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 Tour Mont Blanc (Chamonix-Courmeyeur)...
Francia - 7 Stages - 100Km. - 7.682Pos/6.862Neg - Medium - Circular Route - France July 2012
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Hoja  Tour Mont Blanc (Chamonix-Courmeyeur)...

Within the large media paths that do not necessarily involve mountain climbing or ascents the summit, the Alps could not fail to have an itinerary that gave full circle to the highest peak in Western Europe through 3 countries: France, Italy and Switzerland .

An easily organizable itinerary as it is dotted with shelters, hostels and mountain huts where they offer you need to not have to be loaded with everything from the start.

It's a mid-mountain route, suitable for everyone who is familiar with the mountain.

Pass by legendary hills, gazebos, forests ... It is clearly marked with the typical red and white bands and numerous guidance posters. Also with the initial TMB yellow. With all this it's almost impossible to miss.

When circular routeYou can start where you want. In principle, of French influence and that is good to leave the car in a more or less safe and free for 8 days instead, start Les Houches in the opposite direction clockwise (we can leave the car in the parking cable car will Houches to Bellevue , is free in principle is for people who use the funicular but there is no control).

The route we suggest here corresponds to Tour of Mont Blanc from Chamonix (France) to Le Courmayerur (Italy) , with two special features. One is that the trek we did with the Mule called "Monsenyor" which trotted around the trekking with us, taking part of the luggage, took them about 7 kilos Monsenyor our beloved, and the rest, about 9 kilos on our backs as we transported . The other feature is that instead of making the round by Switzerland Tour, we close the circle on Le Courmayeur and from there returned to Chamonix , across the Glacier Giant Giant Coll from Aiguille du Midi to .

The total route is about 100 km. in 7 days.

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Francia 7 100 Km. 7682 m. 6862 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Tour Mont Blanc (Chamonix-Courmeyeur) | Entre Montañas

1. Chamonix - Le Felguere - Lac du Blanc


Distance: 8 Km.Up/Downhill 1.493 m. - Up/Downhill 259 m.
Chamonix - Le Felguere - Lac du Blanc

Output from the station & oacute; n Train Chamonix (alt 1035 m..), For & ldquo; Le Praz de Chamonix & rdquo ;, for about 4km. everything up until the Telef & eacute; rico we carry & aacute; Felguere . You can choose to upload the Telef & eacute; rico or foot. The elevation is 1350m. upstream for about 3 km. The climb is hard.

After the end of Telef & eacute; rico the FELGUERA take the path right straight without much slope to take us to the White Lake and Refuge to 2.349m. altitude.

The ascension & oacute; n is made by a ski-run & iacute; until the Telef & eacute; rico and AFTER & eacute; s by mild trails going up to the White Lake. It gets its name because the water is really white, glacier meltwater. It's not a very big lake, but has a very special charm along with the shelter.

Storm clouds threatened, and just, just, when we arrived, when est & aacute; Bamos dining in the nature refuge award us with a snow Fantasy & aacute;. stica sufficient without being excessive

Incredible cold that Empez & oacute; to scratch. Esper & aacute; Bamos at d & iacute; a next all happened, and the sun illuminate the trek, which as & iacute; was. El Refugio, especially the dining room, very welcoming and friendly, as are the litters. The excellent food.

Throughout the d & iacute; a spotted the Mont Blanc, the Aiguille Verte (4122) and The Dru (3730) and the Mer de Glace. The picture was still on the right with all the needles, including the South (3842), the Mont Blanc du Tacul (4248), the Mont Maudit (4465) and finally the Mont Blanc (4810). We spent the night in the Refuge du Lac Blanc 2350m. altitude.

