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 GR 4 - Vertiente Ceretana...
Girona - 1 Stages - 23Km. - 1.260PosMedium - One-way Route -
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Hoja  GR 4 - Vertiente Ceretana...

This itinerary s & oacute; it has a SMALL or land tour Girona , particularly in the region of Cerdanya Puigcerd & aggravation; amounts to La Molina and get to the hill of Pal , where it enters the region of Bergued & aggravation;


The GR 4 is born in the R & iacute; o Re & uuml; r, on the border between Espa & ntilde; a and France in the area of ??Cerdanya. Bourg-Madame passes, crosses the r & iacute; or by a bridge and get to Puigcerd & aggravation;.

In Puigcerd ;, & aggravation on Avenida del Segre and N-152 in direction & oacute; n west. In front of the office left the road and take the Stoney Road, a paved trail.


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Girona 1 23 Km. 1260 m. m. Media Recorrido Solo de Ida

GR 4 - Vertiente Ceretana | Entre Montañas

1. GR 4 - Vertiente Ceretana


Distance: 23 Km.Up/Downhill 1.260 m. - Time: 07:00 h.
GR 4 - Vertiente Ceretana

At the point between the GR 4 and GR-11, take the address & oacute; n to the hermitage of Sant Marc and the plain of the same name. AHEAD & oacute; n, we passed a golf course, cross the r & iacute; o Segre by a bridge and move parallel to the watercourse. We as & iacute; to the village of Les Pereres, we again cross the r & iacute; o we continue to Queixans. Go under the railway bridge and highway. M & aacute; s later take the GIV-4034 to reach a large cross and turn left along a track that leads to Can Soriguera. Among fields, we arrive at the so-called Escadarcs Cam & iacute; Vell (old road). We followed a trail that becomes Espolla path that leads to Alp, one of the municipalities m & aacute;. S important Cerdanya

From Alp we went to La Tosa d & rsquo; Alp, the pass of Coughs (N-152) and the GI-400 road. We went through the torrent of La Sella A Petrified Foresthey meadows to reach the hill of rock Castellana, a track which opens on the right leads to the road of Alp and the pass of Coughs. We left atr & aacute; s treatment plant Masella and continue to rise. Again arrive at the road, we should go for a while until the Hotel Alp. We met at the station & oacute; n MOUNTAIN to Masella, from where we head towards the plain of Masella and a forest of pines and firs, always coming and having reference lifts the station & oacute; n. We as & iacute; the hill of La Mola (1,975 m), which offers stunning views over the region of Cerdanya. The trail continues to climb, although m & aacute; s gently by the Tosa d & rsquo; Alp; Font to reach the Great, we'll see the La Molina. The rise m & aacute now becomes; s pronounced, although r & aacute; quickly back down the hill until Pal (2,105 m), with spectacular views of various peaks of the Pirineo.

& iacute ;, From here the route descends to La Pobla de Lillet, and in the region of Bergued & aggravation;.

enlargement & oacute; n Route: The GR 4 is for about 135 km to reach the monastery of Montserrat, through the sanctuary Falgars, Borred & aggravation ;, The Quar, Sag & aggravation; s, Sant Pau Pin & oacute; s, the Monastery of Sant Benet de Bages and Sant Vicen & ccedil; Castellet.

Tambi & eacute; n is a variant from the Col de Pal, addresses Bag & as & iacute ;, aggravation; as connections to the GR 11, Puigcerd & aggravation ;, and the GR 150, in the hill of Pal.

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