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 Tour del Mont-Blanc...
Francia - 7 Stages - 98Km. - 6.538Pos/6.190Neg - Medium - Circular Route - France August 2006
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Hoja  Tour del Mont-Blanc...

The Mont Blanc is the highlight and emblematic peak in the Alps and one of the peaks known the world over. It has an official height of 4808 meters and is the highest in Western Europe (the highest peak in Europe is Elbrus 5,642 m).

Its exact height is variable, depending on the layer of snow covering the rocky summit and estimated at 10/15 meters. Measurements of recent years have ranged from 4,807 and 4,810 meters.

In the massif there are a number of glaciers since the peak of Mont Blanc down some very important: Brenva, Miage and Bruillard to the south side and Bionnassay, Taconnaz and especially the north face Bossons. The latter in the early years of the twentieth century drew to the valley only 1,000 meters. Today it has fallen to 1,400 meters. Reflecting the importance of the eternal glaciersin alpine regions, can be noted that all of them have names, known and preserved for centuries.

Within the large media paths that do not necessarily involve mountain climbing or ascents to the summit, the Alps could not help but have a full itinerary to give back to the highest peak in Western Europe through 3 countries: France, Italy and Switzerland.

An easily organizable itinerary as it is dotted with shelters, hostels and mountain huts where they offer you need to not have to be loaded with everything from the start.

It's a mid-mountain route, suitable for everyone who is familiar with the mountain, whose highest point is 2,665 m of cabbage Fenêtre d'Arpette (who is also an optional step).

Pass by legendary hills, gazebos, forests ... It is clearly marked with the typical red and white bands and numerous guidance posters. Also with inGetting Started TMB yellow. With all this it's almost impossible to miss.

When circular route can start where you want. In principle, of French influence and that is good to leave the car in a more or less safe and free place for 8 days, start in Les Houches in the opposite direction clockwise (we can leave the car in the parking cable car les Houches to Bellevue, is free in principle is for people who use the funicular but there is no control).

We made the trip in seven days. Beginning in Les Houches and ending in La Tour, performing the following route. Gondola Les Houches - Chalet Miage - Chalet Nant Borrat - Mottets Refuge - Refuge Elena - Relais d'Arpette - Trient - The Tour

A total of approximately 100 kilometers and an altitude of more than 13,000 cumulative meters.

See the map of trekk.

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Francia 7 98 Km. 6538 m. 6190 m. Media Recorrido Circular

Tour del Mont-Blanc | Entre Montañas

1. Teleférico de Les Houches - Chalet de Miage


Distance: 7 Km.Up/Downhill 530 m. - Up/Downhill 756 m.
Teleférico de Les Houches - Chalet de Miage

We start the tour by taking the telef & eacute; rico de Bellevue, in this way we avoid the 800 m. climb the Col de Voza. You have to save my strength for pr & oacute; d & iacute ximos, as


Since this moment begin to enjoy the specular panoramic & aacute; alpine micas: before our eyes A appears & iacute; on the Aiguille de Bionnassay and behind & aacute; s, the distance, the Aiguille de Midi


Once in Bellevue (1,801 m.), The tour begins. Soon we passed the station & oacute; n ten Mont Blanc, which you can catch in St. Gervais and is another option & oacute; n to avoid the climb to the pass. This train goes to Nid d'Aigle, starting from the normal route to the Mont Blanc.

Following a little m & aacute; s cross the rope bridge over the stream (1,590 m)


We ascended the Col de Tricot (2129), & uacute; nico slope of d & iacute; a. Good views from the hill of the normal route to Mont Blanc and its shelters (T & ecirc; you Rousse and Go & ICUrc; b). Down the hill we already Miage villas.

Altitude : Les Houches (1008), Telef & eacute; rico Bellevue (993), The Chalette (end telef & eacute; rich- 1,801) Chalets de l'Arc (1794), Catwalk Torrente ( 1.590), Col Tricot (2120), Chalets Miage (1,559)

Tel & eacute; phone: 33.450.93.41.03 / 33.450.93.22.91

2. Chalet de Miage - Chalet Nant Borrant


Distance: 16 Km.Up/Downhill 778 m. - Up/Downhill 874 m.
Chalet de Miage - Chalet Nant Borrant

Nothing but leave Chalet Miage begin the climb to Chalets du Truc (1720m). From here & iacute; there is a long descent to the village of Les Contamines, forest track.

