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 Valle del Khumbu - Kalla Pattar...
Nepal - 12 Stages - 94Km. - 3.485Pos/3.420Neg - Hig - Round trip - Nepal
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Hoja  Valle del Khumbu - Kalla Pattar...

The Everest region is the region in conjunction with the visit of the Annapurna Nepal though access is more difficult.

It is the home of the famous Sherpa puelo the Solu-Khumbu is a paradise of lofty mountains. It features four of the fourteen highest mountains in the world. - Everest, Lhotse, Lhotse Shar and Cho Oyu- and a range of peaks that exceed 7,000m

The main villages of Khumbu, are named after legendary mountain guides and porters Sherpa, Namche Bazaar, Pangboche, Kunjung ...

On the Khumbu Glacier Valley get to the Circus mountains of Pumori, Lothse, i Nuptse Everest.

Getting to Gorashep village at 5,175 m. height will be aiming to reach the small peak then, i say small for the top of the mountains reodean him of Kallapattar to 5.640m., where we Pumori i just behind the other magnificent peaks.

Everything is the same demonic sublime i time, the mountain and its force attracts like a magnet, you want to go, reach, climb, ride, i what enters your eyes will absorb entendenimiento transporting you to the true states of ecstasy.

It's a tough trek, especially altitude sickness and cold unbearable doing up there. At night you can reach temperatures of 25 below zero, and as Logde, small houses where you sleep, are not too conditioned to the cold, because the cold is finally transforms into a true handicap trekk.

Altitude sickness is another problem, a council to try to control the breath, breathing many times and take the maximum air podamos.Pero I have to say with altitude sickness alters everything in the body and also depends on the body and every mind, and I would say even in spirit.

In any case much encourage anyone who feels drawn to the mountains, the experiencia is indescribable, unfathomable and sublime.

Total Km. 90.

View the map trekk 1 (1.4 Mb.)
View the map trekk 2 (1.3 Mb.)

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Nepal 12 94 Km. 3485 m. 3420 m. Alta Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Valle del Khumbu - Kalla Pattar | Entre Montañas

1. Luckla a Choplung


Distance: 2 Km.Time: 00:30 h.
Luckla  a Choplung

Image TUNIC runway at Lukla


Lukla 2650m.

After two days of delay not to leave the Kathmandu airport by bad weather, today we have finally managed to get out, and & nbsp; get to & nbsp; the terrible aeropuesto to Lukla where the track is hanging from the side and is so SMALL that when low the plane stay with open mouth


We arrived in the evening dusk, the guide was waiting for us, we passed logde to regroup and make a tea, and went walking to our first village, Choplung.

2. Choplung a Jorsale


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 95 m.Time: 07:00 h.
Choplung a Jorsale

Jorsale (2705M.)

The idea was to reach Namche Bazaar but not & nbsp; been possible to actually be the first day of trekking, for the first practically did nothing, just half an hour, get ahasta Namche would have been very hard, in addition to physical level we are acclimating, ie, for now our gut not works very well, and we have to adapt to walk every day, carrying backpacks, water exchange, etc ......

ma & ntilde; ana is stunning ascent to Namche


Makes quite warm.

3. Jorsale a Namche Bazar


Distance: 4 Km.Up/Downhill 740 m. - Time: 03:30 h.
Jorsale a Namche Bazar

Namche Bazaar.

Jorsale 2700m.

Namche Bazar 3440m.

An ascension & oacute; n hard, 740m in just 3 km


Namche is the city m & aacute; s great that is to make this trek is the administrative center of the region & oacute; n Khumbu, is located on a hillside empindad at the confluence of the rivers Bhote Khosi and Imja Khola. Long ago was the trade route to Tibet Sherpas, now is the starting point of trekking in the region & oacute; n. Everest

Their homes make & nbsp; kind of U, resiguiento MOUNTAIN; a, here you find everything you need to start the trek, and also find the market of people here, including butcher. The market is worth seeing, but s & oacute; so one day a week ago and people come from all the villages around


4. Namche Bazar a Tengboche


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 700 m. - Up/Downhill 300 m.Time: 8 h.
Namche Bazar a Tengboche

On arrival at Tengboche.

