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 Tour del Cervino...
Suiza - 8 Stages - 150Km. - 7.500Pos/11.000Neg - Hig - Circular Route - Switzerland August 2008
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Hoja  Tour del Cervino...

Tour of the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn with its 4478 meters above sea level is one of the most emblematic mountains of the Alps for the unique shape of a pyramid. It is situated on the border between Switzerland and Italy (between the towns of Zermatt in the Swiss side and Breuil-Cervinia in the Italian).

The Tour of the Matterhorn is a trekk to provide an insight into some of the beautiful Italian and Swiss Matterhorn surroundings. It borders the largest concentration of Alpine Four Alpine.

It is circular in 8 steps without technical complexity but the stages are long overcome very hilly circuit. The route has two steps glaciers not difficult but requires caution.

Some of the late Estapar are carried out in small villages in the Alps gifted with all types of accommodation, shops, supermarkets, etc. Which greatly facilitates the course of several days.

It is certainly one of thes most beautiful tours in the Alps!

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Suiza 8 150 Km. 7500 m. 11000 m. Alta Recorrido Circular

Tour del Cervino | Entre Montañas

1. St. Niklaus - Gruben


Distance: 14 Km.Up/Downhill 940 m. - Up/Downhill 1.100 m.Time: 05:00 h.
St. Niklaus - Gruben

We left St. Nikluas (1,127 m.) And headed to the station & oacute; n train. We cross the v & iacute; as a step SUBWAY & aacute; neo and walk to the right to catch a cable car to take us & aacute; Jungu up. This avoids a first gap unattractive.

Jungu is 1,958 meters high and is a caser & iacute; o t & iacute; a restaurant swiss peak. From here & iacute; we have a perfect view of the Sun, the mount & ntilde; a m & aacute; s high in Swiss territory, and m & aacute; s distant Mount Rosa


From Jungu climbs zigzag r & aacute; Mattertal quickly leaving the valley where St. Niklaus was. AFTER & eacute; s pass through an area of ??stones descend slightly to the river and cross it to start up so r & aacute; request to the Augstbordpass which is 2894 meters above sea level, after 3 hours & nbsp; and about 7,800 km of walk, & nbsp; and where definitely left the Mattertal for enter in Turtmanntal.

We started the descent following the marks of a quarry leaving a SMALL pond to our right. We went into a pasture area where we see the pass through which we pass into the next stage. Meidpass

We started a descent with m & aacute; s slope to Gruben (1818m, 14 km, 5 hours), former alpage in the valley m & aacute;. S solo tour

Stage Profile: St. Nikluas (1,127 m; 0 Km) - Jungu (1,958 m; 0 Km) - Augstbordpass (2,894 m; 7,800 km, 3 hours) - Gruben (1,818 m; 14 km;. 5h)

         Stage profile: St. Niklaus - Gruben
Stage profile: St. Niklaus - Gruben

2. Gruben - Zinal


Distance: 23 Km.Up/Downhill 1.160 m. - Up/Downhill 1.300 m.Time: 07:30 h.
Gruben - Zinal

We left Gruben the road up the valley. On the right is a wooden bridge to cross the river. The path we will take steps leads to the Forcletta and Meidpass both m & aacute; s 2,800 meters. Passing by some houses will take the path on the right that leads the Meidpass.

We went through the woods and came to a alpage a source, Meide Mittlere Stafel (2,273 m, 2 km, 1:10 h). Aqu & iacute; will we see a & ntilde; indicates that our pr & oacute; maximum destination: Weisshorn hotel, where we will arrive AFTER & eacute; s cross the Meidpass


We had a small area & ntilde; os lakes and a final steep slope leads the Meidpass (2,790 m; 5,500 km, 3 h). From here & iacute; we can see & uacute; last time the Sun and and SMALL are guessed; you Anniviers valley towns. Tambi & eacute; n Weisshorn see in the background the hotel


We got off the Meidpass following directions to the hotel for a largo down towards the left and to a right track on the caser RIVER or Tounot (2.210 m; 9 Km, 4 h).

From this point the road climbs to the hotel which will arrive in half an hour (2,335 m; 10,800 km, 4:30 h). The hotel built in 1882 is worth a visit to their preserved salons & eacute;. Little

We left the hotel and took a narrow path in a clear climb to 2425 meters in altitude (13,700 km, 5:30 AM). The path now descends gently toward the alpage of Barrneuza (2,211 m, 18 km, 6:20 h) and is planning with magnificent views over the valley of Anniviers until the start of a forest from which begins a sharp decline to finish & aacute ; in the population & oacute; n de Zinal (1,675 m; 21,450 km, 7:30 h).