AFTER & eacute; s are continuously going up to the Combe d & rsquo; Armancette (1,880 m) to reach the shelter of Tr & eacute; T & ecirc; te (1,970 m). From here & iacute; we approached the glacier Tr & eacute; T & ecirc; te (1,970 m) with stunning views over the glacier


From here & iacute; continue to the Chalet Nant Borrant (1,459 m).

There is an alternative m & aacute; s easy at this stage is from Les Houches, & nbsp; climb the Col de Voza and down the valley Bionnassay, Champel, Tresse and Les Contamines. In fact this is the official TMB route.

Altitude : & nbsp; Miage Villa (1559), Truc (1720), The Frasse (1353), Armancete (1,880), Tr & eacute; T & ecirc; te (1970), Le Mouvais pas, Glacier Tr & eacute; T & ecirc; te (2096), Chalet Nant Borrant(1459).

Chalet Nant Borrant: http://www.lescontamines.com / refugenantborrant /
E-mail: refugenantborrant@free.fr
Tel & eacute; phone: 33.450.47.03.57

3. Chalet Nant Borrant - Refugio de Mottets


Distance: 17 Km.Up/Downhill 1.287 m. - Up/Downhill 876 m.
Chalet Nant Borrant - Refugio de Mottets

We went to the refuge de la Balme (1,706 m.) And started the ascension & oacute; n to m & iacute; tico Col du Bonhomme (. 2,329 m), through the Plan des Dames (2,040 m), a t & uacute; mule where Following the tradition & oacute; n leave a stone


We had a snow and arrived at the Col du Bonhomme (2,329 m), rather daunting for his legend. Turn left to reach the Col de la Croix de Bonhomme (2,479 m) and some m & aacute; s below, visible from the col, the Refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme, the m & aacute;. S top of TMB with 2.433 m

& nbsp; Col de la Croix du Bonhomme took a variant on the left is labeled & ntilde; ales GR, which leads directly & nbsp; the Ville des Glaciers through the Col des Fours (2,665 m.) and crossing a few snow fields.

Altitude : The Balme (1706), Plan des Dammes (2040), Col de Bonhommes (2329), & nbsp; Bonhommes Croix (2479), Col de Fours (2665), & nbsp; Ville des Glaciers (1.789) Mottets Villa (1870).

Villa Mottets: http://www.lesmottets.com
Tel & eacute; phone: 33.479.07.01.70 / 33.4

4. Refugio de Mottets - Refugio Elena


Distance: 17 Km.Up/Downhill 946 m. - Up/Downhill 857 m.
Refugio de Mottets - Refugio Elena

We go to the col de la Seigne (2,516 m) natural pass between France and Italy. The ascension & oacute; n is very progressive. & Nbsp;

From the Italian side Seigne contemplated, m & aacute; s rugged and wild, Solid and impressive peaks, ridges and glaciers and the first two Pir & aacute; you measure Calcaires


To our left the Aiguille des Glaciers. Lowering

It starts in less than an hour to reach the refuge Elisabetta (2,195 m) under the Lex Blanche glacier.

It continues to fall until the Lac Combal.Zero. Upon completion of the Lac Combal.Zero follow the road parallel to the stream du Veny for 3km to reach the Cantina Visalle, from where a autob & uacute;.. Sa Courmayeur

Courmayeur is the Italian equivalent of Chamonix but not so glamorous. AFTER & eacute; s of the visit tur & iacute; stica rigor to this population & oacute; n took a autob & uacute; s up Arnuva The Vachey and where it goes up with wasrte slope to the shelter of Elena.

Refuge Elena, m & aacute; s that a shelter is a hotel, the quality of services, & nbsp; facilities and the food and especially the magnificent views of the Glacier Pr & eacute; Bar.

Altitude : Mottes Refuge (1,870), Col de la Seigne (2,516), Refugio Elisabetta (2200), Lake Combal.Zero (1970), & nbsp; Visaille (1,659), Courmayeur (1,769), Refugio Elena (2061).

E-mail: elena@vonvhaure.com
Tel & eacute; phone: 39.165. 84.46.88

5. Refugio Elena - Relais d´Arpette


Distance: 16 Km.Up/Downhill 1.063 m. - Up/Downhill 837 m.
Refugio Elena - Relais d´Arpette

We started ascending the stage to Grand Col Ferret (2,537 m.). Looking atr & aacute; s, where we come from, we can see the Testa Bernarda, the Pir & aacute; Calcaires you measure and m & aacute; s how far the Col de la Seigne stands. On the left the Mont Dolent.

