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 Valle de Lantang y Lago de Gosaikund...
Nepal - 14 Stages - 90Km. - 5.870Pos/6.120Neg - Medium - Round trip - Nepal
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Hoja  Valle de Lantang y Lago de Gosaikund...

Arriving in Kathmandu if time permits first thing you see are the spectacular peaks snowfall that rise to the north over the green hills that make up the Kathmandu Valley.

They are the peaks of Ganesh, the Lantang and Jugal Himalaya, the most accessible from the city and the populales for its proximity and the large amount of solid Logde.

The best thing about this area is that you can get without having to take any domestic flight.

This strip of the Nepalese Himalaya marks the spot where the Tibetan border converges with the main Himalayan range.

The main river that drains the Trisuli Lantang Himal is the name that is due to the combined waters of Lantangf Khola and Bhote Khosi.

In 1971 Lantang became the first park in Nepal Nacionalo.

The Himalaya is a different experience every time. Lantang Valley is a valley riddled dand wonderful people, descendants of Tibetans who have traveled these roads from Tibet, through the magnificent mountains to get to Nepal.

(This trekk discover not only the mountains, but the lifestyle, people stuck in another life, which is not ours running against time, they're going next time, eventually . We acleramos us at the speed of mind, light, speed them in their footsteps. And that's what happens to you, you change your pace and that gives you the felidad gait to step a human being, not a machine.)

This is a trek that does not have too much difficulty, nor height, nor cold, but it does and much, nor for kilometers, but we always adapt our andarinas trekking possibilities.

The route ascends from 1420m. Village of altitu to Lantang Kyanjin Gompa to reach and to 3900m., after you come back down to 2000m. in Thulo Syabruto re-ascend to Lake Gosaikund to 4380m.

Gosaikund, the largest group of mountain lakes is situated west of Laurebina La, was formed under the Hindu mythology, when Shiva drove his trident into the ground to create fientes Trisuli River.

It is a long journey of approximately 19-21 days of trekking, but simple and without any particular summit, walk alone i walk these paths be blessed with love, happiness and suffering of all who pass through there .

Total km. 90.

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Nepal 14 90 Km. 5870 m. 6120 m. Media Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Valle de Lantang y Lago de Gosaikund | Entre Montañas

1. Syabrubensy -Bamboo - Rimche


Distance: 12 Km.Up/Downhill 1.050 m. - Time: 06:30 h.
Syabrubensy -Bamboo - Rimche

Syabrudensi (1420m)

Bamboo (2000m)

Rimche (2500m)

A Syabrubensy have reached a jeap by a disastrous road, or rather that is not a road but a path of stones that go about voting for more than 8 hours.

We have reached Syabrubensi, nothing very local tourist town, next to a river, and where there is a Tibetan refugee camp, we have visited. Stunning pictures of or & ntilde; os refugees in the dining room eating rice. How different Europe.

The path to Rimche Syabrubensi is more Tibetan than Nepalese. We sleep 20 minutes from Lama Hotel, where he was scheduled to pricipio. Rimche is a beautiful place, a few houses perched on the hillside in the middle of a very dense Valley, fairytale and nomos.

2. Rimche a Ghora Tabela


Distance: 6 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Time: 04:00 h.
Rimche a Ghora Tabela

Rimche (2500m)

Gora Tabela (3020m).

very spectacular road, selvatico, very tall trees, bamboo forests & uacute; dense, and oaks gave way to rodonderos.

Just as we have come, has come a Esepsa fog has covered everything.

The logde no light and of course no hot water.

Trekking unfrequented, perhaps so near Kathmandu and at little difficult for trekineros.

Our guide in practicing Buddhist, is called Jowan, and pray every day, rozario in hand, the order of 3 hours from the moment we started to walk. Our porter is called Tiring and is Syubrubensi.

3. Ghora Tabela a Lantang Village


Distance: 6 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Time: 04:00 h.
Ghora Tabela a Lantang Village

Ghora Tabela (3020m)

Lantang & nbsp; (3430m)

The massif of the Cordillera de Lantang is to preside at all our trekking time Lantang Lantang Lirung and Li, the peaks that accompanied us & ntilde; plowed until our return


Lantang is a very nice town, but a lot. It's another world, stone paths through the town with walls separating the houses and their plots.

On the foggy evening.

We have been taking home a Tibetan tea. The house, a square building, without light, with the fire at ground level in one of the side walls and a kind of mattress lying on the floor in one of the walls a shelf with pots and kitchen stuff, nothing more . On the streets there are no & ntilde; os scurry, people walking, & nbsp; the water running through the soil, animal feces, jacks, some light i occasionally


4. Lantang a Kyanjin Gompa


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Time: 04:30 h.
Lantang a Kyanjin Gompa

Lantang (3430m)

Kyanjin Gompa (3900m).

The road runs through a wide valley in the form of U, the product of a glaciaci & oacute; n above, the peaks that surround it are not as high as those surrounding Namche Bazar, but no less beautiful

When we arrived in the afternoon we went to visit the artisan cheese factory, and a tempo.