Stage Profile: Gruben (1,818 m; 0 Km) - Meide Mittlere Stafel (2,273 m, 2 km, 1:10 h) - Meidpass (2,790 m; 5,500 km, 3 h ) - Caser & iacute; or Tounot (2,210 m, 9 km, 4 hours) - Hotel Weisshorn (2,335 m;10,800 km; 4:30 pm) - Mound (2,425 m; 13,700 mi; 5:30 AM) - Alpage of Barrneuza (2,211 m, 18 km, 6:20 h) - Zinal (1,675 m; 21,450 miles; 7:30 am).

         Stage profile: Gruben - Zinal
Stage profile: Gruben - Zinal

3. Zinal - La Ville


Distance: 20 Km.Up/Downhill 1.830 m. - Up/Downhill 1.770 m.Time: 06:00 h.
Zinal - La Ville

The stage between Zinal and Arolla is very long, so we decided to use mechanical means & aacute; mechanics to shorten


Zinal (1671 meters altitude) headed to the gondola to take us & aacute; Sorebois to 2,438 meters. Aqu & iacute; stage begins our trav & eacute; s of a ski track & iacute; to reach the hill of Sorebois (2,836 m; 3,200 km, 1 h) from here & iacute; have a fabulous view of the four miles of the area.

We started to descend a narrow steep trail to Lake Moiry, a striking emerald. We passed through an area of ??grasses and alpages where it is common to find reba & ntilde; os cows into Lake (2,250 m; 6,500 km, 2 h).

So far you can drive so it is a busy place.

We crossed the dam and take the track to the left to abandon a road to the right following the marker only & oacute; n. Coll Torrent

Let ascending and spent by the alpage Torrent (2,500 m; 9,600 km, 3 h). Aqu & iacute; find a source and m & aacute; s below the Lac des Autannes (2,650 m; 11,600 km, 3:30 h).

Finally we come to the Coll de Torrent (2,916 m; 13,120 km, 4 hours) from where we have spectacular views in d & iacute;. As light can reach the Mont Blanc)

We started down a rocky area until another pasture, following the direction & oacute; n de La Ville, The Sage and Les Aud & egrave;. Res

Once at La Ville (1,735 m; 20 km; 5:45) and to save a long stretch along the road can take a autob & uacute; s or taxi to take us & aacute; to the population & oacute; n Arolla


Stage Profile: Zinal (1,675 m; 0 Km) - Sorebois (2,438 m; 0 Km) - Collado de Sorebois (2,836 m; 3,200 km, 1 h) - Lake Moiry (2,250 m; 6,500 km; 2 hours) - Torrent Alpage (2,500 m; 9,600 km; 3 hours) - Lac des Autannes (2,650 m, 11600 km; 3:30 pm) - Torrent Coll (2,916 m; 13,120 km, 4 hours) - La Ville (1,735 m; 20 km; 5:45)


         Stage profile: Zinal - La Ville
Stage profile: Zinal - La Ville

4. Arolla - Refugio de Prarayer


Distance: 21 Km.Up/Downhill 1.100 m. - Up/Downhill 1.100 m.Time: 07:00 h.
Arolla - Refugio de Prarayer

We started our stage taking a taxi we walked over & oacute; to where the trail starts to Lower Arolla Glacier we leave to our right.

The trail begins just down the road & nbsp; before crossing the river to trav & eacute;. s from a bridge (2,085 m) & nbsp; It is gaining altitude r & aacute; quickly with splendid views over the Lower Arolla Glacier that will be left to our right


We left several roads leading to the facility & eacute; ELECTRICAL and study areas of the glacier. AFTER & eacute; s from a rock on which there is a statue of a virgin had an area where we need help from a chain to bridge the gap


The road turns right and before us appears the Upper Arolla Glacier, which we headed down a path that runs along the left bank of the river.

We got to the fractionation zone of the glacier (2,630 m, 5 km, 2h) and begin to ascend the left moraine andNo Ascending. A tr & iacute; PODES blue and white indicate the way forward by the glacier


Then we walk on the glacier with Mount Collon front. The marks indicate that the way forward is directed to the right across the glacier in its entirety and headed & eacute; ndonos towards STILL last leg to take us to the Col Collon (3,082 m, 12 km, 4:20 h) before we through a zone of cracks not reviewed any difficulty.