Namche Bazar (3425m.)

Tengboche (3800m)

Positive drop 700m.

Negative Slope 300m.

The road from Namche to Tengboche has been spectacular, a sharp rise of 200 m., Followed by a steep descent of 200m. to the river.

The road has gone up the side of the mountain & ntilde; a, with the river below, and as a guide the way contemplating views of Everest, Lhotse, & nbsp; and Nuptse in the distance, near, and always in front our Ama Dablam, and beside the Tamserku.

After strong ascension & oacute; n 550m. it looked like it would never end.

Early in the afternoon the forest is filled with clouds, and after much sweat we reached Tengboche, where one of the most beautiful monasteries on the way to Everest, with monks that live here, call prayers, the temple can be visited, but the monks are very cautious on the subject that you can take pictures.

Buddhist Gompah m & aacute; s popularity outside of Tibet


The next day the idea was to go to Periche, but recommended that we were to sleep sa Dimboche because vientso in Periche are ruthless and turn the place into one of the m & aacute; s Khumbu cold. There is a health center that organizes lectures on psychology in height and other trekking related topics.

Periche is next to the river and is hidden destra Dimboche a MOUNTAIN. As

By ma & ntilde; ana to get up, like every day about 6 ma & ntilde; ana, the sky was clear and we could enjoy the view of Everest to the bottom with their characteristic tail

suppose that will do much up there watching and cold of course.

5. Tenboche a Dimboche


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 510 m. - Time: 07:00 h.
Tenboche a Dimboche

Tengboche 3840m.

Dimboche 4350m.

The road seems lunar, without vegetation & oacute; n, stones, mountains & ntilde; white as the Ama Dablam near the river with white water, frost, desertic, cold and wind paiseaje


From 13h every day down the clouds, the temperature drops significantly and espurnas snow fall. Is very cold. At 6 pm the temperature is 8 degrees below zero.

In the logde (sleeping quarters) stoves do not go with him & ntilde; a, but with poop Jak, since there are not many trees around here, and poop Jak (kind of cow enduring heights) not it is a bad fuel.

By the way this time for the evil I have taken Edemox height, and it went very well.

From Dimboche spotted perfectly Pumori peak of over 8000m. which is just behind the Kalla Pattar.

6. Dimboche a Lobuche


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 580 m. - Time: 07:00 h.
Dimboche a Lobuche

Dimboche 4350m.

We have accumulated 40 Km. And it shows that we're already adapting, but now we struck altitude sickness.

I have also been at 10am & nbsp; the ma & ntilde; ana was impossible to breathe, headache pounding the walls of my skull. We stopped in a small & ntilde; or you have a site, I started breathing fast and deep followed, and seems to have calmed down. Because you know the saying & quot; With thy walking slowly up there, eat little, sleep and breathe alone quickie & quot;.

After overcoming the headache everything went better, and we have overcome the slope of 580m. without difficulty.

From Lobuche is Pumori, Nuptse and Lopbuche East.

At 4 pm the temperature is 0 degrees.

ews inhuman landscape, and climb up here too, stones, rocks, ice cold snow, wind and altitude sickness you repirar difficult, but beautiful, sublime, perhaps this contradiction & oacute; n is theyou hooked.

I wonder what people do up here ..... up until that seeks .....

7. Lobuche a Gorashep


Distance: 5 Km.Up/Downhill 245 m. - Time: 05:00 h.
Lobuche a Gorashep

Khumbu Glacier from the ascension & oacute; n to Kala Pattar


Lobuche 4930m.

& nbsp Gorashep; 5175m


The Valley Kumbu its impressive glacier, brings us at last to Gorashep, Logde past from where we come to. & Nbsp; Circus Everest, Pumori i Nuptse

At this time your worst cold i friends altitude sickness, your allies sublimity of the landscape and will.

