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 Acercamiento al Pic de la Pelada...
Francia - 1 Stages - 8Km. - 100Pos/100Neg - Easy - Round trip -
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Hoja  Acercamiento al Pic de la Pelada...

To access this route went from the town of Formiguera , French Cerdanya, the D-4G road off to the right of the people, if we Formiguera from Puirgceda . The signpost what we find at once, on the road that runs through the middle of town, and indicates the direction of i Villanova Real .

We Vilanova , we continue in the direction of Real , and 500m. before reaching this village, we see clearly in a straight line, take a detour, far right, along a track, which will travel 5km. until the starting point of trekking. Following this track, find a first deflected to the right, not what we will take, continue on the same track, and the second swerved to the right we catch and take us to the Coll Sansa (1775m) .


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Francia 1 8 Km. 100 m. 100 m. Fácil Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Acercamiento al Pic de la Pelada | Entre Montañas

1. Pic de la Pelada


Distance: 8 Km.Up/Downhill 100 m. - Up/Downhill 100 m.
Pic de la Pelada

Once the Coll Sansa , we will find a junction 6 ways, including by which we come.

We have to take the path indicated by a sign that says " Shelter Estanyols " and another sign that says " Tour capcir for Mothers ."

A 1,300 km. arrive at a closed horse this to our right, with a sign that says " Pla Grils" and "Mothers" - "Tour of capcir ", and a few meters to the right a totally great bare tree i gray, with a yellow and red brand marked. This is the way to start a circular route.

Another option to climb the peak, which is what we try to do it, but you also got to end, and start the climb from the start point of the circular route back. This marked with green markings and far between with stone markers.

This path goes along the stream, on a path clearlyI checked, and it's all uphill i without loss, begins in a meadow, where in fact you can get on with car (3km.300m. from crossing the Sansa Coll.)

To get to the meadow that starts the ascension path crossing must leave the Sansa , take the trail that we have indicated.

First find the fence on the right horse, which initiates a circular path, we let i follow the track.

Second find a yellow sign on your left that indicates a path barred by a tancas, " i Llac Refugi dels Estanyols ". We went down to the lake, which was completely frozen and magnificent, then got back on track to where we came from to reach the goal of our trip.

Third, we continue on the same track and find another track off to the right, you have to stop and go for ours, after two curves, take us down the road to go downto the Pic of Pelada. This track reaches a large concourse of giant trees cut, and from which there is a track on our right, which starts the way back to the circular route if the Had we started in fencing horses.

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