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 Ruta del Ter...
Girona - 12 Stages - 250Km. - Medium - One-way Route - Girona
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Route Ter

Follow the course of the River Ter combines landscapes rich in flora and fauna ( Pyrenees , Osona meanders, wetlands, urban-Girona Salt plains and wetlands) with the artistic and cultural attractions of the towns and cities along the route. Much of the route also passes through integrated areas within the Red Natura 2000 . Advance by all sorts of ways. GR, PR, greenways, forest trails, historic trails and miles--only some paved roads

To facilitate the discovery of the territory have created four thematic routes, along the route of the river, highlighted various aspects of the river ecosystem: the cultural heritage linked to the use of water (dams, bridges, colonies, laundries, factories, gas ...), natural heritage (habitats, landscapes, wildlife and geology), the literary heritage (with autors as Miquel Martí i Pol, Verdaguer, Rusiñol ...) and the traces of historical flooding.

The path must be raised in days or so depending on the population for which it wants to spend, the possibility of visiting the cultural and artistic heritage and the type of user (more experienced hikers, group of friends, families with children, etc.). Along the route -hotels find all kinds of accommodations, campgrounds, tourist homes rural- and local companies specialized in trekking we can organize the tour. It is a route that can be easily combined with stretches of cycling.

The trailhead is located just meters from the haven Ulldeter the birth of Ter is. To access refugi Ulldeter from Girona we go to Ripoll and Camprodon , where we take the GIV-5264 road going to Setcases . We continue then to the ski resort of Vallter2000 until, on the left, we find the GR 11 trail leading to the shelter Ulldeter .

Resumen de la ruta
lugar Lugar Número de estapas Días Longitud Longitud Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Desnivel Positivo Desnivel Negativo Desnivel Desnivel Negativo Dificultad Dificultad Tipo de ruta
Tipo ruta
Girona 12 250 Km. m. m. Media Recorrido Solo de Ida

Ruta del Ter | Entre Montañas

1. Ruta del Ter


Distance: 250 Km.
Ruta del Ter

First of all we find some of the most famous peaks of the Pyrenees , such as Puigmal Taga, Bastiments or Costabona , ideal for spectacular hikes . We are in the region of Ripollès , which, in addition to a splendid natural environment offers a rich cultural and Romanesque heritage in towns like Camprodon, Sant Joan de Abadesas and Ripoll with monasteries of great importance in the history of Catalonia (see GR 1).

Following the meandering Ter got to the county of Osona , where the river, so far down from north to south, changes direction to head east .

In this area we find numerous accounts of the use of the river, particularly in the colonies of Borgonyà and Vila-seca but also in the city of Manlleu (Industrial Museum of Ter, presa La Teula and industrial canal ...). While crossing the plains surrounding Vic , the itinerary at any time does not lose sight of the middle mountain with a section of the Cross-the Serralada saw Milany and the highlands Collsacabra - a silent companion


Surrounded by landscape Guilleries and Montseny, in which the story of the legendary outlaw Serrallonga frames (see the GR 178), we swamps Sau and Susqueda through a trail that connects both reservoirs and leaving us in the region of Jungle , at the foot of a greenway that leads to the urban landscape of the route: the cities Salt and Girona . Here, the route flattens out and invite a stop to visit Girona's old town with historic buildings of great interest and all that configures the Jewish quarter.

At the end of the route nawaits the agricultural plain of the Baix Ter , formed by a mosaic of cultivated interspersed with small towns, such Colomèrs, Khafre, Verges or Ullà fields. The route ends in coastal wetlands bordering the river mouth to the beach at L'Estartit , in the heart of Costa Brava .

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