2. Lac du Blanc - Refugio de Bellachat


Distance: 11 Km.Up/Downhill 750 m. - Up/Downhill 364 m.
Lac du Blanc - Refugio de Bellachat

path trav & eacute; s of Br & eacute; vent and passage through the Coll Br & egrave; vent 2525 m. altitude. Exceptional landscape with much neret or rhododendrons. Trails f & aacute; cult ranging resiguiendo the MOUNTAIN in with alg & uacute;. N lunchboxes another step without too much difficulty

The interesting thing about this route is that you have the Mont Blanc efrente you throughout the tour, and when you get to the Refuge's vision & oacute; n is STILL m & aacute;. S dazzling

The shelter is like a house of mu & ntilde; dolls, ah & iacute; charm, close to Chamonix , yet inaccessible. All wood and very old, no showers, and a large wooden deck in front of the Montblanc , and the glacier. It is definitely one of the best views of Montblanc around the trekking.

The night was spent in the refuge Bellachat (2136). altitude.

3. Bellachat - Bionnassay


Distance: 11 Km.Up/Downhill 730 m. - Up/Downhill 1.339 m.
Bellachat - Bionnassay

From Refuge Bellachat down sharply from a marked trail and very uneven to Les Houches , AUTOV & iacute; a included, where we will jump to the other side the MOUNTAIN to. So far est & aacute; Bamos in MOUNTAIN in front of the Montblanc , separated by Chamonix and AUTOV & iacute;. As

Once the AUTOV & iacute; a, leave this and again we enter the woods will soon be taking up, although the route with m & aacute; s low altitude across the trail, but as we start from below, as it becomes very heavy. We went through the Coll Voza to 16553m. And after altitude & eacute; s descent to the Refuge


The night was spent in the Village Bionnassay 1350 m altitude, in the Fioux Refuge.

Modern Shelter, m & aacute; s Refuge is a sort of combination & oacute; n between Refugio and Hotel or Pensi & oacute; n. Very cozy, but without the glamor of the Tour Shelters own. Excellent Food.

All d & iacute; a view of Mont Blanc, Mont Maudit, Mont Blanc du Tacul, the Aiguille du Midi, the peaks of Chamonix, Dru and the Aiguille Verte and Aiguilles Rouge afternoon on the needle Bionnassay Glacier (4052), Mount Joly, Vorassey and Tricot (3665).

4. Bionnassay - Refugio de Le Balme


Distance: 20 Km.Up/Downhill 1.177 m. - Up/Downhill 1.023 m.
Bionnassay - Refugio de Le Balme

View the Mont Blanc (4810), the c & uacute; pula Miage (3672), the needle of Bionnassay (4052) and Rock Bonhomme . If you look pudes with many imagination & oacute; n sight of his figure. We passed the village of Les Contamines Montjoie and we have very nice views over the valley of Les Contamines-Montjoie , By night from the Refuge spotted grazing high MOUNTAIN al foot of the mountain & ntilde; a Jovets and needles Pennaz . Start the route to trav & eacute; s of a Roman road, the beautiful gorges beautiful Nant , stream MOUNTAIN to. Go into a nature reserve and AFTER & eacute; s two-hour walk inside the reserve we arrived at retreat MOUNTAIN to Balme (1706 m) through the Chalet Refuge Nant Borrat , nothing to do with Le Refuge Balme wewaiting for us.

The path of the longest Trekking, also & eacute; n the more grateful for the spectacular landscape. Finally arrival at Refugio is beautiful with views of the MOUNTAINS to climb the next day Fantasy & aacute; sticas. Really, the scenery is spectacular and not get tired of saying it.

We spent the night in the Balme Le Refuge (1700).

The Refuge Le Balme was the m & aacute; s loose around the trail, in every way, but where est & aacute; well located Merec & iacute; overnight & iacute ;. all Overly functional, simple and without any shelter & uacute; n sexy type, only its location & oacute; n. The dining sad, but much like a school canteen, ning STILL place to be pleasantly and cosily. The regular rooms, with the other side of the bed, also & eacute; n-type school. The fair and just average food.