From the hill we entered Italy and the landscape changes dramatically. The snow gives way to a rocky area that there will be & aacute; Descend with caution & oacute; n. We followed the signs to the refuge and shelter Nacamuli Collon which will arrive AFTER & eacute; s to cross two snowfields (2,828 m; 15 km; 5:45).

The road continues to descend and cross an area with steep slopes on which are installed chains and Pelda & ntilde; os meth & aacute;. Licos that help us in the fall

Finally, the road becomes m & aacute; s always with the flat bed of the river to our right. We crossed several farms and houses to keep livestock. Cross the stream and continue down until you see the lake di Place Moulin, toward which we are heading. A path to the left lead us & aacute; Prarayer to shelter at the head of the lake (2,010 m, 21 km, 7h).

Stage Profile: Lower Arolla Glacier (2,085 m; 0 Km) - Zone fractionation of the glacier (2,630 m, 5 km, 2h) - Coll Collon (3,082 m; 12 Km ; 4:20 pm) - Neveros (2,828 m; 15 km; 5:45) - Prarayer Refuge (2,010 m, 21 km, 7h)


         Stage profile: Arolla - Refugio de Prarayer
Stage profile: Arolla - Refugio de Prarayer

5. Refugio de Prarayer - Perreres


Distance: 17 Km.Up/Downhill 1.200 m. - Up/Downhill 1.400 m.Time: 06:30 h.
Refugio de Prarayer - Perreres

We left the shelter Prarayer as directed by the route number 12, which will lead us to the Collado de Valconera. We crossed the river by a bridge and into a forest to spend 45 minutes to reach alpage (2,165 m; 1,600 kilometers).

We continue climbing towards the glacier that is the end of the valley to get an indication on a rock that shows us the way to the left that leads to the hill. From here the slope becomes steeper and sometimes we help and chains of steps to overcome it.

Then we come to a quarry that will lead us to the Collado de Valconera. Several snowfields can facilitate the progress of this bothers quarry. Brands continue to find the most comfortable until we reach the Col (3,066 m, 5 km, 3:15 h) step.

From the pass we descend to the Refuge Peruca (2,910 m; 6,500 km, 3:45 h), which will arrive after passingan area somewhat complicated for being a land with steep and slippery where there is a rope to help us.

From the hut follow the road down, past a spectacular waterfall to continue zigzagging until the alpage Chevalier (2,312 m, 11 km, 5 hours).

From here follow the path 109 to Breuil-Cervinia and begin to climb a small hill, the Finistra di Gignana (2,441; 12,500 km, 5:20 h).
We left the hill on a path that tells Perreres, our destination. The path planning to reach a point where you have the first stunning views of the Matterhorn from the Italian side (2,390 m, 13 km, 5:30 AM).

We descend without leaving the path that leads us to Perreres (1,820 m, 17 km, 6:30 h). When we get to the highway bus service will take us to Breuil-Cervinia saving us a final step without special interest.

Stage Profile: Alpage (45 min; 2,165 m; 1,600 km) - Valconer Col (3,066 m, 5 km, 3:15 h) - Peruca Refuge (2,910 m; 6,500 km, 3:45 h) - Alpage Chevalier (2,312 m, 11 km, 5 hours) - Finistra di Gignana (2,441; 12,500 km, 5:20 h) - Views of the Matterhorn (2,390 m, 13 km, 5:30 AM) - Perreres (1,820 m, 17 km, 6:30 h).

         Stage profile: Refugio de Prarayer - Perreres
Stage profile: Refugio de Prarayer - Perreres

6. Testa Grigia - Zermatt


Distance: 17 Km.Up/Downhill 100 m. - Up/Downhill 1.900 m.Time: 04:00 h.
Testa Grigia - Zermatt

We left Breuil-Cervinia and headed to the gondola AFTER & eacute; s two transfers we leave & aacute; Testa-Grigia (3,400 m). Thus saved a mon & oacute rise; tona between lifts of a ski run & iacute;.

From here & iacute; begin the descent down the glacier, passing near the hill of Theodulpass and headed & eacute; ndonos to Trockener Steg (2,939 m; 7,260 km; 1:30 am) which completes the glacier where we again have magnificent views of the mountain & ntilde; on the Matterhorn.

