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 Santa Cruz - Llanganuco...
Perú - 4 Stages - 51Km. - 2.500Pos/2.500Neg - Medium - Round trip - Peru September 2008
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Hoja  Santa Cruz - Llanganuco...


The trek called Quebrada de Santa Cruz, a city that gives its name to the alley that opens to make this trek, lies in the so-called Cordillera Blanca, in the Andes.

This trek is one of the most popular in South America.

The Cordillera Blanca is the second highest mountain range in the world after the Himalayas, and is very long and narrow (185 km. In length and 20km. Amplitude). Whatever with 22 peaks of 6,000 m. and 35 from 5500. To the west is the Cordillera Negra, a less snowy massif that rises to 5,200 m. Between the two ranges is the river of Santa or alley Huayllas Stocks and Huaraz and Caraz. The name of the alley because i between the Cordillera Blanca Cordillera Negra is a very accessible open alley. The Cordillera Blanca is easily accessible through a series of glacial valleys and several colladyears.

The town of Huaraz is one of the most famous and recognized to start trekking, and nurture the necessary supplies.

On the trail of the Quebrada Santa Cruz, raisins under numerous peaks around 5800 m. as Huarascanm Chopicalqui, Pisco, Alpamayo, and imposing Taulliraju 5830 m.

When you reach the pass of Punta Union at 4750 m. high, on the third day of trekking, these only 1000 m. the top of Taulliraju, and 4 hours from Glacier. It's awesome because it seems that these peaks can play, that's a difference with the Himalayas.

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lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
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Perú 4 51 Km. 2500 m. 2500 m. Media Recorrido de Ida y Vuelta

Santa Cruz - Llanganuco | Entre Montañas

1. Cachapampa - Llama Corral


Distance: 11 Km.Up/Downhill 820 m. - Time: 6:30 h.
Cachapampa - Llama Corral

It goes by bus to the north & nbsp; the alley & oacute; n de Huaylas to descend to Caraz at 2300m. From here begins the ascenci & oacute; n to the Cordillera Blanca, a sandy road to SMALL or people & nbsp; of Cachapampa at 2900m, from where the trek starts.

We started checking the equipment: 1 guide, which be & aacute; our dear Roland, an assistant, a cook, a mule, 4 mules and a horse.

The horse guide and accompanied us & ntilde; aran throughout our trek. The horse, beautiful black horse, here in Peru, to difrencia the Himalayas, is scheduled if the trekkinero falters along the way.

We did not have to use it in any occasion & oacute; n, but one day almost ready


The ascension & oacute; n from Cachapampa Llama Corral is expensive and on a road with a steep slope, it moves between rocks and sand, going into a great ca & ntilde; on, with huge rock walls and stonesides, since barbs grow from nothing raimondii all granite slabs are letting down the Santa Cruz Valley.

quenal forests are common in this area, some trees are m & aggravation; logical or contain some mystery. Their trunks and branches are orange colors and is shaped like an onion, with layers and layers of thin sheets that fall off when touched lightly. Say lugare & ntilde; os the wood of these trees is burning though the wet


The truth is that they give the valley a mysterious look.

Finally got to Llama Corral Camp, 3650m. altitude.

Profile Status: Cachapampa & nbsp; (0 km; & nbsp; 2,900 m) - Llama Corral & nbsp; (11 km; & nbsp; 3,720 m)

         Stage profile: Cachapampa - Llama Corral
Stage profile: Cachapampa - Llama Corral

2. Llama Corral - Tahullipampa


Distance: 13 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Time: 6:30 h.
Llama Corral - Tahullipampa

This step starts the wide, flat ravine of Santa Cruz, at 3720m. altitude, with an m & aggravation light,. cal, quenal forest on either side, and a plain which goes deeper into the gorge

On the way we met two lovely lakes, and Jatuncocha Ichiccocha name, which in Quechua mean, male and female.

We reach Quisuar and start the side road to the base camp of Alpamayo Arthuaycocha the ravine from which splendid views of 6040m are Quitaraju. and Alpamayo in 5947, crossing the campament of Taulliraju at 5830m.

Today we slept under the feet of Taulliraju, the camp is. & Nbsp; situated at 4200m, in starting your own skirt. We are only at 1600m. summit, impresses, it seems that you can touch with your hands. Ma & ntilde; ana in the ascent to Punta Uni & oacute; n, 4750m. the feeling tocaqr summit even be greater. The summit is covered, yet we are so magnificent presents overhead. Thel reach the camp begins to hail, and then a powerful rain.

The weather did not accompany us & ntilde; a, clouds and rain continue our heels. At dawn rises clear, but 10 or 11 hours of ma & ntilde; ana it starts to get clogged. A shame for the view and the blue sky connecting with the snowy peaks, but so too has great charm.

