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 Bolvir de Cerdanya a Isòvol...
Girona - 1 Stages - 10Km. - 50Pos/50Neg - Easy - One-way Route -
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Hoja  Bolvir de Cerdanya a Isòvol...

The route runs along part of Section & oacute; n Camino de Santiago that crosses Cerdanya . We have chosen one of the sections m & aacute; s nice and simple: he who follows the course of R & iacute; o Segre and goes Hermitage Remei the sanctuary Quadres , rather than & eacute; little medieval era also & eacute; n hospital for pilgrims


Camino de Santiago , the first European Cultural Route, originated in pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), which began to make r & iacute; z of the discovery of the remains of ap & oacute ; stol Santiago in the ninth century


The European routes converg & iacute; n in the Pyrenees, where they exist & iacute; n two main ways: Navarre, crossing Roncesvalles, and Aragon & eacute; s, which crossed the mountains & ntilde; as for Somport and Jaca. Along with these main routes hab & iacute; many areary. One entered Catalonia & ntilde; aa trav & eacute; s of the hills and the Perxa Pimorent, and came to Sant Jaume de Rigolisa in Puigcerd ;, & aggravation capital of the region of Cerdanya


All these roads continues STILL an existing and fairly busiest, especially in a & ntilde; os santos de Santiago, which are always held that the d & iacute; a Holy (July 25) falls on a Sunday, as Ocurri & oacute; in 2004. The Camino de Santiago passes through major towns such as Ll & iacute; via (which has a pharmacy m & aacute; s oldest in Europe), Puigcerd & aggravation; (Commercial and historical city & oacute; rica) Bolvir (church Rom & aacute; nica Santa Cec & iacute; lia), Bellver (which offers many possibilities for pr & aacute; ctica hiking: Path of the Good Men, Road Reapers, GR 150. ..) or Martinet.

During the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries the sanctuary Quadres was considered as a domus hospitalis, a hospital rating.The original building was the twelfth century, but in the seventeenth century was constructed & oacute; a new temple. The excavations archaeol & oacute; cal allowed to uncover some elements of the old building rom & aacute; nico, including two windows. From Bellver is worth closer to Santa Eug & egrave; nia Nerell & aggravation ;, a rom & aacute church; nica declared Hist Monument & oacute; Rich-Art & iacute; stico that preserves & uacute; nico belfry whole of the region Lombard style. This bell has an inclination & oacute; n of 1.25 meters, which is known as the & ldquo; & rdquo ceretana tower of Pisa;.

From Puigcerd & aggravation; , take the N-260 road to La Seu d & rsquo; Urgell. Then we got to Bolvir de Cerdanya. Turn right at the first bifurcation & oacute; n into town and immediately follow the sign that says & laquo; Torre del Remei & raquo ;. AFTER & eacute; s to walk 50 meters find the hermitage of Remei, where we can leave the car; also & eacute; n can continue about 50m m & aacute; s, past the entrance to the hotel Torre del Remei, and park in a field that lies ahead


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Girona 1 10 Km. 50 m. 50 m. Fácil Recorrido Solo de Ida

Bolvir de Cerdanya a Isòvol | Entre Montañas

1. Bolvir de Cerdanya a Isòvol


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 50 m. - Up/Downhill 50 m.Time: 03:00 h.
Bolvir de Cerdanya a Isòvol

The path starts with the same asphalt road parking, as the Camino de Santiago comes Puigcerd & aggravation;. Looking at the chapel from the front, left no route information panels. We start walking in direction & oacute; na Bolvir , retracing the journey made by car


We arrived at n & uacute; core of the village and crossed to give the N-260 road. The cross and found a road with a sign that says & laquo; Mol & iacute; & raquo; (Mill) and a SMALL or post it & ntilde; & oacute alizaci; n Camino de Santiago . AFTER & eacute; s of a paved stretch of a couple of miles & oacute; m progresses the more & iacute; as, the journey continues & uacute; a parallel to r & iacute; o that cross a couple of times in two kil & oacute; m. We arrived at the mill Ger, currently private. We always follow the main road, which is quite wide. Despite the confluence of several roadsalso & eacute; n large, the route has no p & eacute; loss because est & aacute; marked with small & ntilde all times you are poles & ntilde; & oacute alizaci; n. The route passes through beautiful meadows, with beautiful views of the Cerdanya plain.

To the kil & oacute; Metro 7 santuariode route leads to the Mare D & eacute; u Quadres . The road continues without problems, until you get back to the N-260 in the vicinity of Ish & ograve, vol.

enlargement & oacute; n Route: The Camino de Santiago in Cerdanya begins at Ll & iacute; via Martinet and ends . In total, some 40 kil & oacute; m divided into five sections. The've done is section 3. To continue to the 4, the path is interrupted in Isa & ograve; vol resumes near Tall & oacute ;. Our RECOMMENDATION & oacute; n is to drive to Tall & oacute; and all & iacute; make the section 5, which goes from Santa Maria Tall & oacute; (Important building large dimensiotions that I welcomed & oacute; one community from the canonical X) century to Martinet, to Bellver de Cerdanya. The other option & oacute; n is to start in section 2, which goes Puigcerd & aggravation; the chapel del Remei. In any case, as happens for large populations, with many accommodation options, is the ideal way to do at various stages.

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