From this point the landscape changes. Green pastures appear. First begins a long descent to the refuge of Peule and then the shelter of La Lech & egrave; re, to the village of Fouly (1,610 m)


In Fouly, the people M & aacute; s up Issert (1,055 m.); S largest of these locations, a autob & uacute taken. AFTER & eacute; s of Issert we went into the forest to Champex (1466m) a beautiful Swiss holiday resort, with its lake and small boats and all services


Last Champex, the official version of the tour follows the path called Bovina until cabbage Forclaz, m & aacute; s long but less harsh. We will take the variant that leads to the Fen & ecirc; tre d & rsquo; Arpette(1,642 m) along the valley of the same name.

The Refuge Fen & ecirc; tre d & rsquo; Arpette is a very Swiss, peaceful refuge very well equipped. For dinner, do not hesitate to ask for the cheese fondue.

Altitude : Rifugio Elena (2062), Grand Col Ferret (2537), The Peule (2,071), Ferret (1700), The Fouly (1610), Praz de Fort (1151), Issert (1055), Champex (1477), Relais d'Arpette (1,642)

Refuge Fen & ecirc; tre d & rsquo; Arpette: href="http://www.arpette.ch/" http: // www. arpette.ch /
E-mail: info@arpette.ch
Tel & eacute; phone:

6. Relais d´Arpette - Trient


Distance: 14 Km.Up/Downhill 1.023 m. - Up/Downhill 1.285 m.
Relais d´Arpette - Trient

The profile of today's stage is very f & aacute; cil: long hard climb and m & aacute; s long descent


Leaving the Relais d & rsquo; Arpette and ascend, first gently, then more sharply, by the Val d & rsquo; Arpette. Cole Fen & ecirc; tre d & rsquo; Arpette is not what we see continuously since Relais, but remains hidden to our right and well into the journey, when we enter an area of ??scree, we will not see


You get two hours long. It is the point m & aacute; s top of the Tour, with its 2,665 m altitude, between Pointe des Ecandies to our left and the peak G & eacute;. Nepi, right

And re Chardonet, and m & aacute;;

The best thing on the other side, before our eyes the Aiguille de Argenti & egrave s appear spectacular. Glacier du Trient

The descent is steep and long but allows views of the glacier from all perspectives. Finally you get to the Bisse du Prise (1,583 m) where est & aacute; the Chalet du Glacier, a bar where everyone will see the glacier, as the road is nearby.

From this point and after crossing the river, you reach the road that does not leave until Trient (1,280 m).

Altitude : Relais d & rsquo; Arpette (1642), Fen & ecirc; tre d & rsquo; Arpette (2,665), Chalet du Glacier (1,583), Trient (1,280 m)


Relais du Mont-Blanc: href="http://montblanc.site.voila.fr" http: //montblanc.site.voila .fr
E-mail: gitemontblanc@freesurf.ch
Tel & eacute; phone:

7. Trient - La Tour


Distance: 11 Km.Up/Downhill 911 m. - Up/Downhill 705 m.
Trient - La Tour

Today's stage we begin undoing the way we did in the end and just above the village of Trient headed step sharp rise in the group of houses called Les Grands (2,113 m).

Past Grands smoothes the way. The Col de Balme (2,191 m) stands long before arriving. It marks the border between Switzerland and France. From the Col de Balme Chamonix is ??contemplated. Est & aacute; in the middle of the station & oacute; n-run & iacute; and numerous chairlifts arrive.

On the left, the massif du Mont Blanc, Aiguille verte and the Drus The first t & eacute; rmino and the summit of Mont Blanc, which until the end of the trip remain & aacute; omnipresent, right the nature reserve MOUNTAIN. Rouges as

From here & iacute ;, ever started to descend under the l LINES chairlift to the ski run & iacute ;. To reach the parking lot of La Tour (1490 m) where we caught a autob & uacute; s & oacute that took us; Chamonix, our point dand departure.

has been seven d & iacute; as, about 100 kil & oacute; m and a cumulative gap m & aacute; s 13,000 meters, but has been worth it. Stunning views over the Mont Blanc glaciers and peaks. Simply a spectacular landscape surrounded by nature and tranquility: an experience TUNIC


Altitude : Trient (1280), Les Grans (2,113), Col de la Balme (2191), La Tour (1490)


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