Profile Status: Llama Corral & nbsp; (0 km; & nbsp; 3,720 m) - Taullipampa & nbsp; (13 km; & nbsp; 4,200 m)


         Stage profile: Llama Corral - Tahullipampa
Stage profile: Llama Corral - Tahullipampa

3. Taullipampa - Cachina


Distance: 17 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Up/Downhill 1.000 m.Time: 09:00 h.
Taullipampa - Cachina

& nbsp; is & iacute d; m & aacute to; s hard, altitude, km & nbsp; and the descent of 1000m


From the camp at the foot of Taullirajo, at 4200m. altitude empiezamos climbing a fairly steep road, i very zigzag. As we climbed we appreciated the valley we had left, we began to see i Taullicocha lagoon, turquoise, & nbsp; the Glacier Taullirajo. We dirijiamos step towards 4750m. Uni & oacute Punta; n


Throughout the ascenci & oacute; n & aacute're seeing m; s Lagoon imposed before your eyes, and peak Taullirajo with its Glacier. The day was capped but still did not take his greatness to the beauty of these MOUNTAINS. Andean as

The day was rainy, we were going to rise with & nbsp; m & aacute rain; teneu or less, when we got to Punta Uni & oacute; n started to get stronger. Wet is not bad, but when you have to perpectiva as 15 km. ahead, because as it is doneheavy, even so has a special charm.

The move cost us m & aacute; s the expected time, it was hard, but without difficulty, we reached the pass of Punta Uni & oacute; n, which is like a cut in the rocks of the mountain & ntilde; a, like a tunnel the open, where you go and you're in another valley.

From here the descent to Cachina to 3700m., Where, according to the guide told us, they could see many peaks as Chacraraju of 6112m., Alpamayo of 5940m., 6259m in Santa Cruz. , among others. The truth is that nosostras could not see any, the peaks were covered. A & nbsp; As we lost the day was clearing up and some were able to enjoy the beauty of alfuna summit, but from below.

We descended by the eastern flank of the Cordillera, to start descending Morococha gaps until the long, broad ravine Huaripampa crossing Andean forests and meadows quenuales.

You have to decir on the descent from Punta Uni & oacute; n, therefore the kilometers remaining, as the rain that threatened to get wet a great time, but then I was clearing, started down very quickly, and the 4400m, just 300m.. negative slope, altitude sickness attacked us with a headache that looked like the brain would burst into pieces, and the pain was so intense that you walked up floundering dizziness that produced you, and you could not even walk.

The reason undoubtedly was down the whole milk. A stop, respiration & oacute; n very fast and continuously, to give m & aacute; s oxygen to the brain, and stretched land sloped head to the side of the slope to provide m & aacute;. S blood to the brain

Finally desapereció pain, not at all, and we could go to our camp in Cachina.

Pefil Stage: Taullipampa & nbsp; (0 km; & nbsp; 4,200 m) - Punta Uni & oacute; n & nbsp; (6 & nbsp; km; 4,750 m) - Cachina & nbsp; (17 km; & nbsp; 3,700 m)


         Stage profile: Taullipampa - Cachina
Stage profile: Taullipampa - Cachina

4. Cachina - Vaqueria


Distance: 10 Km.Up/Downhill 500 m. - Up/Downhill 200 m.Time: 05:00 h.
Cachina - Vaqueria

Contiuamos descent to Colcabamba town LITTLE ito at 3350m. to from here back up to Vaquería at 3700m.

The truth is that this final part of Colcabamba to Vaquería our decided guide the vehicle that had come to pick us up to 3700m., As it was possible, there was a track in poor condition, but had, down looking for us and so we were avoiding those last 400m. final climb.

Then, as the vehicle passed the Protachuelo Llanganuco s 4750m., From where the views were breathtaking peaks. Although the day continued with clouds, a summit could see, as the famous Pisco 5750m., Very accessible, and Huandoy and Chacraraju.

We started to make out in the distance, and far below, the beautiful turquoise lagoons Orkon-Cocha and Cocha-Chinan. As we lower the vegetation & oacute; n increased and forests quenual too. And finally in the gaps and the landscape absolutely m & aacute; cal, im gapsspeakers quenual surrounded by forests, which gave him a look of enchanted forest.

Return to the city of Huaraz.

Profile Status: Cachina & nbsp; (0 & nbsp; km; 3,700 m) - Colcabamba & nbsp; (4 km; & nbsp; 3,200 m) - Vaquería & nbsp; (10 & nbsp; km; 3,500 m) <. / p>

         Stage profile: Cachina - Vaqueria
Stage profile: Cachina - Vaqueria

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