From here & iacute; take a path that goes to Zermatt through Furgg and Furi (1,829 m, 14 km, 3 hours).
From the slope levels Furi and several roads lead to Zermatt. We take the one that goes through the town of Zum See, t & iacute; peak village in the area with many restaurants and caf & iacute;. As

We made our way until we got a c & oacute; trodden path mode and Zermatt (1606 m, 17 km, 4h).

Stage Profile: Testa-Grigia (3,400 m; 0 Km) - Trockener Steg (2,939 m; 7,260 miles; 1:30 am) - Furi (1,829 m, 14 km, 3 h) - Zermatt (1606 m, 17 km, 4 hours)


         Stage profile: Testa Grigia - Zermatt
Stage profile: Testa Grigia - Zermatt

7. Sunnegga - Europahütte


Distance: 19 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Up/Downhill 500 m.Time: 5 h.
Sunnegga - Europahütte

To leave Zermatt take the funicular that goes along the r & iacute; o we raise & aacute; within minutes to Sunnegga (2,288 m). & nbsp; At this point we find the first one & ntilde; which indicates the Europaweg will continue during your entire roo & oacute;. Upcoming steps

We carry a wide road & aacute; to Tufteren (2,215 m; 2 Km; 20 min). From this small & ntilde; or & iacute caser, or the path narrows and continues to plan for the valley. & Nbsp;
During the tour we spent several roads that enable us down into the valley.

We arrived at caser & iacute; or Ottavan (2,214 m, 9 km, 2 h) in which there is a haven where we can eat or even spend the night


We followed the path and passed through an area of ??quarries with high risk of avalanches. To pass safely have enabled some shelters that protect from stones and four t & uacute; panels to save steps with m & aacute; s danger


We passed a bridge andan area & eacute; rea rope securing our way. A & uacute; t last STILL nel equipped with the Light & eacute; ctrica brings us to the point where the trail seems to be cut by an avalanche that occurred in 2005


We have two choices, follow the right path that descends to finally overcome a & uacute; last stretch that lead us & aacute; to the shelter of Europah & uuml; tte in an hour or follow the path cut through an area where the trail disappeared and progress has to be done with utmost caution & oacute; n.

We take this STILL last option & oacute; n and we passed a waterfall falling on the road and you have to navigate through BEHIND s. Finally we arrived at retreat Europah & uuml; tte (2,220 m, 19 km, 5 hours).

Profile Stage: Sunnegga (2,288 m) - Tufteren (2,215 m, 2 km, 20 min) - Ottavan (2,214 m, 9 km, 2 hours) - Europah & uuml; tte (2,220 m; 19 km;. 5h)

         Stage profile: Sunnegga - Europahütte
Stage profile: Sunnegga - Europahütte

8. Europahütte - St. Niklaus


Distance: 18 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Up/Downhill 1.600 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Europahütte - St. Niklaus

We left the shelter Europah & uuml; tte for a path going down and when we got to Misboden (2,280 m, 2 km; 30 min.) We start to see the glaciers of the Dom spent a fairly long Himalayan type bridge that helps us pass the first curve of the total of 7 that we in this day.

AFTER & eacute; s to pass this rope reach the second uphill for a long and stone edge. The third rope is less exposed and then reach the fourth string available to help pass (2,680 m, 7 km, 2:30 h).

We passed through an area of ??large stone blocks on the road is blurred but it's f & aacute;. Cil continue our tour there are numerous brands that show us the way

We followed the trail to the statue of St. Bernard (2,460 m, 10 km, 3:30 h). From here & iacute; have spectacular views, Ried glacier and the valley.

From here & iacute; begins a long descent between with & iacute; spheres and rododendros until we reached Gasenried (1,659 m; 12 500 km, 4:35 h). Aqu & iacute; one marker only & oacute; n & aacute mark us; the way to St. Niklaus. We continued with steeply descending through a beautiful forest until we started to find some isolated houses and finally to St. Niklaus (1,127 m, 18 km, 5:20 h).

Stage Profile: Europah & uuml; tte (2,220 m; 0 km) - Misboden (2,280 m, 2 km; 30 min) & ndash; Fourth Volley (2,680 m, 7 km, 2:30 h) - Statue of St. Bernard (2,460 m, 10 km, 3:30 h) - Gasenried (1,659 m; 12 500 km, 4:35 h) - St. Niklaus (1,127 m, 18 km, 5:20 h).

         Stage profile: Europahütte - St. Niklaus
Stage profile: Europahütte - St. Niklaus

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