5. Refugio de Le Balme - Refugio Mottets


Distance: 19 Km.Up/Downhill 1.291 m. - Up/Downhill 1.269 m.
Refugio de Le Balme - Refugio Mottets

We started the climb up the Coll of Bonhomme at 2,329 m altitude, hard and steep, but worth it for the Fantasy & aacute; sticas views of the valley we left atr & aacute; s, and AFTER & eacute; s continue to Croix du Bonhomme .

AHEAD & oacute; n, crossing some small & ntilde; os snow fields, before reaching the step Bonhomme (2329 m) located under the saddle & ntilde; a Head-Fours-sur , AFTER & eacute; s two-hour walk. The passage in the snowfields is Fantasy & aacute; stico and comforting, with altitude, with a landscape of exception & oacute; n, flowers and snow MOUNTAIN. High as, immense, and view fairytale

Step by MOUNTAIN to Fours Fours and coll to 2665 m. altitude. Atm & oacute; sfera high mounts & ntilde; a, high altitude and isolation. We arrived at a set of farms MOUNTAIN where exquisite cheese is called Beaufort , much tradditional. We visited the winery where we tasted cheese MOUNTAIN to, certainly very strong and very tasty. Worth buying a little to get guests can taste & aacute;. Ndolo during the rest of trekking

Twenty minutes of walking AFTER & eacute; s of Queser & iacute; a we arrived at retreat MOUNTAIN to the Mottets


Before getting to the Shelter Mottets Villa enjoyed the Glacier.

Durant recorrdido views of Mont Blanc (4810), the Mont Blanc from Courmayeur (4748), the c & uacute; Miage pula (3672), the & quot; & quot ;, Bonhomme Lake Giettaz. In the background, La Plagne, Bellecote (3,416 m.), 3779 m, Les Arcs, Great Sassi & egrave;. Re 3747 m, Tignes-Val d'Is & egrave;. Re and Valle d'Aosta, Ruitor (. 3486 m) and Gran Paradiso (4,061 m.). We see very clearly the peaks of the Swiss Grand Combin (4314) and Mont Velan (3727).

We spent the night in Refugio Mottets (1,870 m.), One of the best in the trail, withglamor, old, with walls full of memorabilia and antique tools, family picnic, with lots and lots of hearth and cozy, and a lot of room MOUNTAIN ero. It is a family business that has lasted three generations providing this service to MOUNTAIN eros. At the end of the meal, one of the sisters of the family I delight us with some songs played in chord & oacute; n.

great dinner, good & iacute; sima, soup with all kinds of vegetables, and AFTER & eacute; s meat with a flavorful sauce and desserts, all marinated in wine. Perfect for our pen & uacute; d & iacute Finally, a


6. Refugio Mottets - Refugio de la Maisson Vielle


Distance: 17 Km.Up/Downhill 1.100 m. - Up/Downhill 1.020 m.
Refugio Mottets - Refugio de la Maisson Vielle

Step Tour of Mont Blanc in the French part of the Italian, the Monte Bianco.

We went to Step the Seigne to 2516m. altitude, with a climbing area, by very steep stairs with suitable rocks to make the ascension & oacute; n.

Uploaded by Step Seigne (2516 m) under the MOUNTAINS to the Aiguille Glacier , which are both Italian border. Views on the MOUNTAIN to Mont Blanc over Val Ferret . The contemplation & oacute; n of these mounts & ntilde; as STILL overwhelms us. Path to trav & eacute; s of Combal.Zero lanes. Lakes MOUNTAIN ace, placid and flat trails. View the amount of MOUNTAIN as, glaciers, marmots, flowers MOUNTAIN ae even with the m & aacute; s emblem & aacute; tico them ...

Edelweiss! One hour of pure bliss to retreat MOUNTAIN to call & quot; House Viejto & quot;.

