia & iacute; fica wall conglomerate, which will cross through one of the t & iacute; channels peaks Montserratians, access not f & aacute; cil for the gap to be bridged and stormwater permit neither the accumulation & oacute; n ground or shrub growth, which facilitate & iacute; an upload. To go through the passage of the Portella , located at elevation 890, we have to use hands and feet.

Once salvYou ado the reef, opens to our view the region & oacute; n Bo & iuml; gues and the south side of the two Serrats mentioned that exhibit vegetation & oacute leafy; n consists by oak, juniper, juniper, durum and rich vegetation & oacute; n understory. The silence of the place we allow & aacute; distinguish the songs of many species of birds that inhabit the area.

AFTER & eacute; s an easy climb, we arrive at Shelter Vicen & ccedil; Barb & eacute; , located at elevation 930. This shelter MOUNTAIN to that part of the Federacion & oacute; n Entities Hikers Catalu & ntilde; a (FECC), was opened in January 1961 in a donated plot by the neighbor Juan Mar & iacute Bruc; Muller Houses . Located at 900 meters, has a capacity of m & aacute; s twenty people


The return will be made & aacute; following the same path. Bran slope is 200 meters and the tiempo travel is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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