The road leading to GoraShep runs inside the Khumbu Glacier, climb up the moraine of the glacier, ie you are walking on the rocks that the glacier has been evolving through the a & ntilde; os, and below that way and these rocks, the river of ice coming down from the mountains Circus & ntilde; as you badly highest in the world. The scenery is absolutely demonic, where death dwells, there is nothing, nothing about anything, I can not imagine what could be on the summit of Everest ..... Symbol of humanity's struggle to overcome the forces of naturaleza and s SYMBOL mountaineering achievements. Walk m & aacute; s all & aacute; of STILL Gorashep past few shelters and climb to the vantage point of Kala Pattar is to experience the magic and splendor of this mountain & ntilde; a.

Many trekkineros Gorashep not sleep in, made a long journey from Lobuche, Kala Pattar and ascend to back down to Lobuche, all for eviar sleep so high.

We slept in Ghora Shep.

8. Gorashep a Lobuche


Distance: 14 Km.Up/Downhill 710 m. - Up/Downhill 710 m.Time: 06.00 h.
Gorashep a Lobuche

Kala Pattar with Pumori behind.

Gorashep, 4930m. logde base for ascents to KallaPatar, 5640m summit., 9 km

Kalla Pattra to Lobuche, 4930m, 5km away.

At last the summit Pumori i up Everest, matador, powerful, attractive like a magnet beneath the great glacier that comes from them, Kumbhu Glacier, the icy river, which runs through the valley.

In ascenci & oacute; n indescribable cold, wind and & nbsp; lack of oxygen


Up the top, but before the summit Repechon kind of where we rested, we've taken a couple of glucose, and we enjoyed the view of Pumori and Everest.

The rise to the summit of Kalla Pattar was about 40 m. big rocks, no way, bareback through the rocks, and very pointed summit, barely fit 4 people, next the precipice, another view of the glacier.

300m of positive slope in 3 km. at this point it is killer.

When we made the cumber we descend to Lobuche to all caste & ntilde; a, from cold and to relieve altitude sickness


Tonight we have been at least 20 degrees below zero, and the conditions of logde pretty minimal, like food ....

We km.acumulados 54.

hard to breathe, one forgets to breathe, the oxygen is low and you have to breathe more intensely, if you do not head you seem to explode, but still, something like rushes forward, the power of the MOUNTAIN Ace the Himalaya, one of the most powerful, get a closer look, feel closer to Everest.

Simply wonderful, get here was sublime, the landscape is sublime and you get hooked like a magnet to these mounts & ntilde; as, you fall for them despite how hard the road


9. Lobuche a Dimboche


Distance: 6 Km.Up/Downhill 580 m.Time: 04:00 h.
Lobuche a Dimboche

4930m. to 4350m.

10. Dimboche a Tengboche


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 510 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Dimboche a Tengboche

Tengboche, Everest view background.

& nbsp Descent; 4350m. to 3840m.

We are back in the Tengboche Monastery, with the fate of the best weather and the view is spectacular, the sunset is beautiful, at night we could see the moon shining Everest incredible .... the Words fall short of such beauty.

11. Tengboche a Namche Bazar


Distance: 9 Km.Up/Downhill 400 m.Time: 06:00 h.
Tengboche a Namche Bazar

3840m. to 3440m.

Back ...... how sad .....

12. Namche Bazar a Padking


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 825 m.Time: 06:00 h.
Namche Bazar a Padking

Top of the Kala Pattar (5640m.)

of 3440m. to 2625m.

Leaving Namche has invaded us an extra & ntilde feeling; a, between sadness and joy, one sensation & oacute; n of nostalgia, some of you have been on that road that has led us down the glacier Kumbhu to the circus MOUNTAIN as m & aacute; s awesome planet


In our memory images have stuck sublime, pure beauty,

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