Kyanjin Gompa is a former floodplain below the terminal moraine of galciar Ledrup Lirung.

When evening came, he was not covered and we could see how the sun reflected off the snow-capped, and gave them that color so spectacular gold. From Kyanjin Gompa we have seen the south side of Lantang Lirung, is like a piece of architecture.

5. Ascensión imposible hasta 4250m.


Up/Downhill 350 m. - Time: 02:00 h.
Ascensión imposible hasta 4250m.

Just above Kyangin Gompah to the north, there is a MOUNTAIN to Kyangin known as Ri


On this day try & nbsp; reach & nbsp; the peak, the 4665m aporximadamente


but it was impossible for altitude sickness, at 4250m. we decided to descend.

It was impossible because he had a constipated it impossible for me to breathe and to live together was very distressing.

6. Kyanjin Gompa a Ghora Tabela


Distance: 13 Km.Up/Downhill 900 m.Time: 05:30 h.
Kyanjin Gompa a Ghora Tabela

Kyanjin Gompa (3850m)

Thanghsyap (3150m)

Ghora Tabela (3020m).

Here we will descend again to climb back up to Lake Gosaikund.

It seems that we are recovering from a cold. I started taking Edemox for altitude sickness.

7. Ghora Tabela a Bamboo


Distance: 11 Km.Up/Downhill 1.020 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Ghora Tabela a Bamboo

Ghora Tabela (3020m)

Bamboo (2000m.)

Incredible descent. We eventually arrived at Bamboo, where a mighty river, which runs between huge rocks, the sound of the river is such that you have to talk to higher poderte hear. There are a lot of moisture. The road has passed through a very green forest.

We've seen monkeys.

8. Bamboo a Thulo Syabru


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Up/Downhill 1.700 m.Time: 05:30 h.
Bamboo a Thulo Syabru

Bamboo (2000m)

Thulo Syabru (2200m)

Today has started a new stage of the trek, we finished a road and we'll start another, to take us to Lake Gosaikund.

Perhaps the hardest day, a seesaw ride & ntilde; as, bridges, ...., fields, rivers, ...

We have finally reached Thulo Syabru, a village on the mountain & ntilde; a, on the edge. Once you arrive, the village continues to rise through the streets and climbs higher and higher. No light in the village and you can not call by telephone. We had said yes.

And to finish remataqr slept on the top floor of logde, with steps of stroke.

9. Thulo Syabru a Sing Gompa


Distance: 5 Km.Up/Downhill 1.150 m. - Time: 05:00 h.
Thulo Syabru a Sing Gompa

Thulo Syabru (2200m)

Rest and meal Machechunga (3250m.)

Sing Gompa (3350m)

We return to rise.

At the end of the road a forest fairytale a very dense forest, with tall trees full of lichen, mold, and verdin, and the light coming through the trees, looked good, good fairytale, nomos i Dwarfs.

Sing Gompa is a small village & ntilde; o very nice with 2 or 3 Logde, on the slope of a mountain & ntilde; a, which leaves the road to take us higher. The view from here is Canterbury Ca, MOUNTAIN as snow, sky, sunset in the mountains & ntilde; as, colors peace


Here there is also a cheese factory artesanat and a very old temple and looks abandoned.

10. Sing Gompa a Lauribina Yak


Distance: 5 Km.Up/Downhill 600 m. - Time: 06:00 h.
Sing Gompa a Lauribina Yak

Sing Gompa (3350m)

Lauribina Yak (3939m)

We've caught the fog too thick, in a forest with very nice trees. We have also found a great esplanade bush sandalwood.

We slept on a logde where we have stabbed bugs.

11. Lauribina Yak a Lago Gosaikund


Distance: 3 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Time: 04:00 h.
Lauribina Yak a Lago Gosaikund

Laubirina Yak (3930m)

Gosaikund Lake (4380m)

When you reach the lakes we are left with an open mouth. That spectacular lakes, & nbsp; three lakes, one after the other, and one ice cream, the latter, at that point, between the mountains & ntilde; as snow with that mighty blue, and the sky above. Very, very spectacular. And the same way, along the side of the mountain & ntilde; a, with a considerable precipice ... And to top the clouds that came following us, the have and have been passed down, so since we saw one over logde clouds, followed by blue lake in the middle of a mountain & ntilde; as, not very high, 6000m. to 7000m.

12. Ascensión


Up/Downhill 220 m. - Time: 01:30 h.

ASCENSION & oacute; n of 4380m. at 4600m, from where we could see the two lakes and Gosaikund MOUNTAIN. Lantang ace

Hot and cold wind.

13. Lago de Gosaikund a Sing Gompa


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 1.100 m.Time: 04:00 h.
Lago de Gosaikund a Sing Gompa

Gosaikund (4440m.)

Laubirina Jak (3900m)

In turn, today begins the decline and nostalgia for all that you leave here.

14. Sing Gompa a Dhunche


Distance: 8 Km.Up/Downhill 1.400 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Sing Gompa a Dhunche

Sing Gompa (3350m)

Dhunche (1920m)

End of the trail.

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