View of Mont Blanc (4810), the Mont Blanc de Courmayeur (4748), the glacier of the Needle (3816), Tr & eacute; head (3930), the Black (3772) Red (2941) and White (4112) Peuterey needles, c & uacute; pula Miage (3672), the Miage, White Lee, Estellette or Brenva (for m & aacute; s important), the Dent du G & eacute; ant (4013)


We spent the night in Maisson Vielle (1956 m.). Tambi & eacute; n one of the best trekking lodges. Glamorous, but much, with memories, pictures all over the walls, lovely, nice, with Italian taste, much better than the lodges of France. The car owners or shelter, an Italian, entered age, but result & oacute; n & aacute m; s no power, attractive and very nice. The exceptional, good dinner & iacute; sima, like desserts, like breakfast, you have to say regarding shelters French Italian breakfast was 100 times better. This is the first Italian retreat to find yourself in the ToMontblanc ur.

7. Maisson Vielle - Chamonix


Distance: 16 Km.Up/Downhill 1.141 m. - Up/Downhill 1.588 m.
Maisson Vielle - Chamonix

path trav & eacute; s Dolonne . We descend steeply in two hours to Le Courmayeur with three different objectives, some would continue hiking on the Swiss side, other cog & iacute; n the telef & eacute; rico to Chamonix by Aiguille du Midi, and other cross & iacute ; e the Giant glacier walk to climb the Aiguille du Midi


In the descent to Le Courmayeur views on the Courmayeur Mont Blanc (4748m), Mont Maudit (4465m), Aiguilles Noire (3772m) and Blanche Peuterey ( 4112m), the Dent du G & eacute; ant (4013m), the c & uacute; pula Rochefort (4015m) and the Grandes Jorasses (4208m)


Once we arrived at Le Courmayeur, we walk you Courmayeur to the Phone & eacute; rich Palud , amounting us to the Coll Flambeaux near the Coll du G & eacute; ant, which gives its name to the glacier we will go. Once in the Coll de Flambeaux, put crampons, harness & eacute;s and roped. Food and begin the walk.

From this coll started our crusade, very good, very good, did not know & iacute; d & oacute masters; nde us out & iacute; a


Shortly slope, ups and downs, the infernal no time, but with few views because the day was quite cloudy. The gu & iacute; assure us that AFTER & eacute; s first exchange Coll meteorology, but it was not so. Frio.

We walked down the glacier by the Coll de Gres Rognon, the Giant's Tooth, the edges of Rochefort and les Grandes Jorasses.

When we started to leave the flat part of the glacier to our left we see the Shelter Cosmiques them , where target those who plan to spend the night and next day attacking Montblanc. Our goal was not that, was to cross the glacier all right and climb up to the ridge that lead us & iacute; aa cave entrance to the Aiguille du Midi . Five hundred meter drop us separaban our objetico and creepy ridge, Glacier one hand and the other at approximately 2,800m below our Chamonix . An adventure for our resources.

The beauty of the glacier but also impress our retinas & eacute; n scares us, that's the truth and especially the ascension & oacute; n end of the ridge to the Aiguille du Midi . First level of mountaineering is considered. Climb with crampons and trekking poles without ax. A whole recklessness by the gu & iacute; a. At that time the forces did not give you at all, m & aacute; s that follow the rope, not think and draw strength from where there had & iacute; a. To finally reach your goal

Unfortunately we arrived at the Aiguille du Midi, i the last telef & eacute; rico to Chamonix to and half hour hab & iacute; a party room & iacute; masters arrived at 18:30, and STILL latter was at 18pm. We had to stay overnight in basinsthe station & oacute; n the Aerial Tram, & uacute; nico site where all nights bed & iacute; a air conditioning because the rest into an impossible cool. Finally, a n & eacute; anecdote in what was the ascension & oacute; n. We encourage anyone who wants to get started in this adventure before deeds prove more f & aacute; cult because suddenly you acojonas lot and raz & oacute; n. A negligence by the agency.

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